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Best Boiler Cover UK: We Compare All The Top Options

If you are looking for the best home boiler & heating cover in the UK, Take a look at our complete Guide to the Top options
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You and your family rely on the boiler in your home to keep warm during the winter months. There are a few ways to ensure that the boiler in your home keeps working, and finding the best boiler cover is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a backup plan for an unexpected boiler breakdown.

Servicing home appliances can be very expensive. A small problem with a boiler may be inexpensive to sort out, but bigger problems mean bigger bills. Some people have enough money saved up to pay for any unexpected situations with a home boiler, but many people simply don’t have the money they need to effectively deal with a boiler emergency.

Buying boiler cover is one of the easiest ways to make sure that your home boiler will get the repair it needs when there is a problem. There are a range of options for boiler cover on the market, and they all offer different services for your home boiler.

It is a very good idea to understand your boiler cover options, so you can make an informed decision about how you will ensure that your home’s heating system will stay operational. While buying boiler cover isn’t your only option, it is a great way to create a safety net for you and the ones you care about the most.

Best Boiler Cover: Know Your System

Buying boiler cover for your home boiler isn’t difficult. It is important to understand the terms and conditions of any insurance policy, and boiler cover is no different. You will need to know a little bit about the heating system in your home, as not every boiler cover will cover every single type of boiler that is installed across the UK.

Before you buy boiler cover, make sure to ask specific questions of the company, and then spend your money. Once you enter into the boiler cover contract you may not be able to receive a refund. Make sure that your boiler will get the right kind of coverage, so that when there is a problem (sorry to say, but a breakdown is inevitable), your home will be back to normal as soon as possible.

Does Boiler Cover Make Sense?

If you just can’t seem to save a lot of money every month, buying boiler cover is probably the best way to make sure that your home will have the care it needs to stay warm all winter. Even if you have the ability to save money, you may be better socking it away in a retirement account and just buying boiler cover.

Leaving money in a bank account doesn’t yield much these days, which makes holding cash savings for the proverbial ‘rainy day’ a little bit more difficult to justify. Boiler cover isn’t especially expensive, especially when compared to the amount of money you would need to have in order to deal with larger boiler problems.

Regardless of what your plan is, you will need to have some amount of money around for when problems arise. Boiler cover will make that amount of money smaller, but not eliminate it.

Top Options for Boiler Cover

Today, the number of companies that offer boiler cover is growing. All of the companies listed below will offer you something a little different, so it makes sense to consider each of them carefully.

Let’s have a look at some of the best options for boiler cover in the UK!


If you’re looking for comprehensive home care pretection, you can’t ignore HomeTree.

The company is a home care company that operates nationwide in mainland UK. It can protect all of your house including boiler, heating, plumbing and drains, depending on which kind of plans you choose.

HomeTree guarantees no price hike if you don’t make a callout. The company claims that 90% of their emergency callouts are fixed within 24 hours. It also provides a 24/7 emergency line for home problems, which ensures that you get assistance no matter what time of the day it is.

HomeTree Reviews

Its engineer team is also well suited for keeping your home working properly. You want to make sure that the people who are working on your home are well qualified to do their job, which is one area where HomeTree seems to shine.

HomeTree’s engineers can fix boilers of all ages and models. The company will also furnish you with an explanation for the problem which will be delivered in a simple and comprehensible way. With HomeTree, you will know what is happening with your boiler and also what they are doing to fix the issues.

In the event that the company can’t fix your problem, it will offer you 15% off to your new products.

HomeTree has a reputation for putting its focus on its customers. The company wants its customers to have the best experience possible while fixing their problems. They are rated 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot and most of their customers are very satisfied with their customer service.

HomeTree has three home care plans for homeowners:

  • The first package only includes annual boiler service and gas boiler, flue and controls. It is priced from £17 per month.
  • The second plan that HomeTree offers includes all of the above services, and adds wider central heating. It is priced from £19 per month.
  • The third one including all services such as annual boiler service, gas boiler, flue and controls, heating, plumbing, drains, home electrics. It is priced from £24 per month.

If you choose to pay annually, you can save up to 5% per year. You can also add a gas fire protection option to your package, which costs from £5 per month. HomeTree also offers plans for landlords. The services are the same as outlined above, but the prices for landlords are a bit higher.

The signup process with HomeTree is fairly simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. You just have to spend a few minutes looking over the options and choose the one you want. Then, just connect your direct debit details, and you are all set.

The company will also send you a notification 30 days before the end of your contract. It will notify by email to remind you of your renewal date. If they don’t receive response from you, it will renew the contract for you, so your home remains protected.

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24/7 Home Rescue

Designed to protect your boiler and appliances against the expensive cost of breakdown, 24/7 Home Rescue is a company that gives you what you need to keep your home safe. The company has a good reputation for delivering on its promises and is available all over the UK.

24/7 Home Rescue is a provider of boiler, appliance, and home emergency cover for landlords and homeowners throughout the UK. It offers a wide range of products such as boiler and heating cover, appliance cover and appliance repair, car breakdown cover, CARLO device, and one-off home repairs.

The company offers packages with budget-friendly. You can probably save some money by using their services, as its fee structure is transparent and fair. The platform also has an app for mobile phones called ‘My 247’, which makes it easy and convenient to keep on top of your home repairs.

24/7 Home Rescue Review

Customer service staff is always available to talk to you via a mobile app or mobile phone with this home cover option. 24/7 Home Rescue offers a wide range of services, from boiler cover to appliance repair. Its team of 3000 local engineers specializes in boiler service, repair, and installation.

The company’s mission statement is to provide first-class boiler breakdown, appliance, and home emergency cover by giving superb customer service via best business practices.

As mentioned above, 24/7 Home Rescue offers a variety of home care covers. For boiler and heating cover, they have three packages:

  • 24/7 boiler care includes boiler breakdown cover and annual boiler service.
  • 24/7 heating care includes boiler breakdown cover, annual boiler service, and central heating system cover.
  • 24/7 home care includes all of the 24/7 heating care covering, it also covers internal and external plumbing and drainage, electrical emergency, home security, and pest control.

All 3 packages come with an affordable price and may vary based on your location. There are also annual options if you wish to create long-term membership with the company.

24/7 Home Rescue also provides options for appliance repair service with a one-off fixed price starting from £148 per month.

In addition to all the cover options listed above, 24/7 Home Rescue offers three packages of appliance cover as well: Standard 5, Premium 7, and Deluxe. The car breakdown cover has three plans: recovery standard, SMART breakdown premium, and SMART breakdown deluxe. The price for car cover starts from £2.99 per month.

Just check with the company if you want to know more about pricing on these plans.

24/7 Home Rescue partners with CARLO to provide maintenance service for your car, wherever you encounter a car breakdown, you can contact them and they can track your location and come to you right away.

Overall, 24/7 Home Rescue has created a great platform for people that want to have extra coverage for their boiler, home appliances, and car. It is worth learning more about their offerings if you want to make sure the things that you rely on to make your life work are taken care of.

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YourRepair is a UK-based home and boiler care service company that provides 24/7 emergency customer service. Like many of the other companies on this list, YourRepair offers boiler cover, and a lot more.

The CEOs at YourRepair are from major plumbing and gas engineering companies, which makes them stand out from their competitors. The company has a reputation for providing excellent home and boiler car service. Flexible plans are available for many systems in the house and are offered for both homeowners and landlords.

YourRepair has over 5000 approved engineers from all over the UK, so the company can offer fast service in most areas. It will be ready to help whenever you have a problem. The company claims that 95% of its repairs are sorted out on the first visit.

YourRepair Review

The company offers fixed prices for up to three years, so you don’t have to worry about a sudden price rise. Being able to rely on a consistent price is a great feature of the YourRepair platform. The company also pledges to replace boilers under 7 years old if they can’t fix it.

A 24/7 helpline is included with all its plans, and the rapid response to customer issues are some of the things that make it a highly-rated company in the marketplace. Plus, YourRepair partnered with many major boiler manufacturers because the company believes that the people who make your boiler are the people who will best understand your needs.

A good reputation is important to YourRepair. It pledges to do the following for all its clients:

  • Customers will understand clearly what they will receive
  • The cover plan is clear in terms of what does and doesn’t include
  • Easy to book a repair
  • Quick and simple service, no matter what is wrong
  • Customers are free from stress during the entire repair process
  • The company is willing to apologize to and take responsibility for any fault it may be liable for

There are five plans on offer from YourRepair for homeowners: boiler care, boiler and heating, heating and home, advanced home, and complete home.

  • Boiler care plan includes boilers and controls, free boiler service, carbon monoxide test, boiler replacement, and instant protection.
  • Complete home plan covers all of the features of the boiler care plan and it also covers Central Heating System, Gas Supply Pipes, Plumbing Pipework, Electrics, Water Supply Pipes, Drains, Taps & Toilets, Security & Locks, Roofing, and Pest Control.

Customers can also choose the fixed price for one, two or three years. Landlords have the same plan options as homeowners but all the prices of the packages come at a higher price. YourRepair is working to make home appliance cover easy, and offer quality service to its clients.

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British Gas Homecare

British Gas Homecare is one of the largest providers of boiler cover in the UK. There’s a wide range of popular services to protect your boiler, central heating, electrics, plumbing, and drains.

With more than 6,000 accredited Gas Safe engineers and a 24/7 customer service line, you can rest assured that you will be covered whenever there’s any problem with appliances, electrics, drains and plumbing using the HomeCare package from British Gas.

British Gas Homecare

British Gas has 4 different package options for you to choose from: Homecare One, Homecare Two, Homecare Three, and Homecare Four. Boiler and controls cover are available for all packages to ensure your boiler is safe and in efficient working condition.

  • Homecare One and Two: The first two packages cover most of the standard things including central heating repairs, annual boiler service, and accidental damage. It’s better to note that there are few exceptions, British Gas won’t cover the repairs to the central heating system (Homecare One), showers/taps or removing sludge/scale.
  • Homecare Three and Four: With these advanced packages, British Gas provides protection for your gas boiler and controls, central heating, plumbing, and drainage, plus repairs to hot and cold water pipes and water supply pipes within your property’s boundaries. The unblocking and fixing of drains and waste pipes for restore circulation are also included. Repairs to the electric system and wiring are only available in the Homecare Four package. However, it doesn’t cover repairs to electrical appliances, cooker hoods or extractor fans over 15cm diameter.

The prices are set for the first year for all packages, and you also get access to unlimited call outs for boilers every year. The price for the next year will be based on your breakdown record. Overall, the price will range from £16 to £26 per month for Homecare One to Four.

You can also have a separate boiler and controls cover or central heating cover for an affordable price per month if you don’t need an annual boiler service. Like any other boiler cover service, it’s important to have a careful look over all the terms and conditions before going for it.

British Gas doesn’t have the same level of reputation as some of the other cover providers on this list. It is a large company, and sometimes smaller clients may not get the level of service they expect. In fact, many of the companies use British Gas as a way to measure how much better their service is.

HomeServe Boiler Cover

Considered among the best boiler breakdown cover providers, HomeServe is another popular coverage provider with over 25 years’ experience in fixing, maintaining and taking care of UK houses. It has a nationwide team of approved engineers to keep life on track when trouble strikes.

Plus, its 24/7 helpline will assist you anytime you need support or consultation.
HomeServe covers a variety of home care services, like plumbing, electrical system, safety incidents, and pest infestations.


If you are looking for a home cover company that offers loads of options, HomeServe might be a good fit for you. Their combined service coverage offers wide levels of service at competitive prices.

HomeServe’s products and services include:

  • Plumbing and drainage coverage
  • New boiler Installation
  • Boiler and heating breakdown protection
  • Home emergency repairs
  • Rental property insurance
  • Electrics coverage

The thing that sets HomeServe apart from other boiler cover providers is that they offer a Boiler Replacement Promise to replace your boiler if they can’t repair it. To request a Boiler Replacement, your boiler needs to be less than 7 years old, otherwise, you have to pay for their new installation.

The first year HomeServe boiler cover comes with a free boiler service and safety inspection. HomeServe also created Leakbot – an innovative device to help detect leaks before they turn into a big issue in your home. Not only do leaks cost you money, they can also do a lot of damage!

While HomeServe is probably more costly than local tradesmen, it may well be worth paying a small premium for their assurances and fixed price commitments.

Corgi Homeplan

Whether it’s for your boiler or central heating, Corgi Homeplan can help you. Corgi offers a great policy of combining boiler and electrics, although the gas pipe had been excluded from the heating cover. When you combine cover plans, the result could be some big savings!

Corgi Homeplan

Corgi Homeplan provides four packages to choose from, including:

  • Essentials: This package covers only the boiler and central heating system
    Starter: The starter package covers the boiler and central heating system, plumbings and electrics
  • Advanced: The advanced plan covers the boiler and central heating system, plumbing, electrics, gas supply pipe, water supply pipe, and internal drains
  • Complete: The complete plan gives you a wide coverage over the same things as the advanced package, plus Corgi Homeplan adds external drains, taps, and toilets. Boiler replacement and priority emergency helpline are also additional advantages for this comprehensive package

All four packages come with an annual boiler service in order to ensure your boiler safety and condition. Corgi is a good company that may be worth a look for anyone that has lots of appliances to cover, and wants to have peace of mind no matter what time of year it is!

Choose the Best Boiler Cover for Your Home

It is important to do an inventory of all the things that you rely on to stay safe and comfortable. You don’t want to take all the technology in your life for granted, and end up being cold in the middle of winter.

Depending on how your heating system is designed, you may need to have a cover plan for more than just your boiler. Do your homework, and know how much money you will need to have around should there be an emergency with your home’s heating system.

Any of the companies listed above offer good service for your boiler, but some of them may be a better fit for your needs than others. Make sure you understand the rate structure of any cover plan you consider so that there aren’t any big surprises later on!


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