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Quidco Review UK: One of the Top Cashback Sites

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With all the cashback sites available to you, it is worth taking the time to do some comparison before you start to shop. After all, one site may offer a good deal, but there is always a chance you can find a better one on a different site.

Among the top choices for cashback sites is Quidco. This website offers an enormous range of deals and high user ratings.

So, why is it so popular, and what does it offer that other cashback sites miss out on?

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Quidco vs. Topcashback

There may be some confusion about the difference between Quidco and Topcashback. Although the two are distinct websites and brands and as such will offer different deals, they both operate in a similar way.

TopCashBack Review

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Each site has its pros and cons so we recommend you signup for both as this will give you access to the widest range of deals and retailers.

How Do Cashback Sites Work?

Cashback sites work in a unique way. Rather than logging directly on to the retailer site, users access whatever shopping site they want through the cashback site to access unique deals, rewards, and vouchers in exchange for their patronage.

  • Cashback sites work via affiliate links.
  • These links show the retail sites with which they partner where their customers are coming from and who they are (or at least, their demographics).
  • This helps them significantly with marketing. In return, they pay the cashback sites a fee, which they pass on to the customers.
  • When shoppers use the cashback site rather than going directly to a retailer, their info can be tracked.
  • Meanwhile, they get a portion of the money that the cashback site earns.

The deals and rewards can vary significantly from site to site or even on one particular site on a daily basis. Using a cashback site takes some diligence. Customers can shop and compare deals and rewards to decide which ones they would like to take advantage of. Meanwhile, the cashback sites offer hundreds, if not thousands, of retail partners that are ready to offer significant savings.

How Does Quidco Work?

Quidco offers two separate plans. The basic membership is completely free for users, with no registration or annual fee. Many people find that this plan works best for them since they do not have to hand over any money before they can start finding deals. Other prefer their premium membership, which costs £5 a year.

There are several incentives for getting a premium membership. Premium customers have access to a wider range of deals, higher cash returns, lottery drawings, and promotions that can range up to £50 annually. They can also take advantage of prize drawings every month. These prizes can range up to £250.

For frequent shoppers, the savings can be significant. Quidco estimates that customers who use its services on a regular basis earn an average of £300 per year.

The £5 annual fee, meanwhile, can be removed from your cashback rewards, so you do not have to pay upfront for a membership. You will just have to wait a little longer to start receiving rewards after you begin shopping.

Quidco Account Types

Quidco offers a few ways to accept your cash rewards. The site encourages its members to accept rewards in the form of gift cards to major retailers, including Amazon, Argos, and others.

It offers incentives in the form of higher cash rewards for members who are willing to opt for gift cards instead of direct deposit into their bank account.

These increases can range up to 16 per cent more on average, making it a significant way to earn more rewards.

Quidco also has opportunities for its members to earn cash back in physical retail outlets. It partners with more than 25 retail stores to let members earn cashback rewards in store. Many customers enjoy the chance to earn more money back while shopping in person.

With all these deals and opportunities to save more money, users say they do actually make a significant amount back on their purchases.

Some people use sites like Quidco for regular online purchases that they were planning on making regardless of whether they were using a cashback site. There is no reason to go out of your way to use cashback sites – just use them when you are about to make a purchase online.

Otherwise, you can just check up on any deals for your regular online purchases to see if they qualify for cashback rewards.

Quidco Retailers

How Much Can You Make on Quidco, and How Long Does It Take to Get Your Rewards?

Savings vary widely on Quidco. Remember, the site partners with thousands of retailers, and it depends on each one of them to offer deals as they see fit.

Some purchases may only qualify for 1 per cent cash back, while others may be 10 per cent or more.

The bottom line is, it all depends on the retailer and what it decides to offer.

One other thing that depends largely on the retailer is the pay-out. There is no direct answer to the question of how long it will take to receive your cash rewards. Retailers have varying policies and ways to manage returning cash back to customers, so it may range up to several months before you receive your rewards.

For some people, that is a deal breaker. Others do not find it a serious problem to have to wait so long for a pay-out. Depending on the retailers you patronise, your wait times may not be so long. There is very little way to predict.

Quidco Offers

Other Ways to Save Money with Quidco

One unique aspect of Quidco that you might not see with other cashback sites is the opportunities to earn cashback rewards in person and in store, as well as via a mobile app.

If you give Quidco your bank card information, for example, your purchases will be tracked and your account will be credited with rewards whenever you make a purchase at an affiliated retailer. This means that you can earn cash back without ever even realizing it.

Cashback on Food Shopping

Through Clicksnap, Quidco also offers opportunities to earn cashback rewards on items bought from grocery stores. If the site is offering a deal on a particular item, all you must do is check on the mobile app. From there, it is easy to accept the offer and then provide proof of purchase with a picture of your receipt.

It is a straightforward way to save even more money while doing your regular shopping at your local supermarket.

Quidco Quick Snap

Quidco also offers other point reward systems where virtual “coins” can be redeemed for cash rewards. Some retailers offer coin rewards when you patronize their business. Quidco offers a way to turn into your coins or points and get money for them instead.

Mobile App

The site also offers a cashback reminder tool for your smartphone. This reminder tool will send you a notification when certain deals become available. This ensures that you are up-to-date with deals that are important to you, so you do not forget to take advantage of them.

Quidco Mobile App

On top of this, members can also opt for how they would like to receive their cash rewards, including through direct deposit, PayPal, or gift cards to major retailers, such as Amazon.

What Are Some Disadvantages of Using Quidco?

As mentioned above, getting your cash rewards may take a long time — sometimes months or even longer. For some people, this disadvantage is enough to rule out using the site. However, if you are willing to wait, you can expect your rewards to get to you eventually.

Yet some users say that there is the slight chance that you will not always receive your cashback rewards. On some occasions, if your purchase is not tracked as it should be, you may miss out. However, this does not seem to be a frequent problem with Quidco.

Lastly, it is important to make sure that you are familiar with all the terms of every purchase you make via Quidco. Not doing so could mean that you do not get the deal you expected. But if you read the details of the promotion and the requirements for the member carefully before making your purchase, you can shop without worrying.


Not every cashback site is for everyone. However, if you are interested in making money on purchases you had planned to make already, Quidco is a wonderful way to do so.

It is consistently ranked as one of the top two cashback sites in the UK, offering thousands of daily deals and opportunities to its members. It is also secure and well-vetted, which should provide relief for those concerned about their personal financial information being out on the internet.

If you are interested in earning cashback on purchases, it is worth doing research to see if Quidco is right for you.

There is also nothing stopping you from signing up to multiple cashback sites as one may not have the retailer you need, take a look at Topcashback also as we recommend joining both.

Join Quidco using our and get a £10 cashback bonus when you make your first purchase

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