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TopCashBack Review UK: Earn Cash Back Rewards for Your Shopping

Topcashback offers great deals for people looking to earn money back from purchases while shopping. Here's our Review
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When you are looking to save money, there are a number of options. You can scour the web looking for discounts, promotions, or other speciality offers. You can sign up for a subscription or become a member of a mailing list.

In addition, you can look for ways to earn cashback on certain purchases. The number of websites offering such promotions is growing.

A much easier way to ensure you get the best deals and receive money back is to use a cash back website such as Topcashback.

One of the largest of these types of site, with a huge amount of participating retailers and mobile apps, read on as we review Topcashback and look at it’s pros and cons.

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How Cashback Sites Work

Cashback sites work by paying internet users for shopping at certain outlets. This might either be online or in person. The percentage returned to you will vary depending on the cashback site.

Some sites return a certain percentage of your total transaction to you, while others return a flat fee based on your policy. Once the money is deposited to you, you may withdraw it at your leisure.

The sites themselves earn revenue via affiliate links. These serve to track user activity and record consumer data for marketing purposes. Retailers pay the sites in return for scoring them a new customer.

Not all cashback sites offer the same deals, and not all can offer the same customer experience. Some of the best include Topcashback, QuidCo, KidStart, and more. Out of some of the biggest sites compared, most user reviews say they have had the best experience with Topcashback.

How it Works

Advantages of Topcashback

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a site like Topcashback?

A primary benefit is that Topcashback is free for users. There is no registration or membership fee, so you can take advantage of the deals without pulling from your bank. In addition to this, you can find deals on the site of up to 105 per cent cashback on certain transactions.

It also offers several different options for how to receive your cashback rewards. You can always opt to get your rewards as cash. But if you would rather, you can get even more rewards by accepting a voucher for Amazon or other sites instead. In fact, by opting for a voucher, you might qualify for up to 30 per cent more rewards.

Topcashback Stats

You also can choose between several different registration options. When you sign up as a new member, you will automatically be enrolled as a Plus Member for a free one-month trial. When the month is up, you can either opt out back to the basic plan or pay the yearly fee for the Plus membership plan.

The Plus membership charges a fee of £5 which is deducted from your earnings. This earns you an extra 5 per cent cashback on certain purchases.

In addition to all of this, Topcashback also offers some options for customers who are interested in getting cashback on deals made in the store. These will vary by retailer, just as online deals do, but open an extra outlet for those who want to save even more.

Is Topcashback Legitimate?

Of course, some people hear the words “cashback site” and worry that it might not be legitimate. Websites have the potential to be full of scammers or bots. Many people also become particularly nervous at the prospect of sharing their personal details with a website.

So, in short words, how do we know that Topcashback is a legitimate site?

For one thing, it delivers on its promises, Topcashback offers 100 per cent cashback earned via the retailers

Topcashback’s Deals

This site offers a wide variety of deals — and plenty of them. For many of the offers, Topcashback does actually return higher rates than any other cashback website around. This makes it worthwhile even if it does not match its claims for every single deal.

Of course, it is a good idea to compare deals whenever you are using a cashback site, and Topcashback is no different. Before you buy, take a look at the deals it offers and browse through a variety of competitor sites to do price and deal comparisons.

Topcashback deals

Other Site Features

The website also offers a handy tracking bar to allow you to see your progress and follow when you can expect to get your money. The tracking bar includes statistics to help you know what to expect from a particular deal. You can also log on to Topcashback forums to talk with other users and hear their opinions on the deals offered that day.

Customer Service

Although customer service is available, the Topcashback website might not make it consistently easy to file a complaint when you do not receive your cashback rewards.

However, some user reviews say that the Topcashback customer service is excellent and they would continue to patronise the site after their positive experiences.

Customer Support

Deals for Referring Friends

Like many cashback sites, Topcashback offers deals available for those who refer friends. This works by you sending a Topcashback link to a friend.

After they sign up for their own account via the link you will earn £5 on classic membership, and £7.50 for premium accounts.

5,000-Plus Merchants

Topcashback’s range of merchants is also extensive. This is one area where it consistently blows other cashback sites out of the water. Thus far, it has partnered with more than 5,000 online retailers, including Groupon and Amazon.

Although it has many large online retailers, it also makes a point to partner with smaller and midsize ones. Many people find this a nice option not usually available with most cashback sites.

What is more, it is also in the process of adding on new retailers, so the list is only growing.

Topcashback merchants Partners

Cashback Tracking Process

Topcashback does have a fairly particular process for how tracking works. Users cannot simply research deals on the cashback site and then go to the retailer site.

You must navigate to the main site via Topcashback in order for your purchase and rewards to be properly tracked.

Once you understand how it works, it is a fairly straightforward process, but it’s an important one to remember. If you do not follow it, you will not qualify for your rewards simply because the site will not track your purchase.

How to Receive Your Cashback

Another benefit of Topcashback is that it offers a number of different ways to receive your cashback, even if you decide to opt for actual cash rather than reward vouchers.

If you like, you can opt for a direct deposit into your bank account. Some people prefer to go through PayPal. You can also opt for an Amazon gift card, an American Express gift card, or a Gap eGift card. Simply make your selection, and you will receive your rewards, usually at the end of the calendar month.

You may need to wait a while to actually receive your cashback rewards. In fact, it may take as long as two weeks to get your money. This is not a problem for some people, while others find the wait excessive.

No Minimums

Most cashback sites have pay-out limits, meaning that only purchases made above a certain amount and within a certain time frame qualify for rewards. Topcashback does not work like this.

There is no minimum on either time or purchase amount, so you have a lot of freedom in how to shop. You also start earning rewards and cash even if you are only making small purchases.

Many people find that this is a welcome change from the limitations imposed on most cashback sites and appreciate the extra freedom.

Extra Perks

What is more, the site also offers a few different options for earning even more cashback. Topcashback’s Cashout Bonus, for example, gives you an added reward of 30% on purchases if you opt for a gift card instead of a cash reward. This is unique among cashback sites and a nice additional perk.

Topcashback Bonus

A variety of coupons and other deals available are also frequently available. You can add these to your purchases, saving even more money. Topcashback’s website and mobile app track current deals offered by their retailers, so you will always know what you can take advantage of.

It also offers cashback for referring friends. This offer can range up to $15 for every friend that signs up through your shared link. This is yet another way that Topcashback makes it possible to earn and save a lot of money.


With constant new ways to save and new deals every day, it is not surprising that Topcashback is a top choice for cashback sites. Its wide variety of retailers and ease of use keep it popular.

Although not perfect, Topcashback offers great deals for people looking to save money while shopping online, its basically free money if you are planning on making the purchase anyway.

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Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • Easy to Use Website
  • Mobile Apps
  • Bonus for Giftcard Cashouts
  • Lots of Partner Stores


  • Payouts Can Be Slow
  • Some Shops Exclude Products

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