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Which are the Highest Paying Jobs Which Pay $100k+

Getting a job that pays an annual salary of over $100,000 is the benchmark for success, find out which jobs actually pay that sum.
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If you’re one of the 3.7-million high school leavers or part of the 3.9-million graduating college in 2019, then 2020 is your opportunity to enter the workforce.

Most newbies to the workplace have the dream of landing a job that pays them a fantastic salary. In the world of employment, getting a job that pays an annual salary of over $100,000 is the benchmark for success.

People in this earning bracket are in the top 28-percent of households in America, and they have a far more comfortable way of life than those struggling to make a living.

Many people are under the impression that you need a college education to land a high-paying job. However, there are plenty of opportunities available to earn a high salary, even if you only made it through high school.

We put together this list of high paying jobs available in 2020. If you find an occupation that you think you may enjoy, then make the arrangements to chase your goal and land the high-paying job of your dreams.

High Paying Jobs without College Degree

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1. Computer Programmer

With the success of big tech founding new markets online, there is more demand for computer programmers than at any other point in history. People that can code are valuable employees, and if you’re good at your job, then you can expect a tech conglomerate to snap you up quickly.

The average salary for coding is around $134,000, but some individuals can command two or four times that amount depending on their skill level. Coders spend extended periods at their workstations, and the expectations by employers are high. Many coders lead very stressful lives, but their personality suits the pressure of the situation, and they are comfortable with 20-hour workdays.

The demand for qualified coders is astounding. You might not need any qualifications to join the industry if you have a high level of skill. However, most tech firms require you to have a diploma in IT or computer languages.

2. Web Developer or Designer

Professionals that modify or build websites are also in high demand in the workplace. As the digital age advances, more businesses and individuals are going online every day. Most people that want to start a website have no clue on how to design and build a site. Instead, they rely on professional web developers to assist them in getting their company or brand into the online realm.

Most developers attend college to understand the complexities of website architecture and design. However, there are plenty of self-taught web designers that are every bit as talented as those with qualifications. If you’re getting started with web design, and you don’t plan on going to college, then try to acquire an apprenticeship.

You may not earn much when getting started. However, as your experience and expertise build, you can expect other companies to headhunt you for your talents. If you secure a web design job with a leading company, you can expect to make an annual salary of around $124,000 or more.

3. Commercial Pilot

If it’s your dream to take to the skies as an airline pilot, then you could earn a salary of more than $160,000 per year. Commercial airlines require you to have a degree in the aviation industry to apply for a position as a pilot.

Aspiring pilots also need to complete a comprehensive training source that involves several modules. Flight school is a part of the requirement, and you can expect it to take you two years to gain your certification as a qualified pilot. After certification, you’ll need to log at least 250-hours of flight time.

People who are exiting the military, and spent their service flying choppers or planes can apply for a pilot’s license without a degree. Most airlines accept pilots that have some experience flying commercially for the armed forces, provided that they attend a course to learn the specifics of commercial flight.

There is a massive shortage of pilots at the moment, and if you receive your qualification, you can expect to get a job without any hassle.

4. Sales Representative

Your parents probably told you that the only way to making plenty of money was to go to college and get a degree. While many of the occupations mentioned in this list are for college graduates only, there are a few that don’t require any college education.

Doctors and lawyers earn a bundle, but they spend over 7-years in college and residency to reach a point where they start making big money. Apart from these professionals, there are only a handful of other jobs that can gross you a salary above the $100,000-mark.

Sales Consultant

Sales are one of these jobs. Typically, sales reps work on commission. If you find a product that costs a fortune and offers decent commissions, you could be on your way to making a fortune. For example, if you get a job selling cellphones, you can’t expect to earn much money. However, if you get a job selling Lear private jets, then you could make millions every year.

Great salespeople receive training from mentors that make them masters of the sales transaction. These professionals learn the art of opening, qualifying, presenting, and closing a deal. Every company in the world needs salespeople, but very few salespeople are performers. If you land a job with a sales company, you could expect a starting salary of $116,000 or more, depending on the industry.

5. Real Estate Agent

If you have a natural flair for dealing with people, then why not give being a real estate agent a go for your career? Real estate agents don’t require any university degree. All you need is to take a licensing exam that’s easy to study for, and the test is designed to help you pass, rather than to trip you up.

After certification, you can buy, sell, and rent real estate in your state. Real estate agents can earn a salary of $112,000 or more, depending on the market they operate in and the deals they close. For instance, selling single-family homes in Wisconsin is not going to yield you the same commissions as in Bell Air.

Real Estate Broker

Being a real estate agent requires hard work to succeed. Many new agents go nowhere with the job because they cannot market themselves and sell listings. If you’re intending on becoming a real estate agent, invest in yourself and study a sales training program.

6. Financial Trader

If you have a knack for the financial markets, and you can’t stop watching Bloomberg, then you could have a career as a financial trader. Traders scour the markets every day, looking for opportunities to make money.

Many financial firms have large trading desks, and there are plenty of proprietary trading firms that are willing to take on new traders as well. In most cases, you’ll need a degree in finance to secure the job, but some institutions will take on traders with no degree.

Traders rely on different strategies in their approach to the markets. Some sell commodities, while others invest in equities or trade the forex market. Whatever your expertise and strategy, there is room to make money. Most traders receive massive bonuses at year-end, which sometimes can be triple their salary. Starting salaries for traders are at an average of $112,000 with additional performance bonuses.

7. Air Traffic Controller

If you watched the movie “Pushing Tin,” then you understand the basics of what it takes to be an air traffic controller. In the film, John Cusack plays Nick Falzone, a gung-ho air traffic controller that’s good at his job. He receives competition from Billy Bob Thornton, a new controller from out of town.

In the movie, Cusack gets a near-collision warning and loses his nerve behind the radar. Being an air traffic controller requires you to have nerves of steel. You also need to make critical decisions quickly. It’s for this reason that air traffic controllers don’t need a college degree. Instead, they spend years in training school to reach a level where they are proficient at the task of directing air traffic.

Air traffic controllers work short shifts to keep them alert. They also undergo frequent toxin screening to ensure they are not under the influence of drugs or liquor at work. If you qualify as an air traffic controller, you can expect to earn a salary of around $1200,000 or more.

8. Detective or Criminal Investigator

If you spent your youth watching true crime episodes, and have a penchant for solving crimes, then a detective could be your ideal occupation. Private investigators and special detectives are in high demand across the United States and the world. These individuals spend their days following people around and digging through people’s lives to find evidence.

If you have a natural aptitude for sniffing out lies and deception, then you could do well as a private investigator. Most PIs have a starting salary of $138,000 or more. Typically, most private investigators don’t need to go to college to get a shot at earning a living as a full-time PI.

However, you’ll need to apply for the police academy. Many investigators get their foot in the door at a private investigation form because they have a police background.

9. Editor or Writer

Do you have complete command over the English language? If so, you could have a promising career as a writer. There are millions of writing jobs available, but most of them only offer an average pay package. However, if you find a job at a top publication, you could land an annual salary that’s over $121,000.

Writers need to make deadlines, and they also need to have a clear understanding of how to present ideas to others through the written word. In most cases, writing for a living at a top publication requires you to have a degree in English. However, it’s possible to start your writing career with another firm and gain experience.

When you have the knowledge and experience behind you, you can move on to another job that pays far more for your writing skills.

10. Marketing Manager

Companies rely on marketing to bring their products and services into the public view. Marketing managers are responsible for coordinating marketing efforts, and they manage a team. As a marketing manager, you’ll need to attend college to receive a degree in business or marketing to qualify for the job.

Marketing managers have excellent compensation packages, with some managers grossing more than $147,000 per annum. Marketing is the key to expanding a company’s bottom line and acquiring market share. Therefore, it’s no surprise that these individuals have high salaries.

11. CPA

Every business requires the help of a CPA to manage their accounting. CPAs typically go to college for four years and then spend another two or three years doing their articles for other companies. After qualifying as a CPA, you won’t have much trouble finding a job. The world of finance and businesses continues to grow, even in today’s slowing economic climate.

Accountants are crucial for businesses. Without a CPA on your side, you’ll never have an understanding of your numbers. Therefore, if you have a knack for dealing with figures, and your grades at school are fantastic, then try applying for an accounting degree after you leave high school.

CPAs are among some of the highest-paid professionals in the world. The average starting salary for a CPS is $122,000, and you can expect that to increase as you gain experience.

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The Final Thought – Become a Professional

Looking through this list can leave you feeling more confused than ever about your employment prospects in the future. The key to finding a high-paying job that you enjoy is to work with your natural aptitudes and talents.

If you have a natural affinity for numbers, then you’ll probably do well as an accountant, and you should pursue this course of study. However, if you are only going to accounting school to satisfy the request of your parents, then you probably won’t cut it in the real world.

Whatever vocation you choose, make it align with your interests. This strategy allows you to choose a job that you’ll love going to every day.


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