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Best Side Hustles: Top Ideas for Making Cash on the Side

Are you someone that's never satisfied with their current finances? Here's our guide to best side gigs and hustles to make even more money
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Are you someone that’s never satisfied with their current financial position? Even if you have money in the bank, do you crave opportunities to earn more? Hustlers are always hungry for more, and they’ll do whatever it takes to succeed in life.

Speak to any personal development coach, and they’ll tell you that your income defines your success. The more income you produce, the more opportunities you have to invest and get your money to start working for you.

Most of us start our working careers in the rat race. Whether you’re working for a law firm, or you’re working at McDonald’s, the chances are you’ll have to start at the bottom. The most valuable asset we have in our lives is our time. We trade our time and our labor for a salary, and in most cases, that salary is only enough to get us through the working month.

After you finish paying your bills, your debts, and preparing a food budget for the month, more than 70-percent of millennials have very little leftover for savings or investments.

Over the last three decades, America has moved from a nation of savers to a nation of spenders. As a result, very few people have anything in the way of retirement savings, and they’ll need to work into their senior years.

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As a hustler, you don’t want this to happen to you. You were born to escape the rat race and make your fortune in life under your terms. However, you’ll need to increase your income wherever you can to improve your cash base. The time you put in will give you money and opportunity in fast-tracking your financial status towards success.

We put together a guide to help you find the best side hustles to make some money. If you’re already working, then you’ll find it challenging to balance two jobs. However, as a young hustler, success is more of a concern than sleep, so get to executing on a plan that earns you more money and brings you more freedom in life.

Here are our Top Side Hustles

Do you qualify yourself as a side-hustler? Do you have what it takes to succeed in life? Well, then all you need it a point in the right direction. We’re going to give you plenty of examples of side hustles that can make you a killing.

Choose one of these side hustles that resonates with you, and start executing on a strategy to build it into a successful business. With enough time, hard work, and dedication, you can make your dreams of success a reality.

1. Take Online Surveys

If you’re bored and have nothing to do, then why not fill out surveys while you’re killing time? If you find yourself waiting in line at a movie, or you’re on your way home on your daily commute, this side-hustle can earn you some money while you’ve got nothing pressing to do.

Survey companies ask you to complete 5 to 15-minute surveys on a variety of topics. Some surveys are only eligible for specific demographics, and you’ll have to qualify if you want to start a new survey.

Most survey companies don’t pay you cash. You can earn between $1 to $15 per survey, but you get it in points, not cash. When you have a specified amount, you can withdraw it from the platform in the form of Amazon gift cards or some other vehicle.

Taking surveys won’t make you rich by any means. However, it provides you with a side hustle that fills in the holes in your monthly budget.

We have put together a big list of the best survey companies here.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the most well-known platform which will pay you for taking surveys. They have been around for over 14 years and are the leader in this area. You can take surveys and complete other assignments to earn points which can then be redeemed for real money via PayPal.

Survey Junkie Review

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Swagbucks offer online surveys alongside a whole host of other ways to earn money and gift cards such as watching videos, using their search engine, completing daily activities and polls.

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Often appearing in the top three rankings on multiple lists, InboxDollars is a fully legitimate online rewards club that reliably pays consumers in real cash, hence the name. it is easy to earn money on the site and to get paid to complete surveys, shop online, play video games and browse new sites!

InboxDollars Review

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2. Become a Blogger

If you have a passion for travel, fashion, and current events, you can use that inspiration to start a lifestyle blog. There are blogs in every niche you can imagine. Regardless of what you enjoy doing in your spare time, you can bet there are millions of other people interested in the same thing.

Harness this audience by starting a blog. All you need to do is steadily release top-quality content on your site. The first year of owning a blog won’t add up to much. However, as you learn SEO skills and master outreach, you can reach a stage where your blog is receiving a steady flow of daily visitors.

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At this time, you can monetize your blog. Sell advertising space based on the performance of your metrics, and earn an income from your passion in life. As a blogger, you get a lot of freedom when the blog starts to work. Successful bloggers can earn between $10,000 to $50,000 through advertising and affiliate marketing strategies.

The model is also straightforward to scale, and nothing is stopping you from using the same method to build multiple blogs. The more blogs you have, the more income streams are flooding into your bank account.

If you’d like to get started creating a blog, we have written a huge guide which will walk you through every step of the process, from creating the blog, buying hosting to creating your first blog post and then how to monetize it.

Read the Guide Here

After you have gone though that guide, you should take a look at our other guide which is a list of all the best affiliate programs for bloggers. That post will show you the best options for monetizing a blog on just about any subject.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

Do you have video editing skills and a great personality? If so, you could be the next big YouTube sensation. Owning a YouTube channel is a great way to make an income, but it’s a lot of hard work in the process.

For creators to qualify for monetization on their account, they need to have a certain amount of subscribers, as well as a certain amount of viewing time on their videos. However, once you cross the threshold, you get to take advantage of YouTube’s business model involving advertising.

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YouTube will pay you monthly for promoting ads in your videos. This strategy can be a very profitable side hustle. Research shows that popular podcaster, Joe Rogan, earns up to $30,000 in ad revenue for each one of his YouTube podcasts.

The life of a YouTuber can be a lot of fun. However, you don’t have to get behind the camera yourself to make money on this platform. There are plenty of other ideas to help you build an audience on YouTube. For example, white noise channels are an incredibly popular niche.

Some of these videos have tens of millions of views. People enjoy listening to them while working or studying, and there’s a variety of sounds included with the white noise. You can earn income promoting adverts on these types of channels as well.

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4. Become a Driver

If you have a car and a driver’s license, and nothing to do in the evenings, then take up driving as your side hustle. Companies like Uber and Lyft are always looking for new drivers to get behind the wheel for their customers. Applying to be a driver for Uber is easy. You submit your application online to Uber HQ, and they process it for you. After 48-hours, then have an answer on your request.

If you receive approval, then you can download the app and start working right away. There are some vehicle requirements for working for Uber, especially if you’re driving for Uber Black.

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As an Uber driver, you also get access to the Uber partner network. With these network connections, you get discounts on a variety of motoring expenses. There are service partners for tire replacement, engine services, and even roadside assistance.

Signing up with Uber allows you to work on your time. No boss is telling you what you have to do, and you have the freedom to work whenever you like.

5. Become a Freelancer

Do you have skills as a writer, or with web design? Choosing to freelance as your side hustle allows you to make extra money working from the comfort of home. There are countless freelancing jobs available in a variety of niches.

Sign up with platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, and you’ll find that there are plenty of freelancers and tons of work. Freelance sites allow you to build a profile and receive job offers, or you can bid for contracts on offer from agencies or private entities.

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Freelance Sites

There are jobs in graphic design, video editing, image creation, content development, writing, and so much more. It takes time to build credibility on sites like Fiverr. Your primary goal as a side hustler is to create social proof around your Fiverr business.

Every time you complete a job, make sure the client leaves you feedback. Eventually, you’ll reach a status where you start to receive a flood of orders because your profile has plenty of testimonials. Freelancing is an excellent way for new moms to make money while they stay home and take care of the baby.

6. Print on Demand

If you have a creative streak, and you like fashion, then why not blend the two concepts? Print on demand is a viable side hustle that can make you plenty of money. There are companies out there that will print any design you like onto t-shirts, coffee mugs, cellphone cases, and plenty of other apparel.

There are case studies of people who have made a fortune with selling print on demand products. Our favorite example is an entrepreneur, Chris Record. Chris saw the closing of Giants Candlestick Park in San Francisco as an opportunity to make money.

Chris had a designer on Fiverr make him a design of Candlestick Park and a catchphrase to print on a t-shirt. Chris then used Facebook ads to target Giants fans and people that checked into Candlestick Park. Chris marketed a t-shirt to the fans, and then sat back and watched the revenue pour in.

In total, Chris made over $400,000 from t-shirt sales. However, Chris did not stop there. Seeing his incredible success with Facebook ads, Chris produced a course showing people how to copy the system he used to make his money.

As a result, Chris became a millionaire within one calendar year – He’s a true side-hustler that made it happen for himself.

With print on demand companies, you only have to worry about creating a design and marketing it to an audience. The POD company is responsible for printing the merchandise, shipping it to your customers, receiving payments, and handling customer returns.

7. Flip Sneakers

Legendary hustler, Gary Vaynerchuk, spent his youth trading baseball cards. However, Gary was not your typical kid hanging out in the schoolyard during recess, haggling with the other kids.

Gary spent his weekends in shopping malls setting up booths for his baseball trading card company. As he eloquently puts it, Gary was the only 16-year old with $100,000 under his mattress that didn’t get the money from selling weed.

However, in a recent interview with Esquire he announced that if he had to start as a 14-year old again today, he would be flipping sneakers.

There are people that put things in a romanticized way and hate when there’s commerce or capitalism overlaid to it. I go the other way. I mean, that is my sport. That is my passion. I love capitalism. I love the buy and sell. I would have been the kid that would have garage saled every weekend trying to find a beat-up pair of valuable sneakers to flip.

Sneakers are a multi-billion-dollar industry. Brands release special designs all the time. If you get your hands on an exceptional pair of sneakers, it’s like having a rare baseball card.

There are kids out there that are making more than $10,000 a week flipping sneakers, and you could have a piece of that market if you want it.

8. Trade the Markets

If you enjoy reading through the financial section of the newspaper and the TV tuned to Bloomberg, you might have what it takes to be a financial trader. Traders trade the markets and look for opportunities to make money. You can buy or sell stock indexes, currency, bonds, or commodities.

Traders don’t like working hard, and it’s possible to earn yourself a profitable living from working only a few hours of the day between 9 am, and 11 am. If that sounds like a dream job to you, then you need to know there’s sacrifice involved with becoming a trader.

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Adding trading as your side hustle means that you have to spend a few months learning the strategy involved with trading the markets. There are dozens of trading strategies, so pick one that resonates with you.

After you find your chosen strategy, it’s time to learn how to execute it in the marketplace. You’ll need to sign up for brokers and use trading software to execute trades in the market.

However, if you find a profitable strategy, and spend the time studying and implementing what you learn, you could make a good living with trading as your side hustle.

9. Amazon FBA

E-commerce is fast overtaking traditional brick-and-mortar retail locations as the preferred venue for America’s consumer nation. Each year, America spends over $500-billion online. You have the chance to grab onto a slice of those earnings by starting an FBA business.,

FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, is the latest and greatest offering from the world’s largest online retailer. With FBA, you have the chance to start a retail business online with only a few thousand dollars.

Amazon Reviews Jobs

You use FBA to sell merchandise on Amazon and earn a profit. Traditionally, if you want to sell on Amazon or eBay, you need to handle the ordering process, pick and ship your customer’s goods, and then handle all customer returns.

With FBA, Amazon takes care of the heavy lifting for you. Similar to POD, with FBA, Amazon picks your products in its warehouse, ships them to the customer, handles payments, and any customer returns. In return, you pay Amazon a commission for handling the transaction, but it’s a convenient way to build a scalable e-commerce model.

With FBA, all you need to do is get your products to an Amazon fulfillment center. Then market your products and watch the profits roll into your bank account.

10. Start a Facebook Ads Agency

If you’re a digital marketer, and you don’t know about Facebook ads, then its time to join the digital marketing revolution. Facebook has over 2-billion active monthly users. Every business can utilize Facebook’s ads platform to promote its business, sell products, and promote services. Facebook offers a suite of tools in its ads platform that put traditional marketing methods to shame.

With Facebook ads, you can laser-target your niche, choosing a wide variety of demographics in your marketing efforts. The reach you get with Facebook ads is better than any form of outdoor advertising, and it’s even better than the radio as well.

Facebook ads can help local businesses grow their customer base, but the thing is that they have no idea how to use the platform.

This situation is where you, the side-hustler, come into the picture. As a side-hustler, you can start a Facebook ads agency. Learning to use the platform is easy, and it’s cheap to run a campaign that creates plenty of attention.

The chances are that local businesses in your area need some promotion. Offer to run their Facebook advertising campaign for them. You take control of the marketing, and they give you direction. Using this strategy, you can put a campaign together in less than half an hour, and charge the client a handsome profit for your work.

The chances are that the campaign will be a success, and you can add it to your portfolio of client testimonials.

11. Become a Drone Pilot

Do you enjoy flying your DJI drone around? If you have skills behind the controller, and you’re a competent pilot, you can make plenty of cash from your hobby. Drone footage is in high demand for many social media platforms. Using drones to capture footage at sporting events, music concerts, and other outdoor events are now the hottest trend in video marketing.

There are plenty of websites that will pay you for top-quality drone footage. Start canvassing local businesses in your area and offer them your services of drone photography. We recommend you start with team building companies and events companies that deal with weddings or other outdoor events like concerts.

By droning in your spare time for income, you get to make money out of your hobby. Presenting your clients with raw footage will make them happy. However, if you provide editing services as well, they’ll be even happier. The demand for drone footage is so high that you’ll probably end up turning this side hustle into a full-time business pretty quickly.

12. Loan People Money

Short-term lending is a profitable business. People struggle to get by on their salaries, and it might surprise you to learn that 60-percent of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. However, there’s an opportunity there for you. You can loan people in your neighborhood money and charge them interest on the loan.

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We’re not suggesting you become a loan shark, but providing a small loan service as a side hustle can net you a decent income. However, you must remember to remain ethical in your lending. If you’re worried that people won’t pay you back, relax. Over the long-term, people always settle their debts because they need access to credit.

P2P Loan Companies

Credit conditions are tight at lenders, and payday loans cost a fortune in interest charges. There’s room for an ethical and affordable loan service in your area. Starting a small-loans business for small amounts of money, say $50 to $100 at a time, with a three to seven-day repayment period can net you cash quickly, especially in the weeks before payday.

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13. Teach English Online

Our last side hustle is for people that have a talent for working with others. If you have a degree, and you don’t mind working with young people, then try teaching English online for a side hustle. As an English teacher, you work through your laptop, in a classroom or individual environment.

Teaching English Online Jobs

Working for one of the big English teaching websites will earn you a meager salary. However, if you take a few months, it’s possible to market your services privately after you gain some experience. Parents will recommend you to their friends if their child starts to improve in school.

Most countries that require English teachers are in Asia, with Japan and China being the biggest markets. Therefore, you’ll have to make yourself available on their time zone in the afternoons after the school’s finish for the day. This timezone difference could mean getting up early in the morning. However, if you do a good job of tutoring your students, you could make a decent side hustle as an English teacher.

VipKid Review

VIPkid is the best platform for earning money by teaching English online, read our full review to find out more.

The Characteristics of a Side Hustler

The life of a side-hustler isn’t for everyone. To make it on your grind, you need a special type of personality. As a side-hustler, you’ll encounter various kinds of people and a wide variety of characters. You’ll need to learn how to build rapport with everyone you meet.

Side-hustlers are salespeople by nature. They have a natural inclination to persuade people to get what they want out of any situation. Some people might think that this is a manipulation tactic. However, savvy salespeople will have ethics, and they never sell to prospects that can’t benefit from what they are selling.

Side-hustlers know how to use language to persuade people to agree with their viewpoints. These individuals are experts at using their minds and their voices to diffuse any hostile situation. Side-hustlers know how to handle people and get them to see their viewpoint.

Self-Starters Only

Side-hustlers will face adversity throughout their careers. However, the difference is that side-hustlers don’t set set-backs as a problem; they see them as an opportunity. The best side-hustlers roll with the punches and look for solutions.

A side-hustler is never a victim. Victims think that when things go wrong, it’s someone else’s fault that things start to fail. These individuals have no sense of accountability or responsibility in their lives. Being a victim means you are giving up control of the outcome and refusing to accept the situation for what it is.

As a side-hustler, you have to understand how to become unstuck from any situation as quickly as possible. There’s no time for playing the victim. Victims never get anywhere in life.

Don’t Get Blinded by Thoughts of Success

Side-hustlers never take their eyes off of the prize. Sure, it’s fun to think about all the financial rewards in the future, but don’t let those thoughts define your actions. Side-hustlers know that success is a journey that never stops. Eventually, you experience financial success, but the passion for achieving more never dies, even after you earn more money than you can spend.

Side-hustlers are a rare breed, and the work they do is more important than the money that they make. Sure, in the beginning, money matters a lot more because it’s so thin. However, as side-hustlers taste success financially, then they start to focus on other priorities that give their journey meaning.

Online Tutoring Jobs

Stay Open to Learning New Ideas

Real side-hustlers have minds like sponges. These entrepreneurs are always learning and always eager to find new solutions to problems they are experiencing in life. As a side-hustler, learning doesn’t stop after high-school or college. Life is one long learning experience that never stops until the day they bury you 6-feet under the ground.

Side-hustlers are savvy social millennials. They understand that all the information they need for success is freely available online. These individuals subscribe to social influencers in marketing and selling, and they have their finger on the pulse of the digital economy.

Side-hustlers don’t see technology as a challenge; they see it as a tool. Devices can help you continue your learning on your commute or during your downtime. When side-hustlers do get downtime, they know how to use it productively. Sure, there are times to chill out with your partner or do something entertaining.

However, most side-hustlers participate in group activities like mastermind sessions and seminars in their spare time. While everyone else id relaxing on the couch on the weekend, side-hustlers are out on their grind, making it happen.

Fail Forward

Sometimes, the business doesn’t work out the way that side-hustlers plan. However, you know that that’s ok. You see failures as learning experiences that strengthen your resolve to achieve. Failures are part of life, and every successful person had more than one failure before something went fright for them.

Research shows that entrepreneurs fail an average of 18-times before they find a venture that lets them taste success. As a side-hustler, you have to stay committed to achieving your vision. When failures happen, you need to get unstuck and free to move again as soon as you can, or you risk entering into the victim mentality.

Turning Your Hobby Into a Business

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Other Articles to Help You Make Money

Wrapping Up – Take Action

Every side-hustler needs to pay attention to the golden rule of entrepreneurship – Take action. Without taking action, you’ll never go anywhere. One of the most popular self-development books of the modern era is “The Secret.” In this book, the author talks about the power of positive intentions.

She mentions that you should think positive thoughts about what you want. By creating a vibration within you, you attract that which you think about most often. While this is a true statement, the book makes it seem like the positive intention is what makes everything happen.

We have bad news for you as an entrepreneur. If you sit around wishing for things to happen, then you are going to be still hoping when your landlord is kicking you out of your apartment. Positive intentions are powerful, but they are nothing without execution.

Taking action is the most critical thing you can do as an entrepreneur. If you aren’t executing every day, all day, then you know you have a problem with either you or your business. Without taking action, you don’t create any momentum, and with no momentum, your business fades away into obscurity.

Legendary personal development author, and successful real estate investor, Grant Cardone, has advice for side hustlers. Cardone says that side hustlers should expect to have to take times the amount of action they think is necessary to make their business successful.

This rule makes sense because if you ask any entrepreneur about their journey to success, most of them say it took longer than they expected. Whatever you want out of life will take ten-times more dedication, conviction, drive, discipline, and ambition than you think.

However, by taking action every day, you build momentum from a series of small wins. By building momentum, you start to attract attention, and if you keep taking action, eventually, people will notice you, and your business will thrive.


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