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Survey Junkie Review: Earn Money for Taking Surveys, Is it Legit?

Earn Money & Rewards by taking surveys with the Survey Junkie app, Read our review to find out everything you need to know with Pros & Cons
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If you’re here reading this review, then it’s likely that you’re looking to earn a bit of extra cash on the side, all from within the comfort of your own home. While this is entirely possible these days, you have to be cautious. Ultimately, the internet is full of websites that claim to be able to earn you thousands of dollars per week. However, most of these are nothing but a scam.

The good news for you is that Survey Junkie is no such company. They’ve been operational for the best part of 14 years now, meaning they’ve got an excellent reputation in the online survey space. On the other hand, you certainly won’t get rich using Survey Junkie, nor will you make enough money to quit your job.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in making a bit of extra money in your free time, then it’s well worth seeing what the platform has to offer.

Before you get started with Survey Junkie, it is well worth spending the time reading our comprehensive review first. Within it, we’ll cover everything from how the process works, who is eligible to join, and perhaps, most importantly – how much money you are likely to make.

Before we delve into the fundamentals, let’s take a brief look at who Survey Junkie actually is.

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Who is Survey Junkie?

Launched in 2005 and based in California, Survey Junkie is a third-party platform that facilitates online surveys from the general public. In return for spending the time filling out surveys, the company pays you a small remuneration fee.

We have included Survey Junkie in our recommend top companies, view the full list here.

With a track record that now exceed 14 years, Survey Junkie has since attracted more than 6 million members. Their reputation as a legitimate survey company is further highlighted in the public domain.

They have more than 100,000 Facebook Likes, and a Trust Pilot score of 8.6/10. Survey Junkie is somewhat different from some of the more popular survey sites in operation, not least because they don’t actually issue the surveys themselves.

Survey Junkie Website

On the contrary, Survey Junkie instead point you in the direction of other platforms. As a result, Survey Junkie act as a middleman between you and the company that wants your data. Although at first glance this might sound untoward, Survey Junkie has followed this model successfully since their launch in 2005.

So now that you know who Survey Junkie is, in the next section of our guide we are going to explore how the survey process actually works.

Survey Junkie: How Does the Sign Up Process Work?

When you first head over to the Survey Junkie homepage, click on the big green button that says “JOIN NOW”. If you don’t have the link handy, you can go straight there by clicking here .

Just for signing up, you’ll earn 25 Survey Junkie points.

Account Signup

You will also need to verify your email address, which you can do by clicking on the link that Survey Junkie sends to your inbox. In doing so, you’ll earn yourself an additional 20 points. It is also worth taking the Survey Junkie website tour, as this will net you an additional 5 points. This takes your initial starting balance to 50 points. We’ll explain the points system in more detail further down.

NOTE: The points that you are awarded when you first register an account can vary. Survey Junkie regularly change this, however, at the time of writing the above is accurate.

Once you go through the quick and easy registration process, you then have the ability to start taking surveys. However, it is highly recommended that you first set up your profile to increase your chances of getting more surveys.


Completing Your User Profile

The key point here is that the surveys offered on the platform are not available to everyone. For instance, if the third party company that is paying for the survey wants data from those that have a strong passion for travel, they’ll want to ensure that they only get information from relevant participants.

As such, you’ll have the opportunity the answer a range of questions when you first sign up.

This is split into seven key categories, which we’ve listed below.

  • General Profile
  • Technology Profile
  • Shopping Profile
  • Health Profile
  • Household Profile
  • Interests Profile
  • Travel Profile

It is well worth spending the time completing all of the above categories to maximize the number of surveys you can take. Moreover, you’ll be awarded 50 additional points just for taking part.

Some information that the platform asks you for is quite personal, such as information pertaining to your medical history or household income. However, Survey Junkie claim that while your information is shared with third parties to determine whether or not you are eligible for the survey, the third party companies do not know that the information is linked to your personal identity.

Complete Profile

You should never attempt to provide the platform with false information with the view of increasing your survey eligibility. In fact, this would be a pointless exercise, not least because there is no sure-fire way of knowing what metrics the platform is looking for. While some surveys might be looking for those with household incomes of surplus $100,000, others might be looking for low-income family members.

The Points System

Before you go through the process of taking surveys with Survey Junkie, it is important that you have a firm understanding of how the points system works. In a nutshell, every time you complete a survey, you will be awarded a fixed number of points. The overarching aim is to accumulate enough points so that you are eligible to make a withdrawal with real-world cash.

In its most basic form, 1 Survey Junkie point amounts to $0.01. For example, if you take a survey that awards you 150 points, you will make $1.50 in earnings. As such, if we were to take the 100 points you got for registering, confirming your email address, taking the virtual tour, and completing your user profile, this would transition into $1.


Now, while we appreciate that this is nothing to write home about, you need to remember that the platform has millions of users. It wouldn’t be viable for Survey Junkie to pay new users large sums just for signing up. As a result, you’ll increase your earning potential by taking as many surveys as possible.

Although we’ll cover the cashing out process in more detail further down in our review, you’ll need to accumulate a total of 1,000 Survey Junkie points before you can make a withdrawal. At 1 point per cent, this amounts to a minimum withdrawal of $10.

Survey Junkie: How Do Surveys Actually Work?

In terms of the finding surveys to take, this comes in two main forms. Firstly, you can head over to your account area and see what surveys are currently available. These will either be surveys that everyone is eligible to take, or alternatively, tailored specifically for you based on the information you provided during the set-up process.  

The other way that you can access surveys is via the platform’s invite-only system. This is where third-party companies look for specific participants based on certain metrics, such as your age, location, or income. If you are invited to one of these surveys, then you’ll receive an email explaining the details.

This is why it is important to use your primary email address when you register with Survey Junkie, as most of the invite-only surveys have a maximum number of participants that they will accept.

Regardless of which survey you decide to take, Survey Junkie will always state how many points you are likely to earn. This gives you the opportunity to determine whether or not the survey is viable, based on the anticipated time-frame.

How many points does each survey pay?

In terms of how many points you will earn per survey, this can vary quite significantly. For example, when we first signed up to the platform ourselves, we took a survey on Celebrity new stories.

All that was required was for us to answer a range of multiple choice questions based on which news story we found most interesting. As the old saying goes, a trained monkey could have completed this with ease, not least because there are no right or wrong answers. For our efforts, we were paid just 50 points, which equates to $0.50.

On the other hand, we also completed a 200 points survey on our attitudes on financial investments. In a nutshell, we were asked a plethora of questions such as the types of assets we would prefer to invest in, what our attitudes to risk were, whether or not we would use an online stock broker, and how much money we had invested ourselves over the past 12 months.

This particular survey took us in the region of 20 minutes to complete, while the previously mentioned Celebrity news survey took just 5 minutes.

If we were to use the financial investment survey as a case example, our 200 points, or $2, would have amounted to an hourly income of $6. However, you could equally take a Survey Junkie survey that takes 30 minutes to complete that pays just 60 points ($0.60). This would amount to an hourly rate that equates to just $1.20.

How can I increase the number of surveys I am offered?

There appears to be quite a disparity in the number of surveys that people are offered on the Survey Junkie platform. Upon browsing through the various online forums discussing the platform, it appears that some users are given significantly more opportunities to take surveys than others.

On the one hand, your eligibility to receive more survey invitations will ultimately be down to your specific user profile. There is no way of knowing what details each third party company is looking for, so it’s likely that demand will go through peaks and troughs.

However, we are also of the opinion that the Survey Junkie algorithm takes into account the number of surveys that you complete. If the algorithm deems that you are taking too many surveys, it is possible that you will be penalized by the system. This is likely to prevent you from trying to get through as many surveys as possible, with Survey Junkie assuming that you will not provide true and honest data. After all, its third-party partners are paying real-world money for reliable and accurate data that they can then use for their own business needs.


On the other hand, we are also confident that Survey Money penalizes users that do not take enough surveys. The platform gives preference to those that remain active on the platform long-term. This is specifically tied-in with invite-only surveys, because they want to ensure that they have enough eligible participants on the system to meet the survey’s quota.

With that being said, this makes it ultra-challenging to know just how many surveys to actually take. Nevertheless, what you can do to increase your chances of being offered more surveys is to ensure that the information you provide is accurate.

If you provide conflicting information across multiple surveys, then the Survey Junkie algorithm will pick up on this and likely penalize you. One such example would be to state in one survey that you have travelled to 15 countries in the past five years, and in another, state that you’ve only visited one.

Qualifier questions on Survey Junkie

When we initially took some Survey Junkie surveys ourselves, we encountered a few occasions where we had to answer some qualifier questions.  Upon answering 3-5 qualifying questions, we were then told that we were not eligible to take the survey. Although this was somewhat frustrating, we were still awarded a small number of points for taking part. Although this can vary from survey-to-survey, we were awarded 3 points on each occasion.

Once again, in order to ensure that you are only providing true and accurate information, there is no way of knowing what the qualifying questions are looking for. If you did, then it would allow you to answer the questions in the way that you thought Survey Junkie wanted, with the view of moving on to the actual survey itself.

The good news is that you won’t need to engage in a qualifying round for all of the Survey Junkie surveys, as some surveys are open to all of its users. Furthermore, if you receive an invite-only survey via email, then you won’t need to answer any qualifying questions, as you’ve been invited based on your personal profile.

How Does the Pay-Out Process Work at Survey Junkie?

When it comes to turning your Survey Junkie points into real-world cash, you will need to ensure that you have a minimum balance of 1,000 points, which amounts to $10. You can’t make partial withdrawals either. For example, if you reach 1,000 points, you can’t make a small withdrawal of 500 points. On the other hand, if you have a balance of 2,000 points and you only want to take out 1,000 points, this is allowed.

In comparison to other survey platforms, this is a good move from Survey Junkie, as we often come across sites that install a minimum withdrawal $50 – sometimes more. This makes it ultra-difficult to withdraw your earnings, as you’d need to take a significant number of surveys to actually cash-out.

Nevertheless, you potentially have two options when it comes to payment. First and foremost, all eligible Survey Junkie users will have the option of withdrawing their cash via PayPal. If you do choose to link up your PayPal account, the good news is that withdrawals are typically instant. In fact, as soon as we executed the withdrawal request, the funds were in our PayPal within less than 5 minutes.

The second option available to you is to exchange your Survey Junkie points for a gift card. You have a few options available to you, although most users opt for an Amazon gift card. You can only choose the gift card option if you are based in the U.S. Moreover, the gift card is sent to you via email, which takes slightly longer than the PayPal option. However, you should receive the gift card in less than a couple of days.


Does Survey Junkie Charge any Fees or Commissions?

Fully in-line with the main Survey Junkie mantra of “No scams. No fees. No lies”, the platform does not charge its users any fees. This is to be expected, not least because you are only able to earn very small amounts. Instead, Survey Junkie makes it money from the third party companies it partners with.

While the platform does not charge any fees or commissions to its users, it is important to note that you might encounter some fees when you withdraw funds via PayPal.

The amount you pay, if at all, will ultimately depend on the location that your PayPal account is linked to. As noted earlier, Survey Monkey is based in the U.S., meaning that if you’re located elsewhere in the world, you’ll likely need to pay some fees. This will be in the form of a transfer fee, as well as exchange fees if you do not use the U.S. dollar as your primary currency.

Who is Eligible to Use Survey Junkie?

At the time of writing, Survey Junkie is only available to users based in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. As such, if you’re located elsewhere, you won’t be able to join. We have read reports that some users have attempted to open an account by using a VPN, with the view of bypassing the country restrictions.

However, Survey Junkie are fully aware of this, so you should not make an attempt to beat the system. In fact, Survey Junkie state if you are found to breach its jurisdictional terms, then your account will be suspended and you will not be paid for the work you completed. It remains to be seen if Survey Junkie will support additional countries in the near future.

The only other condition that you need to be made aware of it that all Survey Junkie users must be at least 13 years of age. This is good, as it allows those under the age of 18 to earn additional flows of income in a safe and secure environment. Moreover, some surveys are tailored specifically to teenagers, so there is plenty of opportunities to make money.

How do I Contact Survey Junkie?

There might be the odd occasion where you need to contact the customer service team at Survey Junkie. This might be because you haven’t been credited for a survey you took, or there is a delay in receiving your withdrawn funds.

The only way that you can contact Survey Junkie is via the online contact form. Take note, Survey Junkie explain that you might not receive a response for 5-7 working days. This is pretty poor, however, it’s somewhat understandable when you consider that Survey Junkie has a very small team that is responsible for over 6 million users.

If your question or concern is not linked to points or payment issues, then you should find the answer you need on the FAQ page. In fact, we found that the help center is highly extensive, with most queries covered.

Survey Junkie Review: The Verdict?

In summary, Survey Junkie does exactly what it says on the tin. While it is true that you won’t get rich by using the platform, nor will you earn enough to make a full-time income, Survey Junkie is great if you’re looking to earn a bit of extra cash. The main selling point is that you can do this from the comfort of your own home, and you don’t need any prior skills or experience to take part.

Most importantly, Survey Junkie always pays its users on time, and we find that they are very transparent with what they ask of you.

The only gripe that we have with the platform is that it is really difficult to receive a speedy response from the customer support team, with an average reply-time of 5-7 working days.

Survey Junkie


Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • Easy to Use
  • $10 Minimum Cashout
  • PayPal Cashout
  • 100% Legit


  • Not Available in All Countries
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