Switchd Review: Platform to Automatically Switch Energy Providers

Switchd is a UK-based platform will find you the best energy deals & automatically switch you to a new supplier when a better deal comes along
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There can be no denying that the costs of heating your home are getting more and more expensive. This is why you are best advised to shop around to find the most competitively priced energy providers. However, the best deals come and go on a regular basis, so constantly searching for new providers is a cumbersome task.

This is why the team at Switchd have created an innovative platform that allows you to switch energy providers automatically.

In a nutshell, by simply opening an account with Switchd and entering some details about your home, the firm will automatically switch you to new providers as and when a better deal comes to fruition. This isn’t reserved just for providers that offer lower prices, as Switchd can also link you up with the greenest providers too.

If this sounds like something that is likely to benefit you and your energy costs, be sure to read our Switchd Review. We cover the ins and outs of what Switchd is, who is eligible, how the switching process actually works, fees, and more.

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What is Switchd?

Switchd is a UK-based online platform that promises to find you the best energy deals in the market. In fact, it goes far and beyond just finding you the best deals, as the platform offers a fully-automated service. By this, we mean that Switchd will automatically move you over to a new energy supplier as and when a better deal comes along.

Ordinarily, this would be a highly time-consuming process. You would initially be required to search online comparison websites, and then personally sign up to the new provider. Moreover, you would effectively need to repeat this process on a daily basis to ensure you are always on the most competitive deal.

Switchd Homepage
Switchd Homepage

In reality, nobody has the time or will do this, which is why Switchd is well worth considering. All you are required to do is open an account, enter some information about your home, choose your preferred plan – and then Switchd will do the rest.

As you move to more competitive providers throughout the year, you should, in theory, notice a significant reduction in your annual energy costs. With that said, the platform claims to save customers an average of £400 per year, which is huge.

In terms of the fundamentals, Switchd offers both a free and paid-for service If opting for a free plan, you will still benefit from an automated switching service. However, you won’t have access to the full portfolio of providers that Switchd has access to. Instead, Switchd will only move you to providers that it receives a commission from.

As such, if you want to truly get the best deal possible, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. We’ll cover the different plans in more detail further down in our review, albeit, this ranges from £1.99, £3.49, and £4.99 per month.

Finally, it is also worth noting that Switchd is also suitable for those of you that wish to Go Green with your energy. Instead of setting your account up to search the cheapest deals, you can instead get Switchd to keep you with the greenest and most energy-efficient providers.

So now that you know what Switchd actually is, in the next section we are going to explore how the platform works.

How Does Switchd Work?

Switchd is an innovative concept that will be completely new to many of you. As such, we have outlined the general step-by-step process of how the platform works.

Step 1: Open an Account

First and foremost, you will need to head over to the Switchd website and open an account. Don’t forget, the platform will be moving you to new suppliers on your behalf, so it needs to know who you are.

Switchd Signup
Switchd Signup

As such, you’ll need to enter some personal details. This will include your full name, home address, date of birth, and contact details.

Step 2: Your Current Energy Usage

Once you’ve opened an account, Switchd will then ask you some questions about your current energy usage. Firstly, you need to let Switchd know whether you are looking to switch electricity and gas, or just electricity.

You will also need to provide some information on how much you currently spend on your monthly energy bills, as well as the name of your current provider. You will also be prompted to enter your current meter reading. This allows Switchd to get a more accurate overview of your energy requirements.

Choose your current supplier
Choose your current supplier

Step 3: Choose Your Plan

Once Switchd has enough information about your current energy needs, you will then need to configure your preferred plan. Before you do, you need to decide whether you want to concentrate purely on finding the cheapest deals, or the greenest suppliers. You can also opt for a combination of the two.

You will then need to choose which pricing plan you want to sign up for. We’ll cover the ins and outs of what you get on each plan later.

Results and recommended supplier
Results and recommended supplier

Step 4: The Initial Switch

Now that you’ve chosen your preferred plan, Switchd will begin the initial switching process. Switchd claims that it searches more than 26,000 tariffs, albeit, the exact number of energy providers you’ll have access to will depend on the plan that you have signed up for.

Nevertheless, once the best deal has been ascertained – based on the preferences you set up in the previous step, Switchd will then execute the switching process. This can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks, although Switchd will keep an eye on the process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Step 5: The Ongoing Switch

At this stage of the process, Switchd operates largely the same as any other online switching service. By this, we mean that you have essentially run a comparison search to find the best deal in the market, and then gotten Switchd the execute the move on your behalf. However, it is the next stage of the process that makes the platform stand out.

This is because the searching process does not stop here. On the contrary, Switchd claims to search more than 26,000 tariffs on a daily basis. This means that as soon as a more favourable deal hits the market, the platform will make the move on your behalf. This is highly beneficial, as you will never be required to search for deals yourself – nor will you need to personally apply to the new provider.

Note: You are asked to submit a regular meter reading to Switchd. This is to ensure that the platform has a 360-degree view of your energy habits and thus – is able to get you the best deals in the market.

Switchd Plans: Free Plan vs Paid Plans

As we briefly noted earlier in our review, Switch offers a free plan, as well as three paid-for plans. Let’s break down what you get in each plan.

Free Plan

First and foremost, the free plan still allows you to switch to new providers on an automated basis. Moreover, it also allows you to set up your switching preferences, such as whether you want to target the cheapest or greenest providers.

However, by remaining on the free plan, you might miss out on the very best deals in the market. This is because Switchd will only search providers that it has a commission-based arrangement with. In other words, if the energy supplier does not pay Switchd a fee for bringing you over, then the company will not be included within the search.

It is important to note that this is how online comparison websites typically work anyway. Whether it’s loans, credit cards, or flight deals – comparison sites will only include providers in their search results if a commission is in place.

Choose between a free or a paid plan
Choose between a free or a paid plan

£1.99 Per Month Plan

If you’re looking to get switched to the very best providers in the market – meaning that you’ll have access to all 26,000 tariffs, then you will need to upgrade to the £1.99 per month plan.

The good news is that you will not be charged a single penny until the provider saves you at least £50. With that being said, the paid-for plan effectively pays for itself.

For example, if you were to pay £1.99 per month over the course of the year, you would pay a total of £23.88 annually. This means that even if Switchd only saved you the bare minimum of £50, you would still be better off by just over £26.

Baring in mind that the platform claims to save customers an average of £400 per year, this more than pays for itself.

£3.49 Plan

The next highest plan costs £3.49 at Switchd. You’ll get all of the services listed above, plus the ability to get support via the telephone. Ordinarily, you would only get support via live chat or email.

£4.99 Plan

If you want to go for the highest paid-for plan at Switchd, this will cost you £4.99 per month. For this, you will get a dedicated support manager via Whatsapp.

How Often Will I be Moved to a new Supplier?

There is no hard and fast rule as to how often you will be moved to a new provider. With that being said, you get full control over the switching process. For example, when you first set up your account preferences (which can be changed at any time) you can limit the amount of switches that the platform makes on your behalf.

By default, this is set to six months. You can also choose a minimum amount of savings that need to be realized before a switch is executed. For example, there would likely be no point in switching providers to save just £15 per year, but a saving of £100 or more would be well worth it.

Furthermore, if a more favourable deal is found by Switchd and thus – the platform decides to execute the move, you will always receive an email letting you know. If, for example, Switchd plans to move you to a supplier that you are not fond of (possibility because of a bad experience in the past), you can opt to block the switch. In doing so, you’ll simply remain with the same provider.

What Green Options are Available?

If you’re looking to do your thing for the environment, Switchd allows you to stick with green energy suppliers. This includes suppliers that utilize renewable energies, or conventional energy sources but in a much more efficient manner.

Although going green is rarely the cheapest option available at Switch, you can set your parameters to always switch to the lowest-cost green deal.

How do I Contact Switchd?

If you need to speak with a member of the Switchd customer service team, your support options will depend on the plan you are signed up with.

As we noted earlier, those on the free or £1.99 per month plan have access to both live chat and email support. This is why the platform does not list its telephone number. Nevertheless, you can email the team at

If you are on the £3.49 per month plan, you’ll be able to obtain support via the telephone. The highest-paid plan – at £4.99, gives you a dedicated account manager via Whatsapp.

Switchd Review: The Verdict?

In summary, there really isn’t much not to like about the service offered by Switchd.

By going through the 5-minute account registration process you will potentially save yourself hundreds of pounds per year. Not only will the platform switch you to a better priced (or greener) tariff, but it will do so in an automated manner.

It does so by searching tens of thousands of deals on a daily basis. As and when it finds you a more favorable tariff, it will proceed to make the switch on your behalf. As such, there is no need to search your own deals, nor do you need to personally open accounts with new suppliers. We also like the fact that you set your own switching parameters.

For example, you can instruct the platform to only make the switch if the new tariff saves you a minimum amount of money.

Ultimately, although the free tariff still allows you to switch automatically, it might be worth paying the £1.49 monthly fee. This will give you access to all of the providers that Switchd has access to – and not just the fee-paying suppliers.

After all, you will only be charged once the platform saves you £50, so the paid-for plans effectively pay for themselves.

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  • Easy way to Save on Energy Bills
  • Well Designed & Easy to Use
  • Automatic Switching of Suppliers
  • Green Tarrifs available


  • Need a paid plan for phone support
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