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Honey Coupon Review: App & Browser Extension to Automatically Add Coupon Codes

Honey is an app & browser extension which automatically finds the best coupon codes for you when shopping online and helps save you money.
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Honey is an app that can help you to save as much money as possible with coupons. It is a website browser extension which automatically finds coupons for websites when you are shopping online.

For example, when you are surfing Amazon looking for a laptop, then there is a notice asking whether you have a coupon code.

What should you do next?

Search Google for a valid coupon code?

Try to find another online retailer offering you a voucher or coupon to save money?

Thanks to Honey, this problem is easily solved.

The app will search and apply the best valid coupon code for you in just a few minutes. All you need to do is download it on Chrome, Safari or Firefox. While there may or may not be a coupon for a purchase you want to make, Honey will help you find it if it exists.

There are loads of ways to use coupons to save money with your online purchases, and Honey is a great app to have in your money-saving bag of tricks. There is really no downside to using the app, and while it isn’t guaranteed to save you money, you will probably be able to take advantage of its extensive utility.

With online deals growing all the time, it makes sense to know about all your options. The Honey app is a great tool for online shoppers. Let’s learn more about the Honey app, and what it can do for you!

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What is Honey?

The Honey browser extension is created and developed by Honey Science Corp, an American e-commerce company founded on August 11, 2012. Its founder, Ryan Hudson built the app with the original idea of deducting $1 off a pizza. For two and a half years, he had some issues in persuading investors about the profitability of this app.

However, his efforts have paid off, and the enormous numbers of downloads are a testament to the popularity of his idea. Especially in today’s world, when people are more and more becoming shopping online addicts, Honey is a great way to save money.

Honey Homepage
Easily add the browser extension from the homepage

It is estimated that the web extension has been downloaded over 5 million times on several well-known browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. What an impressive number!

Honey satisfies its customers by finding coupons automatically and applies them at more than 21,000 retailers, it also gives extra cashback with some purchases. This outstanding feature makes Honey app sweeter than the real honey for online shoppers!

How The Honey App Works

People describe Honey as a ridiculously easy tool to save money and time. The ease of use could create a little doubt, but don’t worry – it really works!

Is it a scam?

Of course not!

You might be wondering how it could simply have coupon codes while you have to spend tons of hours using your eyes to scour the internet?

It’s all about technology – the ultimate advantage that makes Honey an exceptionally popular browser extension.

With this simple to use tool you will probably save a bit of money and could find a coupon that saves you a bundle. If you don’t try it, you will never learn about this simple to use app that people have fallen in love with.

Honey will automatically find coupons
Honey will automatically find coupons

A Simple Platform to Save Money

Before going further, let’s have a small talk about browser extensions.

If you’re familiar with internet browsers, you will be no stranger to Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Edge. Honey is basically an open website for a small software application that adds to the functionality of your browser.

In other words, it works like a customized add-on to your browsing experience. As an add-on, the browser extension will analyze your online shopping habits and purchases in real-time to make sure that you receive the best deals.

One click will apply the coupon code, saving you money
One click will apply the coupon code, saving you money

The way Honey service works is completely straightforward. You don’t have to do much to save money with Honey, and it is totally free to use.

The Honey app will browse the items in your cart when you’re shopping, gather data from these items and then check for available coupon codes. If Honey finds any available codes, the codes are entered automatically and you don’t have to waste time and money looking for coupons.

You will get all of the advantages of saving money, but you have to do almost no work. Honey is a popular app for a reason!

The data that Honey collects from you is classified into two types:

  • Your basic personal information like your name and e-mail address. Access to your details in other services such as Facebook or Twitter account is also involved when you link up your accounts to Honey app.
  • Technical information when you use Honey’s products. It picks up automatically generated information such as log files, cookies, device information, and records about the success or failure of codes applied to your cart, as well as some other information that Google Analytics accumulates.

In short, the Honey extension can see if there are any available coupons you can use to get a discount on your order when you are checking out online.

Once you’ve opted to look for coupons, Honey will run through them all for you and select the best coupon codes for you. This process only takes a couple of seconds, and it has the potential to save you a lot of money over time.

How to: Get Started With Honey

Like everything about the Honey app, getting your browser set up to save money is simple. Just follow the steps below to start saving money with Honey!

Set Up the Honey Browser Extension

  • To install the Honey app into your laptop or desktop you’ll need to launch your preferred web browser and navigate to
  • Based on the browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or Opera), click the Add button.
  • If you are using a compatible browser, you can automatically download the correct add-on or extension using the add button on
  • You’ll need to switch to a new browser that is supported, in case you don’t use a compatible browser.
  • The next step is to click ‘add extension’ or ‘allow’ if needed.
  • You will need to click on Get, Download, Install or another similar button on the store page if you’re led to the add-on or extension section.

If you wish to take advantage of services like Honey Gold, press Join Facebook or Join Email. If you do not wish to sign up, click Complete and voila, the setup is done.

Using Honey for Online Shopping

Once you get everything set up on Honey app, you can start shopping on any of your favorite websites with these five basic steps:

  1. Choose your favorite items, open your cart or check out but just don’t finish the purchase yet.
  2. Tap on the Honey icon found in the extensions or add-ons section of your web browser with the cart or checkout page open.
  3. Click Apply Coupons as the next step. If Honey feels it is unlikely to find a working coupon, this is what the extension would tell you. To push it to look for coupons, press Try Anyways.
  4. When Honey discovers some coupons, it will automatically enter them.
  5. Tap Continue checkout and complete your order as usual.
Honey works with Thousands of retailers
Honey works with Thousands of retailers

Honey Gold

Honey Gold is only available in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. It is a free rewards plan that offers you cash back when you shop at their partner websites.

The cashback percentages vary with Honey Gold, and are completely unpredictable, but will be between 1-5%, and will be on item cost without any shipping or tax fees.

Once you have earned 1000 reward points, you can exchange them for a $10 gift card that can be used at Honey’s partner sites including:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Groupon
  • Nordstrom
  • Sephora
  • Sears
  • 1-800 Flowers

Honey Gold Bonuses are the bonuses you get for signing up. It will show up in your feed, with the available shops and next to them cashback amounts. You’ll have a certain amount of time to make this particular purchase to get your bonus, like seven days (it will vary based on the offer).

When you continue to use Honey, you can also earn Honey Gold Bonuses, which will appear next to your browser window as an orange box for you to click on and see how much the cashback reward will be.

With Honey Gold, you can earn gift cards too.
With Honey Gold, you can earn gift cards too.


Honey Travel is a helpful tool to help you find the best hotel deals by comparing prices through different travel websites like Expedia, and a lot of other travel websites.

When you use the extension to the Honey plugin, you’ll collect Honey Keys. You can see how many keys you have in your account overview, and these keys will give you access to exclusive hotel deals that you’ll find under Honey Travel.

Go to the Honey Travel section, search for the location you’re looking for, and Honey will show you all the available discounts.

Handy Tips for Using Honey

You can use the following tips to save even more when shopping online. Remember, if you don’t spend it, you can save it, or buy more stuff!

  • You can certainly get coupons without registration on the Honey app. Honey will prompt you to log in with your Facebook or using email. If you want to follow, you can get some cash back, but if you’re not interested in linking your account or email, you can skip this step.
  • To save even more, you can combine Honey with other extensions. If you are using an extension like Ebates to get money back on transactions, you can still use Honey to find coupon codes.
  • You can use the Honey app even if you have your own coupon code. Honey lets you put in your own coupon codes even if they’re not from the Honey app. If you have a valid code for the site from which you shop, in addition to any other coupons provided by Honey, you can receive additional discounts.
  • You can create big savings by using the Droplist feature. If you see a great item that you like but you can’t buy it right away due to a tight budget, you can add it to your Honey Droplist. Honey will let you know once the item goes on sale at Amazon, Walmart, Overstock or any other supported retailer within a time frame of 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • Keep in mind that you will be checking the price of other sellers when shopping on Amazon. Every time you look at an Amazon item, Honey inserts a little badge next to the price tag. If that item is the best possible deal on Amazon, the icon will turn into a button telling you how much you could save.

Other Platforms for Your Consideration

Honey has a great concept that could save you a lot of money.

There are other platforms that could also help you to save as much as possible when you are shopping online or in-person. One of the biggest drawbacks of Honey is that it is an online-only app. You can use other ones to save money when you are shopping in person.

Here are a few other apps to learn about so you get the most for your money!


This well-known coupon app is considered as the best mobile utility support tool for saving your money in every online and offline purchase. In addition, this app is easy to start using. Once you get used to it, it should only take you 10 seconds to zip through it.

The platform is programmed to give cashback on qualified purchases that its registered customers make at stores within 48 hours.

Ibotta knows how to please users by giving them $10 (limited time offer) when they first sign up. One of the biggest advancements of this coupon app is that you can find out about a ton of available rebates on a variety of products by scanning an item’s barcode.

Best Coupon Apps
Read: Best Coupon Apps to Save Money off Your Shopping

Let’s dive into the details of how Ibotta cashback works.

Before you go shopping, open the app and complete a few simple steps to browse for rebates at the store that you will go to. For starters, you will be asked to give them some basic information like your name, e-mail address and birthday. You will also choose your favorite shops including both online and offline stores.

For in-person shopping, remember to load your store membership card. In case you forgot to load your card, don’t worry, as Ibotta can help you out. Just take a snapshot of your invoice, and the platform will help you receive any rebates you qualify for.

As mentioned above, Ibotta offers tools to assist its members in getting rebates from online shopping by using the links or codes the app shows you.

One more bonus that enhances its popularity is the money that it saves for you in your account. You can cash out via Paypal when your total adds up to $20 USD, or spend your extra money on a gift card.

However, Ibotta does have some drawbacks as not all local stores will be eligible for discounts. Apart from that, you may be out of luck due to the unavailability of items at stores even though you are offered attractive discounts on the platform.


Shopkick, which is available on iOS and Android devices like Ibotta, offers you extensive gift cards for points you acquire via shopping. That makes Shopkick differs from other coupon apps, say Honey and Ibotta. Besides that, another difference is that Shopkick allows you to earn real rewards without finishing your purchase.

The name of this coupon app gives an explanation for its operating principle. To be more specific, just by visiting an associated retailer (or “kicks” used by its programmers), you can earn points.

The shopkick app

Each kick is worth $0.004 USD, hence, to get a $2 gift card, you will need 500 kicks. Once you hit enormous numbers of points, you can exchange them to gain gift cards. You can even get more points without spending money by scanning listed items at the stores.

One more exciting thing about the Shopkick app is that you can earn more points by referring friends to this app. You will receive half of the amount of kicks that people you refer to the site build-up for a given amount of time.

Shopkick is an interesting app that does create rewards for in-person shopping, but the amount that you may receive from using the app could be lower than you expect. It is free to use, so trying it out for a few weeks won’t cost you a thing.

Honey – The Rundown

Honey is a purpose-built app that is sure to help you save more money when you are shopping online. It is free and has relationships with most of the major online retailers in the USA. The app is simple to use and will work with most popular web browsers.

While there is no guarantee that Honey will save you money, the ease of using the platform makes it an attractive download. For people that do a lot of shopping online, it is worth trying out, and seeing how much money you can save on a monthly basis.

Honey Pros

  • Free To You, Easy To Use: The service is completely free to start and it’s quite easy to install Honey into your computer or laptop. The app will take a few minutes to get everything up and running.
  • Time and Money Saving: Searching for a coupon code is now a piece of cake. The Honey app saves an enormous amount of time before shopping to check for valid and non-expired discount codes, as the app automatically checks each shop you frequent. Plus, you’re able to make big savings on lots of products and services, especially those with regular use.
  • All-The-Time Updates: Tons of discounts in online stores, travel packages and other service-outlets are being added almost every day.
  • A Variety of Online Stores and Products: Honey will support you with multiple shopping choices. Available discounts are ready to be used.

Honey Cons

  • Customer Service: While Honey is simple and straightforward to use, the customer support that Honey provides is quite weak. It’s difficult for users to have questions answered.
  • Expiration: What’s even worse than missing your dream coupon? Having it to find out it’s already expired. Some of the discounts you get on their website might have been out of date and we know how frustrating this situation could be.
  • Unstable System: Sometimes the app might not work properly sometimes and you may have to restart the procedure to get it working.


Online shopping is more popular than ever, and in many nations, it has overtaken in-person shopping for many common purchases. Honey is taking full advantage of big data crunching, and working to save its users as much as possible.

While the app isn’t perfect, it is 100% free. You don’t have to pay in order to save, which is a winning deal. You can install Honey and start saving on your next online shopping spree, and decide if the app is a good fit for you.

Overall Honey is a good app for anyone that does a lot of online shopping, and it is amazing that it is free. If you also do shopping in-person, you may want to check out other apps that help you to get rewards from physical shopping.

Saving money is the same as making it, and you can put all the money you save towards your retirement or a nice vacation. It has never been easier to get the discounts that you deserve, and Honey is helping to make that possible!

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Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • Free to Use
  • Saves you time & money
  • Regular updates
  • Supports lots of online stores


  • Some coupons have expired
  • Can be unstable at times

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