YourRepair Review: Home Emergency Cover & Boiler Cover Plans

YourRepair is a way to make sure that most of the important things in your home have a back-up plan if something unexpected happens.
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For most of us, it is an inevitable fact of life that the minute something is no longer under warranty, it will break. YourRepair is a way to make sure that most of the important things in your home have a back-up plan if something unexpected happens.

Whether it is the it’s a faulty boiler, home electric or plumbing, malfunctions will arise when you least expect them. YourRepair is there to help, and if you live in the UK, it might be a good idea to learn more about this interesting company.

YourRepair offer a range of different home emergency plans which cover all types of faults which can arise, and when they do they are usually costly to fix. That’s why it’s a good idea to have some form of insurance in place so you don’t have to worry about these large one-off bills that most homeowners will have to face at some point.

Read on for our full review of YourRepair.

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Please Note: YourRepair is for people within the UK

Get to Know YourRepair

Of course, you must take the product to get fixed which takes time and money, and in order to save money, you probably will shop around for the best price. But there is another option for your mechanical woes, particularly those entailing central heating, boilers, plumbing, roofing and so on.

YourRepair offers monthly plans for your entire home and boiler care, for low prices which will save you big fees in the future.

YourRepair Homepage
YourRepair offer Boiler, Heating & Home Plans

Boasting a 4.6 star rating customer rating and a Defaqto 5 star rating, YourRepair features over five thousand experts in the plumbing and gas engineering industries to deliver superior home care for boilers, central heating, plumbing, and electric systems.

When the cold winter months are in full swing, it is important for you and your loved ones to have a safe home. YourRepair gives you the peace of mind that anyone who wants a stable life can appreciate.

YourRepair has a customer promise to support its high-quality service and a customer base of more than fifteen thousand. Providing rapid response for boiler repair, the company is partners with a wide range of boiler companies, from Alpha to Worchester Bosch. They have fixed priced service plans for both tenants and landlords.

Why Choose to Buy Extra Insurance?

We need insurance for things that we rely on, but may not be able to replace with the money we have saved. In some cases, it may be cheaper to leave the money invested, instead of leaving it parked in a savings account where it earns little in the way of return.

Companies like YourRepair fill in the gaps between the insurance you have on your home (check with your insurance company), and the manufacturers’ warranties that most expensive home goods carry.

Choosing to buy additional insurance might not seem like a smart way to save money, but depending on your situation, it could be the best way to ensure that you and your home will have the help it needs to stay functional when something less-than-ideal happens.

All Plans Include
All Plans Include

Homeowner Plans

YourRepair’s fixed price plans are for three years, and they cover boiler, home, and heating care. The fixed price is a unique feature which differentiates YourRepair from their competitors.

Fixed pricing for one to three years means not only proper long term budgeting but also no financial surprises or the need to switch companies due to a dramatic increase in rates.

Starting at 12 pounds a month, all plans include annual boiler service; all parts and labour; unlimited support and a 24-hour customer hotline. If your boiler is under seven years of age, and they are unable to repair it, then they will replace it.

In an effort to meet every budget, YourRepair offers five different plans, ranging in price from 9 pounds a month to 23 pounds a month. Below is a chart showing the plans and their costs for tenants:

  • Plan 1: Boiler Care – £12.00 / Month
  • Plan 2: Boiler and Heating – £14.00 / Month
  • Plan 3: Heating and Home – £16.00 / Month
  • Plan 4: Advanced Home – £19.00 / Month
  • Plan 5: Complete Home – £21.00 / Month

Please note that these prices include a one-year unlimited “call-out” fee so that the price does not change no matter how many repairs or consultations you may need. Two and three-year unlimited call-out fees are incorporated into the plans and result in slightly higher monthly payments.

Other Things to Consider

Obviously, with tiered service plans, some are more comprehensive than others.

All of the plans include boilers and controls, boiler service, boiler replacement, and carbon monoxide tests. The annual boiler service included in all of the plans are worth 80 pounds alone, so this is a great cost-saving feature.

Plans 2 to 5 encompass the central heating system, while plans 3-5 service electrical system, gas supply pipes, and plumbing pipes. The comprehensive plan contains a few interesting surprises, such as pest control, roofing, and security.

Landlord’s Plans

The plans for landlords are exactly the same in title, coverage and fixed call out fee options, but the prices are slightly higher, as indicated in the below table:

  • Plan 1: Boiler Care – £16.00 / Month
  • Plan 2: Boiler and Heating – £18.00 / Month
  • Plan 3: Heating and Home – £20.00 / Month
  • Plan 4: Advanced Home – £23.00 / Month
  • Plan 5: Complete Home – £25.00 / Month

Landlord plans have the added benefit of including an annual gas safety inspection, which is an essential service and an amazing bonus.

In addition to their fixed prices, YourRepair has full national coverage, a UK based call centre, emergency response, and anytime online booking. Booking an appointment online takes mere minutes, and should you be unable to use the online system, calling for an appointment is just as easy.

What do they Cover?

YourRepair offer plans which can cover the following :

  • Boiler & Controls
  • Free Boiler Service
  • Carbon Monoxide Test
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Central Heating System
  • Gas Supply Pipes
  • Plumbing Pipework
  • Electrics
  • Water Supply Pipes
  • Drains
  • Taps & Toilets
  • Security & Locks
  • Roofing
  • Pest Control

How Does YourRepair Stack-Up?

YourRepair’s repair rate is 95% on the first visit, and this expertise combined with their service and pricing has resulted in many people switching to YourRepair. According to their website, 62% switched from British Gas, 29% from HomeServe and 9% from Corgi HomePlan.

Because they offer a choice of future start dates, you can decide when you want to coverage to begin which means if you do switch companies, you are not paying double fees. This emphasizes seamless continuity of care.

As mentioned earlier, the company has a Customer Promise. Rather than just being a catchy phrase, the promise is posted on the website and all YourRepair employees adhere to it. The promise entails the following points:

  1. No high-pressure sales.
  2. Clarity of information and details.
  3. Easy booking
  4. Quick and easy repair resolution.
  5. Simple and stress-free service.
  6. Transparency, particularly if anything goes wrong. Admitting mistakes and rectifying them as soon as possible is a huge part of the customer service experience offered by YourRepair.

The website is well designed and easy to use, offering an array of information about the plans and the pricing. There are quite a few reviews from satisfied customers, entire sections for frequently asked questions and even DIY blogs on preventative and reactive measures.

In comparison to their competitors, it is easy to ascertain why YourRepair is a customer favorite. British Gas has an “average” or 3.5 star review, with some customers complaining about price and service.

YourRepair Customer Reviews
YourRepair has “Excellent” Customer Reviews online


There are a number of options for people that want to make sure they have all the major appliances in their home covered by insurance. Here are some other companies that have plans that could help you.

British Gas

Offering four plans, British Gas does charge more, particularly with the more basic plans which includes far less coverage than the YourRepair version.

The most economic British Gas plan is the most comprehensive plan which costs 23.5 pounds per month, and again, it does not even begin to compare with the wide range of services provided by YourRepair.

None of the British Gas plans have an annual boiler service feature, but rather British Gas offers the service for 85 pounds.

However, if you only want boiler, controls and/or heating coverage, the plans are quite reasonable, but only based on a 99 pound excess. This can be a somewhat confusing payment scheme, and therefore, overall, it is easy to understand why there is a 62% switch from British Gas to YourRepair.


Corgi HomePlan appears to be a more serious competitor to YourRepair, with a similar star rating. Promising a national network of approved engineers and 24-hour customer care, Corgi also includes an annual boiler service, unlimited callout, breakdown insurance, parts and labour.

Corgi has four plans: Essential, Starter, Advanced and Complete, all at competitive prices. Like British Gas, the most financially savvy plan is the Complete plan, currently advertised at a reasonable 15.75 pounds a month. Although it offers more services than British Gas, it is still not as thorough as YourRepair’s Complete Plan.

It is unclear if the plans are fixed price and if the call-out fees are included. Because Corgi offers insurance coverage, the language on the website refers to claims and approval, and there is a FAQ section dedicated to repair claims

YourRepair is not connected to any insurance plans and therefore, customers do not need to wait for approval or to worry about submitting claims. This feature will appeal to many people who do not want extra paperwork and bureaucracy.

Despite the high rating, Corgi HomePlan does not have any reviews on their website. The company was established in 1968, indicating a long history of expertise, and they are involved in sustainable eco-friendly heating solutions.

Both of these definitely contribute to the standing of the company, as doe their rates, but YourRepair still manages to offer more for the money.


Another competitor is HomeServe, which has in business for 25 years and has 1.8 million customers throughout the UK. As the name suggests, the company focuses on all aspects of home repair, not just boilers and heating, but also plumbing, drains, and electric.

Catering to both tenants and landlords, there are at least eight different areas of coverage, including innovative smart technology with “leakbot”. Within those areas of coverage, there are plans range in price from eight pounds to twenty-three pounds, depending upon the type of coverage.

With a 4.5 star rating, they guarantee their repairs for twelve months and have 24-hour customer care and employ certified gas engineers. Although the website is visually unappealing and difficult to access key information, it does feature customer reviews and stories. If the website is not to your liking then there is a mobile app as well.

Of the three main competitors listed on YourRepair’s page, HomeServe offers the closest parallel in terms of service, including pest patrol. HomeServe also appears to provide a broader range of services, and as a result, they do seem to be more of an overall domestic repair company.

If you are seeking a smaller company with more attentive advice and help, specializing in a particular area, then YourRepair is probably a better choice. Be sure to take a good look at all the options you have for home appliance insurance before you lock yourself into a multi-year contract, and get the best protection for your life.

100s of people a week are switching over to YourRepair
100s of people a week are switching over to YourRepair

Protect Your Home With YourRepair

Like renters’ insurance, except for mechanical issues, home plans give tenants and landlords peace of mind. There is a lot than can go wrong with the machines that we use every day in our homes, and the costs involved with maintenance may be higher than you expect.

The possibility of water damage from leaking boilers or pipes, or even worse gas leaks, are significantly reduced when an active home plan is in place. These plans are especially appealing to those who may not be mechanically inclined and/or those who do not have a stash of money for mundane yet important emergencies.

In some cases, the failure of a boiler might translate into an unexpected illness, as some of your family members may not be able to do without heating for long periods of time.

YourRepair is a good way to make sure that you and your loved ones have the services they need when they need them the most.

If you want to learn more about what YourRepair can do for you, just click right here to visit the company’s website

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Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Good Range of Coverage
  • Lots of Plans to Choose From
  • Cheaper than Competitors
  • Excellent Trustpilot Rating


  • Smaller Company than Competitors

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