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20 of The Most Fun Jobs That Pay Well: Complete Guide

Are you bored with your job? Then take a look at some fun jobs that can pay extremely well and decide if a career change is right for you!
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Eventually, most adults have to go to work. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t like their job. Finding a career that’s inspiring and progresses you as a person is a lucky blessing in life that many never get the pleasure of experiencing.

When you find a job or career you love, your vocation becomes a vacation. We put together this list of 20-fun jobs that pay well. Break free of the rat race and start following the career of your dreams.

  1. Author

Average salary – $62,000 per annum.

Do you dream of being a writer? The thought of being an established author is a thrill. Spending your days lost in thought as you stare out over a landscape for inspiration. Authors work from anywhere in the world where they can plug in their laptops. The freedom of being a writer makes the job well worth the creative effort required.

As a writer or author, you can pen novels, or you can write for magazines and other publications. Becoming a guest columnist at a leading international magazine can earn you a healthy living. Authors of best-selling novels can demand millions in advances on their books. E.L James, author of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” is reported to have netted $150-million in book sales and movie rights.

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  1. Fire Fighter

Average salary – $76,800 per annum.

If you have a courageous streak, and you like living on the edge, why not sign up to be a firefighter. The rush of adrenaline you get on the job will sure beat sitting behind a desk. Firefighters are risk-takers, and it’s not surprising to see that UFC heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic, is a firefighter by trade.

To become a firefighter, you’ll have to spend years in training and as part of a dynamic team. Later in your career, you might even make it to the prestigious position of a fire chief, netting you a hefty annual salary with excellent perks.

Police Officer & Firefighter

  1. Cruise Entertainer

Average wages – $18.17 an hour

If you like the thought of going on a never-ending vacation, then think about signing up for work as a cruise ship entertainer. However, the life of an entertainer onboard a cruise vessel is plenty of hard work, especially in the evenings. If you’re part of a band or an act that people enjoy, you can expect to receive an excellent salary.

As a bonus, most cruise liner entertainers only work in the evenings. You get your days free to wander around exotic locations or relax in your cabin. Most entertainers work on a three to six-month contract, allowing you to travel in-between gigs.

  1. Personal Trainer

Average salary – $39,000 per annum.

If you like to watch people improve and make a difference in their lives on a physical level, then a personal trainer is your ideal vocation. Personal trainers spend their days hanging around the gym, coaching clients. PT’s do require specialized knowledge in exercise and training, but they don’t always need a diploma.

The highest-paid personal trainers spend their lives building a reputation in the fitness industry. Eventually, after years of hard work, they might receive a client that connects them to wealthy friends and Hollywood stars. These trainers make a killing, but it’s not always the case.

Most personal trainers need to build their client base and keep nurturing it over the years to ensure their schedule stays full. However, it’s possible to make a good living as a trainer, and you get the added benefit of working out all day long.

  1. Audio Engineer

Average salary – $52,000 per annum.

Do you have a passion for working with music and audio systems? If so, then your ideal job could be as an audio engineer. These professionals earn a good wage, and it’s possible to get a starting salary of over $40,000 per annum. Experienced individuals may go on to earn up to $65,000 per annum.

Some colleges offer courses on audio engineering, but for the most part, it’s a self-taught industry. You’ll find that the entertainment industry is your biggest employer, and you’ll have to set up the audio systems for live sporting events, concerts, and theatres.

Transcription Jobs

  1. Brewmaster

Average salary – $47,500 per annum.

Do you love drinking beer? Why not consider a career as a brewmaster? Brewmasters don’t spend their days at the bar getting drunk. They use their palettes to taste beers before they get sent to the market. Most brewmasters will spit out the beer after sampling a batch.

The job involves testing new recipes, staying updated on brewing processes, understanding equipment and how to maintain it, as well as networking in the community. You’ll need to attend industry events, and travel across the country if you work for an international brand.

  1. Stunt Performer

Average wages – Around $900+ per day.

Every movie star relies on an experienced stunt double during action scenes in movies. If you live a daredevil lifestyle, and you don’t mind taking outlandish risks for the fun of it, then try out as a stunt double. This job is loads of fun, and you won’t be able to contain your excitement in the mornings as you drive to work.

However, performing hazardous stunts for a living does require a specific type of personality. Putting your life on the line every time you go to work can be a distressing experience if you don’t know how to deal with the pressure of the situation.

  1. Commercial Airline Pilot

Average salary –  $115,000 per annum.

Taking to the skies as a commercial airline pilot is the dream of many young people. It may surprise you to learn that there is a dramatic shortage of airline pilots across the globe. New candidates must make it through university, attend flight school, and complete the required mandatory flight hours. If you manage to earn your wings, you’ll find it easy to land a job with the airlines.

You earn more as a commercial pilot flying for an international airline. However, if you have a family, then this may leave you away from home for large parts of the year. Choosing to work for a local carrier pays less, but you get more quality time with your family.

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  1. Fashion Designer

Average salary – $72,000 per annum.

If you enjoy paging through the fashion magazines, and you believe you have an eye for style, you could make it as a fashion designer. Most aspiring fashion designers start their careers working for one of the more prominent name brands.

Throughout your career, you’ll progress up the food chain until you reach the position of a senior fashion designer with a firm. This stage is when you get to control fashion lines and make huge money. Leave the company an found your brand with the experience you gain during your career.

  1. Park Ranger

Average salary – $61,300 per annum.

Do you love the great outdoors? If you want to spend your days chasing around wild animals and hiking through the park’s terrain, then apply to be a park ranger. The National Parks Board is always looking for new talent, and you could launch a successful career with plenty of benefits.

  1. Ethical Hacker

Average salary – $98,350 per annum.

If computers are your game, and coding is your passion, then why not apply to be an ethical hacker? Some leading tech companies employ hackers to check on the site’s system vulnerabilities. Companies actively recruit these individuals, or they enter contests to take down security systems, with cash prizes on offer.

Some hackers work with private companies that offer their services to other larger tech firms. If you make it as an ethical hacker, your curiosity will never be discouraged on the job.

  1. Professional Athlete

Average salary – $50,650 per annum.

As kids, most of us dream about growing up to be a famous sports star. The lifestyle of wealth and excess, along with public admiration, is a dream job for millions around the world. However, very few people make it to the professional level of their chosen sport.

Still, if you are one of the lucky few to make it in this world, then you can look forward to millions of dollars in contract fees over your career.

Professional Athlete

  1. Marine Biologist

Average salary – $63,000 per annum.

If your passion is working with the ocean and the creatures that inhabit the vast watery expanse, then a job as a marine biologist is right up your alley. Marine biologists can work locally or travel. You’ll have to perform tasks like dissecting animals, monitoring environments, and working with species from all levels of the marine food chain.

  1. Personal Shopper

Average salary – $100,000 per annum.

If you love hanging out at the mall and looking at the latest fashion, then consider a job as a professional shopping assistant. Celebrities and executives often don’t have the time to spend trekking around a mall trying on new outfits. The inconvenience of shopping is where you come into the picture. As a professional shopper, you’re responsible for keeping your clients looking fabulous in the latest fashion trends.

  1. Food Critic

Average salary – $79,100 per annum.

People rely on food critics to let them know where to eat on a night out. Some food critics, such as those that comment in publications like “The New Yorker,” can command high salaries. However, as a newbie, you’re likely to earn a decent living for your work. As a bonus, you get the best treatment at all the restaurants around town.

  1. Chocolatier

Average salary – $40,400 per annum.

We don’t know about you, but this has to be our dream job. As a chocolatier, you get to spend your days working with chocolate! Make molds and designs with chocolate, and come up with new recipes. Manage production processes and ensure quality control is on point. A career as a chocolatier is hard work, but it’s rewarding.

  1. Supercar Driving Instructor

Average salary – $120,000 per annum.

If you feel the need – the need, for speed, then a career as a supercar driving instructor will leave you with a smile on your face every day of the working week. First-time supercar owners require coaching and instruction before they take their million-dollar car out on the road. As an instructor, you need to give them the confidence they need behind the wheel. Your days involve practical and theoretical coaching sessions, and you get to drive some amazing cars as well.

  1. Voice Actor

Average salary – $91,000 per annum.

If you have an exceptional voice that turns heads, then sign up to be a voice actor. Working in this profession means that you only need to use your voice. As a result, you can work from home in your studio. Do character voices for films and TV or complete voice-overs in documentaries or adverts.

  1. Professional Video Gamer

Average wages – Up to $15,000 per hour.

Why not make a living from your Xbox obsession? Professional video gamers can make millions of dollars if they reach the top tier of the profession. The recent winner of the world Fortnite championships won a prize of $3-million, but he had to beat out 40-million other competitors to win.

  1. Youtuber

Salary – Up to $100-million per year.

Start a YouTube channel, meet the monetization requirements set by the platform, and you’re on your way to making money. Whether you choose to produce vlogs, whiteboard videos, or entertainment, life as a YouTuber is a dream. You get to spend your days creating videos and get paid for the pleasure.

The biggest channel on YouTube, PewDiePie, made more than $9-million in advertising money from YouTube last year. Popular podcaster, Joe Rogan, is said to earn upwards of $30,000 per show.

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The Final Thought – Follow Your Passion

There are hundreds of other fun jobs out there, looking for people to fill positions. If you follow your passion, you’re more likely to experience success in your career. You might start a home business selling products or working online.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you enjoy doing every day.

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