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HomeTree Review: Boiler Home & Heating Care Plans

If you have a boiler that needs to be maintained, HomeTree can be your plan, and it offers some substantial advantages over its competition.
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Taking care of your boiler might not be the most interesting thing in your life, but when it needs to be done, you better have a plan sorted out. HomeTree can be your plan, and it offers some substantial advantages over its competition.

The simple fact is that most people don’t think about the technology that makes our lives so comfortable, and your boiler is a big part of modern comfort. HomeTree wants everyone in the UK to have reliable heating, and they are happy to challenge the big six to do accomplish its goal.

HomeTree is a company that offers a very specific service to homeowners, tenants, and landlords. In addition to offering boiler installations at market-leading rates, HomeTree has boiler care plans that will help keep your home warm and cozy all through the winter months by making sure the heating system is maintained.

(Please Note: HomeTree is for People in the UK)

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Why is HomeTree a Good Idea?

HomeTree is doing two things right. First, it is filling in a gap that has been left open by the big six British energy companies, who have a lackluster reputation for customer service. Secondly, the company offers affordable care plans to just about anyone who relies on a boiler to stay warm or accommodate tenants.

If you are a landlord, you may or may not find HomeTree’s care plans attractive. If you have an existing maintenance staff, using an outside service could make sense, depending on how much of an organization you have built up already.

HomeTree Website

For smaller landlords, the care plans that are detailed below are certainly worth a look (avoid paying staff or last-minute repairs).

People that own a home, or are responsible for a boiler in a rented space, need to have a plan for their boiler and heating system. HomeTree is probably the best way to make sure that you are never facing a massive bill for a new boiler in the middle of winter.

Keeping on top of your heating situation isn’t the sexiest topic on the internet, but it is probably one of the most practical.

HomeTree Cares About Your Needs

Said simply, HomeTree is probably going to be both faster and cheaper than British Gas when it comes to replacing a boiler when you need it most. The company also offers care plans that will help keep your boiler in good shape, and spot any issues before they become a cold-weather catastrophe.

HomeTree Plans

According to a study that HomeTree undertook in 2018, its services were £1300 cheaper than British Gas for the same boiler replacement, and HomeTree was significantly faster as well. While British Gas took more than three weeks to get a new boiler installed, HomeTree was able to do the same job in less than one week.

From HomeTree:

“This quote is based on a like-for-like quote for a Worcester Bosch 15i regular boiler installation (regular swap) for a 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom flat on the first floor, correct as of 29th September 2018. The price includes the price of the boiler, all flue-related work, installation and addons such as Magnectic System Filter, Powerflush and Hive thermostat.”

If your boiler goes bad during the cold weather months (which is likely), then the difference between a week and three weeks is probably going to feel like an extremely long time.

The HomeTree Service Plans

HomeTree has service plans for both homeowners and landlords, and you can obtain a basic service plan that will cover the essentials for £13.50 per month. The plans go up in price as more areas of your home are covered, and you can get a discounted rate if you pay for multiple months upfront.

HomeTree Pricing

Here are the plans for homeowners, or renters that are responsible for a home’s heating system (all prices are for payments made on a monthly basis, with a £13 Call Out Fee, if you want to see how much you can save by paying annually, just click here):

  • Your Boiler- £12.95 per month
    Annual Boiler Service
    Gas Boiler, Flue, and Controls
  • Your Heating- £14.50 per month
    Annual Boiler Service
    Gas Boiler, Flue, and Controls
    Wider Central heating
  • Your Home- £18.00 per month
    Annual Boiler Service
    Gas Boiler, Flue, and Controls
    Wider Central heatingPlumbing
    Home Electric

If you are a landlord, the plans are basically the same, but the prices rise a little bit:

  • Your Boiler- £18.50 per month
    Annual Boiler Service
    Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR)
    Gas Boiler, Flue, and Controls
  • Your Heating- £21.00 per month
    Annual Boiler Service
    Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR)
    Gas Boiler, Flue, and Controls
    Wider Central heating
  • Your Home- £27.50 per month
    Annual Boiler Service
    Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR)
    Gas Boiler, Flue, and Controls
    Wider Central heating
    Home Electric

They Sell & Install Boilers as well

In the event that you need to replace your boiler, HomeTree offers a full spectrum solution for your needs that gets great reviews. The company stocks a range of boilers and has skilled engineers who will handle your installation quickly.

HomeTree Sells The Following Boilers:

Worcester Bosch Regular Boilers / System Boilers / Combination Boilers

Worcester Bosch are workhorse gas boilers that come in many different types. They give conservative, ready-to-fit and simple to install arrangements that can warm numerous washrooms and taps simultaneously. One of the boilers will probably fit with your current set-up, and also help to eliminate the risk of frozen pipes in the winter.

Vaillant Regular Boilers / System Boilers / Combination Boilers

Vaillant regular boilers are a good way to upgrade your boiler system if you are looking for a way to ensure reliable heat for years to come. The boilers are small and can fit in places that other boilers can’t, so you can maximize space in your home. Vaillant boilers are designed to be among the most efficient boilers on the market as well.

If you want to learn more about the boilers that HomeTree offers or get a quote for how much it may cost to have one installed, check out the company’s website for an estimate based on your location, and home. There is also a handy boiler guide on the company’s website, so you can learn more about all the boiler options there are.

Do You Really Need a Service Plan?

As we mentioned above, servicing your home’s boiler and heating system isn’t the most compelling idea out there. The next football match or celebrity gossip is probably a lot more fun to think about, but when you need to stay warm, you will be happy that you planned ahead.

The first thing to consider is the cost of service, in the absence of a service plan. If you don’t have any kind of service plan the call out fee for an engineer is likely to be more than £30, and that is only going to cover a diagnosis of the issue. Once the engineer sorts out what is wrong, you can look forward to paying at least £40 per hour for labor.

Another thing to consider is the quality of service you will be getting for your money. As we stated above, British Gas, along with the other members of the big six, aren’t especially cheap.

Paying for quality is one thing, but when you look at the Trustpilot reviews for British Gas, it is easy to see that the company is expensive, slow, and offers clients dismal service.

If you sign on with HomeTree, not only will your home be maintained by a professional engineer, you will also have an existing relationship with a boiler service company that can get your home’s heating system working again quickly.

HomeTree, or any service plan, may or may not be a good idea for you, but if you rely on a boiler for warmth, you should have some sort of plan for when it finally does give out, and your home needs to be updated with a new boiler.

HomeTree Fills an Important Niche

Whenever there is a de-facto cartel for a vital service or product, the consumers are going to suffer. In the UK the big six have created a situation where consumers are stuck with poor service options when it comes to boilers and home maintenance, but HomeTree is challenging that market dynamic.

To be sure, HomeTree has a simple business model. It offers its clients a straightforward service plan, as well as timely installation of quality boilers, and other heating system components. The higher-tier HomeTree service plans also cover things like drains, which can be a major problem if left without proper maintenance.

If you don’t have a plan for when your home’s heating system needs service, or new parts, it is time to figure one out. HomeTree might be a good option, depending on your personal needs and financial situation. Your home’s boiler and heating system are extremely important, and taking care of it will mean that it will take care of you.

If you want to learn more about what HomeTree does or talk to a representative, the company’s website is easy to navigate, and there are many contact options available for new clients.

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Ease of Use






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  • Straightforward Service
  • Cheaper than Competitors
  • Good Cover
  • Range of Plans
  • 24/7 Helpline


  • More Expensive for Landlords

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