Joe Rogan Net Worth: Multi-Millionaire Comedian & Number 1 Podcaster

Joe Rogan’s net worth is an estimated $40+ million - read on as we take a closer look at his finances, top quotes and how he earned his fortune.
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If you’re reading this article, then the chances are that you’re one of the millions of subscribers of the “Joe Rogan Experience” on Spotify. Not only does Joe have the most influential and most-viewed podcast of all time, but he also has numerous other talents as well.

Born on August 11, 1967, in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Joe Rogan spent much of his youth moving around the United States with his family. He claims his family moved from New Jersey to Boston, then to San Francisco, and back to Boston. It’s clear that his parents moved around a lot – but for what reason, we don’t know.

Today, Joe is a successful entertainer, media icon, and businessman, with an estimated net worth of around $120-million, with a large increase due to his deal with Spotify to bring his podcast to their platform.

However, life wasn’t all roses and stacks of cash for the comic. Ask any of his friends, and they’ll tell you Joe is the hardest working person they know.

“Someone else’s success does not equal failure for you.” – Joe Rogan

However, Joe says that he doesn’t work in the traditional sense of the word. He enjoys doing what he does, and it’s his passion for life, comedy, and his family and friends that led him to success – that and a ton of hard work.

Joe Rogan: The Facts

Net Worth:$120  Million
📆 DOB:August 11, 1967
🌎 Country of Origin:United States of America
💲 Source of Wealth:Broadcaster, Comedian, Podcast Host
✅ Updated:2023

Joe Rogan the Martial Artist

If you spend time listening to the JRE, then one theme becomes apparent. While Joe does goof around with his friends and enjoys a good laugh, he believes in the power of commitment and responsibility.

Rogan claims that he learned the value of discipline, determination, and dedication from his formative years as a martial artist. Joe studied Tae-Kwon Do, a Korean martial art, in his teens and early twenties.

He had success as a competitive athlete in the sport, and there’s a video of him on YouTube knocking out a fellow competitor with a spinning head kick at a tournament.

However, after hanging up his Tae Kwon Do gi, he moved onto training in Muay Thai kickboxing. After a few years of training, he left the sport, citing that he couldn’t take the damage to his head from the hard sparring in the class.

Martial Artist
Joe Rogan trains like a Fighter, Image Source

He then went onto study the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, with his friend and mentor, and Jiu-Jitsu legend Jean Jacques Machado.

While studying with Jacques, Joe met his life-long friend, Eddie Bravo – founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, and the only man to ever beat a Gracie in an ADCC jiu-jitsu tournament. Joe ended up earning his black belt in the sport from both Machado and Bravo.

Today, at 52-years old, Joe no longer practices jiu-jitsu, due to a slew of neck and back injuries. However, this doesn’t stop him from working out like a madman.

In the “Sober October Challenge” between him and his friends, Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer, and Tom Segura, Joe posted regularly about how he would work out for 8 to 12-hours a day, all because he wanted to beat his friends.

It’s safe to safe that Joe has a very competitive nature, and that’s one of the keys to his success.

Joe Rogan the Comic

Joe mentions that he’s a pool player and enjoyed the game throughout his youth, and he still likes a game of 9-ball to this day. However, his real passion in life is stand-up comedy. Joe is a successful comic, and if you haven’t seen any of his Netflix specials, then you’re missing out on some top-quality comedy.

Joe started his journey in stand-up comedy in the 1980s, inspired by his idols Richard Pryor and Sam Kinison. His rise to fame took plenty of hard work, but Joe is not like other comics. Most comics have a lonely lifestyle, not so with Joe.

He and a few close friends, like Brian Redban and Ari Shaffir, founded the “Death Squad,” and as Joe’s rise to fame accelerated, he made sure that the world took note of his friends as well.

Stand Up
Joe doing stand up in his Netflix special, Image Source

Today, Joe is friends with some of the most influential stand-up comics to ever take the modern stage. Joey Diaz, who Joe rates as the funniest person alive, along with other legends like Ari Shaffir, and Matt Dillon, take to the stage multiple times each month to entertain crowds across the country.

Joe thinks that comedy is his first love, with podcasting a close second.

Joe Rogan & Weed

After meeting Eddie Bravo, Joe Rogan tried pot for the first time. Eddie accounts that Joe was initially biased against using the drug. However, after persistent badgering to get Joe to smoke it, Rogan eventually caved to Bravo’s request.

It was love at first joint for Joe, and he dived head-first into marijuana culture, becoming one of the most vocal proponents in the media for the use of marijuana. However, recently, Joes changed his position on the drug, and he now believes that marijuana isn’t for everyone.

Joe also appeared in the controversial movie, “the Spirit Molecule,” where he talks about the benefits of using the powerful psychedelic drug, DMT. Joe still advocates for the drug on his podcast, and he believes his experience with the drug changed his life.


Joe Rogan – Fear factor Host

Joe got his break in acting with the 90s smash hit, News Radio,” where he played the part of radio station electrician, Joe Garrelli. However, he’s most known for his role as the host of the show, “Fear Factor.” Joe stared in the show for 148-episodes between 2001 to 2006.

He rates Fear Factor as his biggest waste of time, and in the final days of the show, he admits he was scared that the executives planning the show’s stunts were only a show or two away from getting someone killed.

Joe admits that he experienced a tremendous amount of relief when the network eventually canceled the show.

Joe Rogan – UFC Commentator

In the late 1990s. Joe’s friend, and jiu-jitsu innovator, Eddie Bravo, took Joe along to a UFC event to watch the fights. Joe is a huge fan of MMA due to his days as a martial artist, and his jiu-jitsu training jumped at the chance to attend the show.

After meeting the event’s organizer, and CEO, Dana White, Dana convinced Joe to start commentating on the company’s shows.

Joe was reluctant to start the gig, claiming that initially, all he wanted to do was have a drink with his friends, and watch the fights. However, he agreed to the position, and he’s spent more than 20-years as the voice of the UFC during fights and weigh-ins.

Recently, he’s removed himself from any obligations to call fights outside of the U.S, claiming that he doesn’t have the time or the energy to follow the company in its international events. Still, that doesn’t’ stop him from interviewing the top names in the sport on his “MMA Show.”


Joe Rogan – Businessman

In 2010, Joe founded “Onnit” with his friend, Aubrey Marcus. The company specializes in providing a range of top-quality supplements. Joe loved promoting his favorite flagship supplement, “Alpha Brain,” and cognitive enhancer, on his podcast.

The company still operates today and is showing promising growth, with Onnit sponsoring professional athletes in various sports. Joe has a passion for athletic performance and supplementation, and he practices what he preaches.

Rogan has a wealth of knowledge on sports training, nutrition, and supplementation, and he interviews some of the leading people in the field, including the likes of Dr. Rhonda Patrick, and Chris Kresser.

Joe Rogan – Hunter

A few years ago, Joe watched a documentary about factory farming practices and found himself disgusted at the way the industrial food system, raises and slaughters animals for mass consumption.

While he still enjoys the odd in-n-out burger and a slice of pizza, he prefers to eat a healthy diet. It was through understanding the horrors of factory farming that he decided to start hunting for his family’s meat.

Joe enjoys getting out onto public land on hunting trips with his friends like Cameron Hanes and Shane Dorian. He claims that by shooting one elk with his bow, he gets over 400-lbs of meat from the carcass, and that’s enough meat to feed his family and friends for almost an entire year.

The Joe Rogan Experience

While Joe will might not admit it, it was his podcast, the “Joe Rogan Experience,” that catapulted him to international fame. The podcast was originally an idea he had to sit around and chat with his friends.

However, as the popularity of the show started to grow, Joe found himself taking a more serious approach to the podcast, devoting more and more of his time to the show.

There was a definitive change in the theme of the show at around the #600-episode mark. Joe started getting famous people on the show, and his fame began to trend. Today, Joe and his talented broadcasting associate, “Young Jamie,” interview some of the most famous and interesting people on the planet.

Joe holds the record for the two most popular podcasts of all-time. One of the podcasts features his long-time friend, Alex Jones, the founder of Infowars.com, with the podcast generating over 16-million views on YouTube alone.

The other features Edward Snowden, the controversial whistleblower, with the podcast generating over 10-million views in less than a week.

In recent years, Joe and Young Jamie stepped up a gear, releasing an average of 4 to 5 podcasts a week, with no signs of slowing down. Some of the famous guests on his show include the likes of movie star Edward Norton, clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, politician Bernie Sanders, and the greatest boxer of all-time, Mike Tyson – to name only a few.

The podcast continues to grow from strength to strength, with Joe and Young Jamie racking up the views on the JRE and JRE clips channel.

How Much Does Joe Rogan Earn Per Podcast?

Joe does mention on his podcast that he’s earning plenty of money from the JRE advertising revenue. However, he remains elusive about his net worth and how much he makes for each show.

No-one but Joe and Jamie know how much they’re pulling in in advertising revenue from the podcast. However, that doesn’t stop people from speculating the numbers.

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Michael Bisping, former UFC middleweight champion and current UFC commentator, also has a podcast. On one of the episodes, Bisping claims that Joe must be earning around $75,000 per podcast. Other unofficial figures state that he’s earning between $30,000 to $50,000 per show, but there are no official figures o these amounts.

Bisping also fails to account for Rogan’s JRE Clips channel, which also rakes in millions of views per episode.

Considering that Joe and Young Jamie sometimes have up to 5-podcasts a week, that means that they could be raking in up to $375,000 a week on advertising revenue from YouTube. We imagine it’s probably a lot more when you add the JRE Clips channel, as well.

Joe started hitting the million-views per show mark regularly at around the 700th episode. We also note that around this time, the tipping point for the show’s popularity started with his interview of controversial freedom of speech advocate, Jordan Petersen.

Shortly after that, Joe had Gary Vaynerchuck on the show, the legendary social media marketer. However, it wasn’t until Movie Star Jamie Foxx appeared on episode #990, that Joe suddenly started booking A-listers regularly.

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What’s Joe Rogan’s Net Worth?

As mentioned, we could put Joe Rogan’s net worth at between $40-million to $100-million, or even more.

However, no-one but Joe will ever know, and he’s great at keeping his mouth shut on sensitive personal topics. Until today, Joe has yet to ever call his wife or children by their first names on his show, and he gives very little insight into his family life, and we can’t say that we blame him either.

Joe lives with his family in a $5-million home in Bells Canyon. He’s a car fanatic and loves American muscle cars.

He also has a Porsche GT2, and a Tesla, which he bought after having Elon Musk on episode #1169, one of the most controversial podcasts, where musk smokes a joint with Rogan on-air, resulting in the share of Tesla slipping over 10% the following day.

Joe Rogan’s Quotes

That’s my only goal. Surround myself with funny people, and make sure everyone has a good time and works hard.

If you can lie, you can act, and if you can lie to crazy girlfriends, you can act under pressure.

We’re constantly re-evaluating the potential for life. We’re finding it where we didn’t think it could exist, such as volcanic vents and other extreme conditions like under arctic ice. We’re finding life in these incredibly harsh and dynamic conditions, so we’re having to re-evaluate our own ideas of what’s possible on this planet alone.

No matter how civilized we are and how much society has curbed violent behavior. Human beings still have the same genes they had 10,000 years ago. Our bodies are designed to have a certain amount of physical stress and violence in them. We’re designed to run from jaguars and fight to defend our territory.

I don’t care if you’re gay, black, Chinese, straight. That means nothing to me. It’s all an illusion.


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