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24/7 Home Rescue Review: Boiler & Heating Cover

24/7 Home Rescue is a specialist provider of boiler & heating breakdown plans in the UK. Here's our review with all the Pros & Cons.
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Founded in 2012 in England, 24/7 Home Rescue is a specialist provider of home repair service plans in the UK. If you own a home or are responsible for taking care of its major appliances, this company may be able to help you.

Despite being new in this area full of competitive and well-known names, 24/7 Home Rescue is working hard to provide good service to customers.

24/7 Home Rescue has gradually gained a good reputation on the market. For more than 7 years, the company has covered home damage, incidents from boilers, appliances as well as other home emergency issues by offering quality services.

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What Does 24/7 Home Rescue Offer?

Like any insurance platform, 24/7 Home Rescue will be a better fit for some people over others. The company focuses on major appliances and has a few different ways to add another layer of insurance protection to your home.

24/7 Home Rescue has a team of approved engineers who ensure you can get support from anywhere in the UK. Its widespread network will be in charge of coverage no matter where you are located in the UK.

There are also no limits on the amount of care once you have your appliances covered by 24/7 Home Rescue or which items can be included in your chosen package.

When it comes to appliance coverage, the items or parts replaced are among the biggest things to consider. You surely don’t want to receive a new part which is from unverified sources. As part of their terms and conditions, you are guaranteed to get new and original parts that are sourced from an official stockist.

24/7 Home Rescue
24/7 Home Rescue Homepage

Another big advantage you obtain is the one-off repairs when you use the service.

If an engineer confirms that your item can not be repaired under the terms of your policy, you are able to make a one-time-payment to have it fixed. The payment, in this case, depends on whether you decide to opt for a boiler or appliance cover, which reduces the chance the prices will rise substantially.

Boiler Breakdown Plan

The Boiler breakdown plan acts as a type of insurance that covers repairs and replacements of your home boiler. This coverage potentially includes other components of the central heating system, electrics, and plumbing in some instances.

With 24/7 Home Rescue, your home boiler is taken care of with the assistance of 24-hour helpline and callouts, which are available 365 days per year.

There’s no limit on repair requests the insurance will cover as long as the estimated cost of repairing your home boiler doesn’t exceed the replacement or market value. It also gets your parts and labor fees covered.

Boiler & Heating Cover
Boiler & Heating Cover

Boiler plans also gives you access to other services including: Carbon Monoxide test, Gas Safe check, and other optional services.

You will get an annual check every 12-month period, usually between the 8th and 12th month without excess payment. In some rare cases, manufacturer repair can be arranged as required and you will be charged for the total amount.

Appliance Plans

Appliance plans enables you to get unlimited callouts and claims. You have no limit in the number of times to call for an engineer’s help on your home appliances.

This type of insurance acts as an extended warranty in order to protect functional parts from normal issues. Once your claim application gets through, it won’t be invalidated even if you’ve already had a repair request processed in the past 12-month period.

Appliance Cover
Appliance Cover

What Does 24/7 Home Rescue Not Cover?

It’s no surprise that 24/7 Home Rescue will “rescue” you from many issues at your home.

However, the company also has a few things that it won’t cover, and you need to know this before going for the service.

  • Existing faults: You will be charged £75 in case you’re aware of any existing faults without informing the company. Damage caused by further use after a sign of a breakdown in appliances is noticed but still used are also excluded and counted as existing faults.
  • Cosmetic damages: 24/7 does not cover any cosmetic damages which affect only the appearance but not the function of an appliance. These consist of scratches, dents, and rust. Damages caused by power loss or surge aren’t covered either.
  • Unapproved interference: Interference from a third party is not recommended as 24/7 isn’t responsible for any issues which come from another party that is involved in the situation. This could be applied to replacement parts that you receive from unapproved or unofficial suppliers. Clearly, you should also refrain from repairing any covered appliance yourself.
  • Irregular maintenance: Ongoing maintenance is probably a must if you want to carry on using your appliances at their best level of functionality. If a problem occurs because your appliances are not descaled regularly, you will take full responsibility.
  • Inaccurate information: It is obvious that you need to provide accurate information (of age, model, cost, etc.) when disclosing appliances to 24/7. If the company is able to disprove your request, it can immediately deactivate your contract without paying back your previous payments.
  • Untested boilers and non-gas boilers: Boilers need to be checked at least once a year in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If not, once there is a problem with unexamined-within-12-month boilers, 24/7 won’t be responsible. Non-gas boilers such as oil boilers, electric boilers, and Elson tanks are also excluded.

24/7 Home Rescue Customer Support

24/7 Home Rescue’s primary objective is to create a pattern of excellent customer service at all times. You can contact them via the helpline 0345 3192 247 or get in touch through webchat.

Making a repair Request and Complaints

Issues with home appliances will happen eventually, and you may not be satisfied with the level of service you receive. There may be occasions when you feel unhappy or unsatisfied with the service. You can report your issues or make complaints directly through their helpline.

In most cases, a complaint handler will be in charge of your request but if you feel it needs to go beyond that, you have the right to request a referral to the company’s Mediation Department. If you do this, your complaints will be looked after by trained experts and the complaints department will arrange appointments with you over the phone.

To make a repair request with 24/7 Home Rescue, you first need to report your issues through their Help Line and select the option “Home Emergencies.” The 24/7 app and chat facility are also available in case you want to talk to someone first about your issues.

You will be charged an extra charge of £95 for each claim made within the 14-day cooling-off period. If the fault is found to be due to an ongoing or irregular problem with your appliances that you have not reported, your repair request will be voided.

The My247 Mobile App
The My247 Mobile App

Canceling the Plan

Cancellation is allowed as long as you’re still in the 14-day cooling-off period (14 days after your plan’s official start date). If you are on a pay-monthly direct debit plan, there is no cancellation charge during this period, and payments will be refunded in total when you pay annually but cancel at this point.

In case you pay monthly and have not made a repair request or had a boiler service after the initial first 14 days, you aren’t charged any cancellation charge. When you pay annually and have not made a request, you’ll get a pro-rata refund.

24/7 Home Rescue Pricing

24/7 Home Rescue provides different plans beginning at just under £60 a year. The plans cover items such as boilers, heating systems, plumbing, drains, ventilation, electrical appliances and more.


24/7 Home Rescue offers 3 types of packages: a Standard Package, a Premium Package, and a Deluxe Package. Basically, all 3 packages have a basic plan covering a washing machine, tumble dryer or integrated fridge freezer, and go on from there.

  • Standard Package: The standard package includes all these covered properties, plus it can help cover a gas/ceramic hob and a dishwasher.
  • Premium Package: The Premium Package comes with 7 different properties covered including those in Standard Package with the addition of separate fridges and freezers as well as electric ovens.
  • Deluxe Package: The Deluxe Package only covers American fridge freezers and range master cookers.

Domestic items are also included in the covered list, washing machines, tumble dryers, condenser dryers, and dishwashers to refrigerators, television sets, chest freezers, and fridges. If you have specific questions about which package would make the most sense for your home, talk to 24/7 Home Rescue directly.

Call Out Fee

You will need to pay an call out fee, which will be the first charge, for the helpline before your claims can proceed and approved assistance is provided. This fee can be enabled via credit or debit card. These payments consist of:

  • £95: for boiler repairs, which you can select and will be outlined in your contract before taking out your policy. The monthly price you pay will appropriately adjust based on the amount you chose.

24/7 Home Rescue Alternatives

24/7 Home Rescue is not the only company to offer home care services for your appliances. There’s a lot of fish in the ocean. HomeServe and British Gas HomeCare are the 2 strongest alternatives of 24/7 Home Rescue.


HomeServe is a leading company for home warranty services.

Its aim is to be the best and the first place people trust in for repairing, maintaining and taking care of their houses. As the name implies, HomeServe includes a variety of home services, like plumbing, electrics, safety issues and infestations of pests.

Aside from repair plans covering parts and work, HomeServe also offers other repair solutions including on-demand repair services. Their integrated service coverage provides diverse service levels at competitive prices.


Maintenance plans are also provided in order to help protect homeowners or landlords from the high price and hassle of home repairs being covered.

Due to normal wear and tear, most basic homeowners service policies and local utilities or municipalities do not cover repairs to/replacement of the major systems inside and around your home.

Most homeowners with appliances in need of repair can easily get approved, so credit checks are not needed. This service is validated with 12-month guarantees and if you need them, they have a 24/7 hotline which is open all year.

While HomeServe is definitely much more expensive compared to other local tradesmen or other companies, it may be worth paying an extra amount to guarantee that your home receives qualified care and best services.

Your Repair

YourRepair offer a range of different home emergency plans which cover all types of faults which can arise, and when they do they are usually costly to fix.

YourRepair’s fixed price plans are for three years, and they cover boiler, home, and heating care. The fixed price is a unique feature which differentiates YourRepair from their competitors.

Fixed pricing for one to three years means not only proper long term budgeting but also no financial surprises or the need to switch companies due to a dramatic increase in rates.

British Gas HomeCare

Another well-known name in home repair service from the UK is British Gas.

British Gas offers a common way of having your boiler, heating, electrics, plumbing, and drains protected. Insurance cover is also available for your boiler, heating system, and many other household appliances, as well as energy supply and smart household products.

There are four levels of home service and support, imaginatively named HomeCare One, Two, Three, and Four.

Most boiler insurance packages of British Gas have boiler breakdown cover, and you can expand your policy to regular boiler repair, plumbing and drain cover, and perhaps more. You’ll be sure to discover a package that meets your needs and suits your home with a long list of British Gas boiler coverings

British Gas comes with a number of benefits.

It offers 6,000 highly qualified Gas Safe registered engineers. Plus, you have unlimited call-outs per contract year to support you at any time. While British Gas covers most types of repair, its policies do not cover safety incidents and infestations of pests that other companies may take care of.

With British Gas HomeCare, the fee you pay depends on where you live and whether you choose to include an excess in the package. There is the option to pay no excess, or to include either £60 or an excess of £99.

24/7 Home Rescue: The Verdict

Spending a few hundred pounds for home care services might seem like a waste of money. However, consider the risk and quality aspects, it is a good investment for your house, even your life. You need your home appliances to work, especially in the cold winter months.

If you currently don’t have a plan for when your boiler breaks down, it is time to come up with one. 24/7 Home Rescue could be a good option for your home, depending on what your needs and financial situation is at the moment.

Their plans stack up well against the competition and their pricing is reasonable compared to competitors.

Customer reviews online are generally very good but we did find some bad reviews. They have an “Excellent Rating” on Trustpilot with over 38,000 reviews which gives us confidence in recommending them.

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24/7 Home Rescue


Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • Cheaper than Competitors
  • Range of Different Coverage Plans
  • Landlord Cover Available
  • Good Mobile App Available
  • 30-Day Rolling Contract


  • Some Bad Reviews Online

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