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SafetyWing Remote Health Review: Global Health Insurance for Nomads

Safetywing now offers global health insurance for remote workers and nomads, Here's our full review with all the Pros & Cons.
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For SafetyWing, the pleasure of travel is important to protect, and it recently introduced Remote Health Insurance that can be purchased from just about anywhere.

Learning about yourself, creating new relationships, discovering new cultures and places, learning new skills and the sense of adventure are feelings that not a lot of activities can provide.

SafetyWing is a health insurance company that is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to healthcare problems that people who travel frequently may face.

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SafetyWing Creates Remote Health Insurance

Some people are lucky to be able to travel and work remotely, moving from one location to another after a certain time.

This group of people is known as Digital nomads. These remote workers usually are expected to be young, recently graduated, carefree, and sometimes reckless people looking for adventure in a tropical paradise.

The truth is there are digital nomads of all ages and backgrounds, professionals with years of experience, and entrepreneurs who just don’t want their work to chain them to a specific location.

Now, anyone who is on the road doesn’t have to worry about where they can buy health insurance.

Health insurance for the remote workforce
Health insurance
for the remote workforce

New Challenges for Travelers

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic businesses and workers around the world were forced to change their employees to remote work, discovering its advantages and viability.

Millions of people are now working remotely while keeping the same position that technically required them to be in the same office as their bosses and colleagues.

With remote working on the rise, digital nomads are increasing in numbers and traditional employees are required to travel to meet with teams that work from other locations around the globe.

Help for Anyone Without a Fixed Address

SafetyWing was founded by 3 Norwegian entrepreneurs who experienced the digital nomad lifestyle firsthand and wanted to create an affordable and flexible solution to offer health care to other travelers.

The result was one of the most successful medical insurance companies for digital nomads around the world. Its website allows you to acquire their health coverage from anywhere around the world at any time easily and efficiently.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of your trip or just planning it, After signing up, select your plan and any addons you want to, complete the process and you are ready for the adventure of your life.

SafetyWing Review
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SafetyWing has been offering its Nomad Insurance for a while, offering a great option for most digital nomads who require an affordable package while traveling with a great cover.

Now, it has launched a new package for companies and individuals who require more coverage and/or for a longer period: Remote Health Insurance.

Preparing for the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

You might have recently discovered the advantages of working remotely and are considering becoming a digital nomad.

Maybe you are already a digital nomad, and you are just looking for information on health insurance. In any case, this article will provide you with some information on different options and what you should be looking for when selecting a plan.

Traveling while working is a dream for most but certain preparations need to be made so the dream does not turn into a nightmare.

One of the most important preparations you should make is ensuring you will not have any issues in the case of a medical emergency while in a foreign country.

Make Sure You are Covered

While many countries offer free quality healthcare to foreign travelers, most times it is only available for citizens or the quality/waiting times are not appropriate for your specific situation.

Being stuck in a public hospital at midnight in an unknown country where almost no one speaks your languages can be an unforgettable experience by itself but is probably not what you mean by that.

There are several types of insurances that digital nomads or international workers might find when searching for one that fits their needs. It is important to understand their differences and select the best one for your specific plans even if the selection process might be boring and annoying.

  • Travel insurance: Travel insurance: Not intended to provide healthcare coverage except for medical emergency costs and travel disruption. These are designed to cover for short periods until you return home after a holiday or trip and as so, it is not recommended if you are planning on working remotely for more than a few days.
  • International health insurance: Similar to the standard health insurance you would get at home but with the added benefit of international coverage. They usually don’t provide travel disruption insurance and are more expensive than other types of insurance. These policies are usually used by digital nomads that plan an extended trip of more than a year with multiple destinations, as it ensures you have access to healthcare both in case of emergencies and checkups.
  • Travel health insurance: It is usually a mix of the previous 2 types and the one digital nomads are probably offered the most. They offer travel disruption protection, emergency healthcare, and inpatient treatment. Most benefits are capped at a relatively low amount and coverage can vary depending on the location. This type of insurance works for digital nomads that plan to be away for some months and if you have healthcare access back at home.
  • Local insurance: This is the type of insurance you would need if you are planning on staying in a single place for a long time with a residency permit. The price can vary as well as the services but the coverage will be local. This is not recommended for digital nomads or remote workers who move between locations.

The great news is that the healthcare insurance industry is aware of the need for policies focused on the needs of remote workers around the globe and are now making it easier than ever to get the coverage that best suits you.

Who is Remote Health for?
Who is Remote Health for?

Companies like SafetyWing, True Traveler, Allianz travel, and World Nomads have created packages that will offer you coverage for a variety of situations, some of them focused on frequent travelers who work remotely.

Healthcare companies themselves are now aware of the need for remote healthcare and are adapting their plans to fulfill their user’s expectations and needs.

The Benefits of SafetyWing’s New Remote Health Insurance

The signup process for SafetyWing’s new Remote Health Insurance is just as easy as for its Nomad insurance.

It offers the extra benefits of home coverage not being limited to short visits as well as coverage for COVID-19, Cancer, and preexisting conditions. The original Nomad insurance and similar packages from other companies do not cover these possibilities.

The package price starts at $153 USD with monthly billing or $1745 USD with annual billing. The actual price will vary depending on your age as well as any premium addon you decide to add to your package.

SafetyWing sets the base deductible is $250 USD but it offers the option of getting an addon that will result in a $0 USD deductible.

You can click here to see the premium calculator, and learn more about the platform!

This new package has a wide medical coverage of emergency and non-emergencies alike with little restrictions or conditions.

The main features worth mentioning about their coverage are:

  • Worldwide coverage excluding the US, Singapore, and Hongkong for more than 30 days.
  • Full refund for hospital treatment and accommodation, cancer treatment, surgeries, evacuation, repatriation, Parent and child overnight accommodation, and a lot of other situations you can see on the website.
  • Partial refund for organ transplants, rehabilitation therapy, cash while in a public hospital, diagnostic imaging, and other cases.
  • Annual Maximum Benefit of $1 Million USD

The worldwide coverage comes with a restriction as in the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong is limited to 30 days. You have the option to get an addon which can extend the coverage to 6 months if you are planning on traveling to these locations for a longer period.

SafetyWing also has the option to select addons to make your package more flexible and increase your coverage. At this time, you can add dental coverage, $0 USD deductible, and Outpatient coverage when not admitted to a hospital.

Use the price calculator to work out how much your coverage will cost
Use the price calculator to work out how much your coverage will cost

Who Could Benefit from Remote Health Insurance?

If you are looking for comprehensive medical insurance with generous coverage across a diverse number of potential issues, this plan offers it.

In case of an emergency, you can just go to a hospital and initiate a refund that will receive an answer in less than 7 days or just have the expenses pre-approved by contacting their 24/7 support.

Paying a deductible is never fun, but keeping in mind the amount of coverage offered as well as the possibility of the $0 deductible add on, it is understandable given the prices for the plan.

One of our favorite features is the fact that pre-existing conditions are covered, which is not the rule for insurance companies and will provide you with an extra layer of security while traveling if you have one.

If you spend several months or days of the year working at home and from other countries, an ex-pat living abroad but also traveling, or a digital nomad constantly in the move, Remote Insurance is probably a good idea.

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Safetywing Remote Health


Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • Well Regarded Company
  • Good Pricing
  • Live & Travel Anywhwere
  • Easy Claims Process
  • Pre-Existing Conditions Covered


  • Monthly Plan Requires Year subscription

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