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Flipper Review: Automated Energy Supplier Switching to Save You Money

Flipper is a service that automatically switches you to the best deals that suit your home energy needs.
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Flipper is an automated energy switching service that can help you to get the most from your monthly budget. Energy bills are a major expense that drains a lot from your budget. But, there are ways to make your energy bills as low as possible.

There is no reason to stay locked into an expensive energy contract, especially when companies like Flipper are out there.

If you really care about your savings and energy bills, you should always look for ways to switch to more cost-effective methods. When it comes to finding cheap energy solutions, there is a new class of energy switching services that will make sure that you get one of the best prices in the marketplace.

At Flipper Energy, you will find a very easy to use energy switching service that will help you to save your time and money as the company commits to make everything very simple, effortless, and the best for you.

You won’t have to spend hours on a comparison website looking for the best deals, and you can be sure that you are getting a good price on your energy.

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Please Note: Flipper is for people located in the UK.

What is Flipper Energy?

Flipper is a service that does a lot more than compare deals on electricity and gas. The platform automatically switches you to the best deals that suit your home energy needs.

Also, it shows you results by searching the whole market first and does not take any money or commission from all listed energy suppliers.

Flipper is a smart way to get energy at great prices. It is a well-known company, which was founded in 2015. The company works as an online comparison algorithm automatically flipping its customers onto cheaper service packages.

The Flipper website
The Flipper website

The company currently has more than 30,000 satisfied customers in the UK and with its unique business model, it is gaining popularity in the market as their way of flipping is quite interesting.

You can fully trust the results from Flipper, and confidently take advantage of the most competitive deals. Automated energy switching platforms are all the rage and for good reason. Your time is one of your most valuable assets, and automatically switching to one of the best energy tariffs will save you both time and money.

Flipper is working to make sure that its clients get the most out of their hard-earned money by looking for the best energy tariffs in the market. While some people may want to look for their own deals, saving time by using an automated energy switching platform has become a very popular option.

How Flipper Works

Flipper takes full responsibility to find great deals, and then switch to the best one it finds for your needs. The company an auto-switching service to switch you to the best energy tariffs it can find.

Flipper starts searching for deals as soon as you are done with the registration and it makes a regular market check market every month, and the platform makes sure to provide you the best services by offering most competitive deals.

How Flipper Works
How Flipper Works

To keep things simple the Flipper Energy switching service assists its users to save money by shifting to the affordable energy suppliers. And to be part of this, you simply need to give your personal information such as name, address, postcode and email along with information about your current supplier.

After getting on board with Flipper, just feel relax and be positive that you are paying the lowest energy bill and saving the most that you can. This process continues all the time, and Flipper Energy keeps on checking and monitoring the market.

Whenever the algo finds a more attractive in price, it directly flips your energy supplier to the cheaper one.

Simple to Signup

It is very easy to use Flipper. All you have to do is signup, and then it will be easy to start saving money. When you save money, it means that the earnings you have will go further. You can take your savings, and go on a vacation, or top up your retirement plan.

Below are five reasons why Flipper makes sense:

  1. Flipper learns about your savings by taking the date of your bills and making sure to calculate your savings accurately.
  2. Flipper uses more than 50 energy suppliers for its clients, and it doesn’t take any extra money from energy suppliers. Additionally, it won’t add suppliers that have poor service, so you know that you will have a good experience.
  3. You don’t have to remain online all the time and search for a better option, as Flipper will transfer your services automatically to the better option. Just relax and Flipper will update you after switching via email.
  4. If the savings the algo finds are more than £50, you’ll receive an email to confirm a “flip” is taking place. If you wanted to stick with your current supplier, get in contact with Flipper within 14 days of receiving the email and they will take care of all the work.
  5. Members save an average of £385 per year.
Easy Signup Process
Easy Signup Process

How Do I Sign Up?

To be part of the Flipper platform you simply need to go to the website and then tell Flipper if you want to get electricity, or electricity and gas as well.

Next, you want to write your personal details along with your current energy supplier and how much you’re spending.

After completing the sign-up process flipper will show how much you could save, and you can take your first step to drop your energy bills.

Flipper will show you how much you can save
Flipper will show you how much you can save

How Long Does Switching Take?

Depending on the supplier you are using, it takes between 17-34 days with a 14 day resting period if you want to change your mind. Rarely things can take more time, but normally you don’t need to worry if your switch didn’t work properly. You can always contact Flipper if you have any questions.

Is There a Fee?

The annual fee at Flipper is low which at just £30 annually, and your membership will renew after 12 months. As a bonus, you will not get charged until you save the minimum amount of £50. It is easy to see that Flipper is geared towards saving you money and playing fairly.

Why Choose Flipper Energy?

While Flipper isn’t a free platform, it does offer its clients some big advantages. Keep in mind that you won’t pay a thing until you are saving money, and it is likely that over time Flipper will save you a bundle more than you pay to use it.

Savings are Guaranteed

You just need to pay £30 per year as a membership fee for obtaining the Flipper Energy Switching Service. This platform provides guaranteed results or you won’t pay a cent. Flipper energy has an excellent algorithm which is known as joules and it shows the best deal after doing extensive research.

If you are not able to save your money then they don’t charge you, and the platform will keep on checking for free until it finds a way to save you money. The company will charge the fee when it makes sure you are saving a minimum of £50. Flipper uses the data from your existing bills to ensure that you get the most for your money, and pay as little as possible for electricity and gas.

Flipper Pricing
Flipper Pricing is £30 per year

Regular Monitoring

The Flipper platform always keeps on checking and exploring trustworthy suppliers and monitors all the rates that are on offer, which only takes the algo a few seconds to calculate. So it’s really beneficial for the users, as they don’t have to search the market by themselves.

Flipper will provide you with the best rates on electricity and gas bills. Flipper’s algorithm will also respond to the market, for example, if your present tariff is set for a price increase, you will be ‘flipped’ to avoid paying more for your service.

Flipper Smart Algorithm

The advanced algorithm used by Flipper works efficiently. Whenever the Joules algorithm is looking for the latest deal that which could be beneficial in terms of money-saving, it also calculates whether you need to flip right away or stick to the current supplier for a little while longer.

Joules calculates the saving which also includes any exit fees, so the savings amount that it shows deducts all the fees in order to provide the maximum savings possible.

When one of the UK’s most advanced auto energy savings algorithm knows that flipping is beneficial, it will flip you to a new package and update you via email. It is a super simple way to make sure your energy costs are among the most competitive in the market.

The Flipper process
The Flipper process

Price Comparison Option

There are many other websites like Flipper which offer comparison services to choose which best energy suppliers, but many take commissions to make a profit. Flipper is unique as it doesn’t take any commission from suppliers. It provides you a complete overview of the market and shows 100% fair results.

Trouble-Free Flipping

Another benefit to be part of the Flipper community is that it takes all hassle away from finding energy savings in a complex market. You don’t have to do all the regular paperwork with Flipper, instead, you simply need to click on the website and fill up your details online which just takes 10-15 minutes.

Excellent Customer Service

Flipper is prompt to provide good quality customer support to its clients. Its helpful staff are experts on the energy market and can help to answer your questions from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm UK time.

The Flipper team will call your supplier on your behalf if you are not getting proper services and will work to resolve the issue. Also, if you feel that you need to shift another supplier, you can ask for help from Flipper customer support.

Flipper Energy Disadvantages

There is no doubt that flipper has a lot good things services by offering switching energy suppliers automatically towards cheap rates but no platform is perfect.

Here are a few things to consider before you decide to go forward with Flipper:

  • If energy suppliers are not providing services as per the standard and fail to fulfill customer needs if directly affects Flipper’s reputation.
  • To be part of flipper energy services, you need to provide your personal details and give your household bills to the company. This can be a turn-off to some people, as handing over your personal data to any company comes with security issues.
  • Flipper isn’t free. There are some platforms out there that will do a similar job, and don’t cost a thing.

Flipper Energy Competitors:

There are many energy auto-switchers in UK market. The major competitors of flippers are Labrador, Switchd, Migrate and Look After My Bills (LAMB).

We reviewed Look after my bills here

Some are free for customers to use, which may make them more attractive. Keep in mind that a free platform makes its money from commissions, which could affect the energy suppliers they use in their algo.

Flipper is an Attractive Choice

If you want to use an energy flipping service that isn’t going to rely on commission from energy providers, Flipper is a good platform to choose. It is very simple to use, and won’t take your money until it is savings you at least £50. Flipper saves its clients nearly £400 per year on average, which is a nice amount of money to keep in your bank account.

It is nice that Flipper will look for a deal on your behalf, and won’t charge you anything until it creates savings for you. After you enter all your information into its site, your job is basically done.

Flipper has good customer support as well, and won’t just use an energy supplier because they are cheap as chips, but don’t take care of its clients.

Overall, Flipper is a great way to make sure that you are getting a market-leading rate on your gas and electric service, and not spend much time finding that deal.

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Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • Easy to Use
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Not Charged unless it can save you money
  • Automated Switching
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • There are other Free options
  • You can do this manually with Price comparison sites

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