Jasper AI Review: Is This the Best AI Writing Tool on The Market?

This complete Jasper AI review will examine the platform's capabilities, suitability for different content types, and pricing system.
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When you need to write a copy that converts, there’s no better solution than Jasper AI. The AI-powered content platform searches the web for relevant information and then returns it in a list format with the user’s input – all without taking more than two minutes!

This Jasper AI review will examine the platform’s capabilities, suitability for different content types, and pricing system.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI, previously called Jarvis, is an AI-powered writing solution that helps writers churn out marketing copy that converts.

The writing tool uses an algorithm to assemble a list of content related to the input provided by the user and then returns the result. The user then selects the output that best suits their needs, and the writing software creates content along the lines of the user’s inputs.

The AI-powered content platform carries out these activities using the internet and takes a few seconds to produce a list of results in line with the topic.

While there are several writing solutions like Jasper, the platform offers some of the most impressive features that aid writers in creating the best copies. We would explore a few like Jasper Art, AI-powered templates, Plagiarism Checker, and the Commands features. Also, we would explore the pricing and the different word counts for each plan.

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How Does Jasper AI Work?

With Jasper AI, users supply a bit of information, and the software produces content relevant to the highlighted topic within the shortest time.

To do this, the AI writing solution reviews huge pieces of data on the internet, catering to the user’s unique query. Once the research phase is completed, the AI platform produces a series of content and allows users to select the one closest to their writing needs.

Writers can also assume a more hands-on approach. The AI solution allows users to select a writing format, set their titles, and even type a few sentences to kickstart the writing journey. Additionally, Jasper AI enables the selection of a tone, ranging from ‘educational’ to ‘informational’.

Given that AI is a core part of this writing tool, it automatically learns the user’s unique style and produces content that suits their writing preference.

Jasper AI Features

In keeping with its promise of tackling writer’s block, Jasper AI has several features for every form of user persona and use case.

Jasper Art

Jasper comes with an art-focused AI service for users. Users can write a detailed prompt on what they hope to create and select their artistic preference, and the software will generate the output in seconds.

The Jasper Art solution suits artistically-minded individuals transitioning into the digital art field. For most graphic designers and content creators, acquiring stock photography can cost an arm and a leg. Companies like Shutterstock offer a pricing plan where users pay a monthly subscription to download a limited number of images.

Jasper Art helps users to create dynamic, copyright-free images that can be used anywhere. This is useful in creating social media ads, thumbnails, and even illustrations to back up relevant content.

Designers must fill in a prompt and provide enough creative details to set the AI solution in motion. Once this is done, the user selects a style and tone for their creative expression. Then, the AI produces unique interpretations of the details supplied and the user can select and use any one of the copyright-free.

Multi-Language Support

The AI writer Jasper can produce original content in over 25 languages with a human-like touch. Jarvis AI is an awesome feature that eliminates needing translators or simultaneous interpreters for international communication for businesses with a global reach and those who value saving on translation costs.

Jasper AI can produce original content in over 25 languages, including Chinese, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Greek, and many others.

Jasper Business

Jasper AI is not only focused on retail users but also available to top companies’ marketing teams through the Jasper Business package.

Businesses can create custom AI workflows by optimizing one piece of content for a campaign series, collaborating in real-time with team members, and producing fresh marketing ideas.

Plagiarism Checker

Given that AI writing tools scour the internet for content, writers have been wary of using them due to the issue of using similar works on the internet or plagiarising. Jasper AI integrates the industry-proven plagiarism detection system Copyscape to overcome this hurdle. As a result, the tool quickly identifies web-like expressions and sentences, helping users know if they have been used elsewhere. This way, users receive fresh and original content that does not contravene best practices and leads to the best possible expression of their intents.

Jasper Commands

Another distinguishing feature of the Jasper AI is its Command functionality. Users can instruct the AI writing tool on what task to execute based on the information supplied. This useful feature can be a handy tool for more advanced users of the AI writing to churn out articles with minimal effort on their part rapidly.

According to the Jasper AI solution, the Command feature can be used to issue any number of instructions. However, the feature is more familiar with frequently issued instructions. The AI Command prompt learns the patterns of the user, making it a dynamic writing assistant.

The Command feature can be used in writing blog posts, summaries and conclusions, questions and answers (Q&A), ads, videos, marketing frameworks, social media content, and so much more.

Templates Offered on Jasper AI

The Texas-based writing company offers one of the highest template directories in the emerging AI writing sector. Over 50 regular and more streamlined business content templates for lead generation and customer conversion.

Some pre-built templates include a sentence expander, content improver, personal bio for LinkedIn optimization, Facebook ad headline, Google Ads description, SEO title and meta description, blog topic ideas, and feature-to-benefit.

The platform has templates for text summarizer, paragraph generator, attention, interest, desire, action (AIDA) framework and creative story. Each template aligns with the industry’s best practices and comes with a unique example to optimize the end user’s writing experience.

Jasper AI Integrates Surfer SEO

Jasper AI also offers Surfer SEO integration, which is useful for optimizing the best keywords to rank first on Google. Even more impressive is that this comes with 10k credits to try out the Surfer SEO and a $1 subscription fee for the first month.

The Surfer SEO integration enables users to create content outlines meant for high rankings, generate eye-catching paragraphs rapidly, and refine previous content for more optimized use cases.

The platform offers a two-hour training session showing users how to utilize its powerful software to locate user-focused SEO content that drives the highest website traffic.

Jasper AI Pricing

So, what does it cost users to optimize their writing experience with the software? The truth is that it is pretty affordable. Jasper AI segregates its pricing policy into three distinctive categories with unique word counts and features.


The first is the ‘Starter’ package or the hobbyist as it is denoted on its pricing page. This is meant for those just trying out the AI software, and it generally affords quite an experience. The Starter package charges a base minimum of $40 per month to get started. If users decide to pay monthly, it would cost $9 more, putting it at $49 per month.

The AI assistance will help you write at a pace that’s comfortable for your needs. The base minimum is 20,000 words and can go up to 320,00 words! It’ll cost less than $332 per month on an annual package or $399 if it lasts just one month – not bad right?

With this package, users can access 50+ AI templates, support for 20+ writing languages, user logins for up to 5 users, access to the Compose and Command features, Google Doc-styled editing structure, and even chat support to a live agent.

Boss Mode

This is the advanced or premium AI service offered by the writing software. It is useful for professional bloggers and content marketing teams as it gives more control and flexibility, with unlimited features for a standard writing resource.

This would cost $82 per month on the annual package but $99 when paid monthly. The word count starts at 100,000 words per month and tapers at 700,000. For the maximum word count, Jasper AI charges $500 per month on the annual package but $600 for the pay-per-month use case.

Boss Mode has more features and is the go-to resource for writing long-form content on Jasper AI. Some other features on Boss Mode include an increased limit on templates, higher quality outlook, improved content flow, Google Docs style editor, priority chat support, support for 25+ languages, plagiarism checker access, SEO mode, Jasper Commands, and priority chat support.


The final pricing offering is the one for Businesses. We could not ascertain this tier’s word count or price. However, the features include a dedicated account manager, custom words and pricing, onboarding and training sessions, flexible billing options, auto-save, revision history, and content search.

Jasper Starter vs Boss Mode

Jasper Starter and Boss Mode are two unique services offered by the AI software. New users can use the Starter package to understand better how the writing tool works. Even though it does not offer some high-end features, it meets the writing standards of most users.

Users can access writing assistance for over 20 languages coupled with 50+ AI-generated writing templates, Google Docs style editors, Compose and Command features, and more. Meanwhile, it has a lower word count threshold of 20,000 for a minimum. Its maximum word support is set at 320,000. This is ideal for creators who don’t publish content frequently.

The Boss Mode is the high-end offering of the Jasper AI. It commands a higher word count and even more features. Users can churn out a minimum of 100,000 words. The word count is maxed out at 700,000 words for a four-week intensive writing experience, making it an ideal writing assistant to bloggers and content marketing teams.

With the Boss Mode, users can access a larger litany of services, including content generated in 25+ languages, SEO mode, improved content flow and quality outputs, plagiarism checker access, Grammarly, and direct Jasper Commands to streamline the writing experience further.

For this Boss Mode package, users pay as much as $600 per month, which directly contrasts to the $399 the Starter package incurs.

Jasper AI Support

Using an AI writing solution can be an entirely new experience. The Jasper AI team created a support service to mitigate the inherent bottlenecks in the process.

Users can access the Jasper Bootcamp, a 45-minute video series that details the AI writing software and how to get started. The software also features a regular training series anchored by support team members that breaks down the entire process of getting started with the writing solution.

Jasper AI also offers blog articles, Live Q&As, a Facebook Group, and Help docs that provide a more detailed walkthrough for beginners. Users can also directly contact support by visiting the page, but the response time is quite slow. The team says it takes between 4 to 8 hours to assist customers.

To help with this shortcoming, the support team features several helpful tutorials in its Knowledge Center as possible answers to any nagging questions.

Getting Started with Jasper AI

Getting started on Jasper AI takes about 2 minutes. We have provided a detailed step-by-step guide to move from the signup page to the stage of creating AI-assisted copy.

Sign Up

The first step is to visit the Jasper AI website. From there, tap on the ‘Start For Free’ icon. This would lead to the signup page. Users must provide their full names and a valid email address to complete the account creation process.

For a more streamlined registration experience, the Jasper AI allows users to register with their Google account. To do this, tap the ‘Continue with Google’ icon on top of the signup form to continue.

Enter Business Information

Jasper AI requires users to provide brief information about their businesses. Provide the necessary information, including the company name and domain, in the spaces provided on the next screen. Afterwards, select how Jasper AI will benefit the business on the next screen. Options include Blog posts, Social posts, Email, Ads, Website Content, etc.

Choose A Plan

After completing the reCAPTCHA Test, as the platform requires, choose a plan that works for you and fits your budget. According to the Jasper AI website, there are three plans to choose from. Decide which one perfectly suits your business needs and marketing budget.

Enter Payment Details

Next thing to do is pay for the most preferred plan. Do this by clicking the “Start Free Trial” icon at the base of each plan breakdown. Proceed to enter the correct billing information on the next page, and tap on “Start Trial” to complete the process.

Note that the free trial for all Japer AI plans lasts only five days and the account submitted will be debited for the subscription after the trial period. However, users can always cancel before then.

Start Writing

Once payment has been completed, users can access all the platform’s features and benefits. At this point, users can deploy the software for their writing needs.

Jasper AI FAQs

Is Jasper AI any good?

Jasper AI is an excellent software for creating well-written, engaging, and informative content. It also works for SEO and helps reduce the time and errors associated with writing manually.

Which is better Copy AI or Jasper AI?

Both Copy AI and Jasper AI are content-writing software. Copy AI is more reputable for generating social media and short-form content, while Jasper AI is more suitable for long-form content. Jasper AI is also a cheaper option. So, the better one depends on the user’s needs and budget.

What is better than Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a dependable content creation and marketing tool for businesses. It has affordable plans for all kinds of business sizes. However, there are other great options like Anyword and Copy AI.

Is Jasper AI worth it?

Jasper AI offers users unique content writing for various sales channels like blogs and websites at an affordable price. Users believe the product is worth the price, considering its value.

Pros and Cons

This review would be incomplete without considering the positives and drawbacks. Below, we itemize the platform’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • Can produce content at scale
  • Offers 50+ dynamic templates
  • Useful tools for creating short-form content for ads and emails
  • Command feature rapidly churns out long-form contents
  • Especially useful for overcoming writer’s block
  • Easy-to-use AI writing tool
  • Friendly pricing
  • Produce content in multiple languages
  • Create plagiarism-free copy


  • Not all content is usable
  • Plagiarism checker is not free
  • Information generated is not fact-checked
  • Lacks personality and the human element in writing
  • No relevant sources are cited for quoted remarks or texts
  • Word counts can be exhausted even with irrelevant content

The Verdict

Jasper AI is a good platform to use if you want to create digital marketing content like blog posts and social media posts. It is affordable and user-friendly. You can also review and edit the content before you publish it.

According to various online reviews, the platform delivers on its promise in terms of speed and generating high-quality content to boost sales and conversion. However, users may need to review and edit its content before publishing, as the platform isn’t 100% devoid of errors.

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Jasper AI


Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • Can produce content at scale
  • Offers 50+ dynamic templates
  • Especially useful for overcoming writer’s block
  • Easy-to-use AI writing tool
  • Friendly pricing


  • Not all content is usable
  • Plagiarism checker is not free
  • Information generated is not fact-checked

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