Beyond Wills Review: How to Create Your Own Will Online

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Making considerations about life after you pass away is never an easy talking point. However, the reality is that should you pass away without leaving a will, your assets will be distributed based on the law of the land, rather than going to your chosen loved ones.

Whether it’s because people don’t want to talk about intimate life details with a third party, they’re concerned the process is full of complex legal jargon, or simply because they feel the time isn’t right, millions of people pass away each and every year without leaving a will.

This is why the likes of Beyond Wills created its user-friendly, cost-effective and seamless online will making platform. By using Beyond Wills to facilitate your wishes, the platform claims you can complete the process in just 15 minutes.

If you’re thinking about using Beyond Wills but you’re still sat on the fence, be sure to read our comprehensive guide. We’ll cover how the platform works, how much it costs, whether it’s safe, and anything else we think you should know.

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What is Beyond Wills?

Beyond Wills is an online platform that aims to simplify legal matters surrounding wills. Ordinarily, not only is making a will with a traditional solicitor costly, but the process can also be complex. This is where Beyond Wills come in to place, insofar that the platform makes it super easy to make a will, all of which can be done at the click of a button.

Known as ‘DIY wills’, Beyond Wills ensure that your dying wishes are met, without breaking the bank or needing to go through countless legal documents. Although you create the foundation of the will yourself, the platform’s team of legal experts check the will to make sure it’s legally sound and binding.

On top of its proprietary wills product, Beyond Wills also offer a number of other key services. This centres on probate, funeral finance, repatriations, and the ability to compare funeral directors.

How to Make a Will Online

How Does Beyond Wills Work?

When you create a will with Beyond Wills, the whole process is completed online. The first part of the process will see you answer a range of questions. Initially, this includes your marital status, and whether the assets are in England or Wales.

In the next stage of the process, you then get the chance to start adding your beneficiaries. Once you’ve added who you want to leave your assets to, you will then be required to divide your estate. For example, you might decide to leave everything to a single person, or split the assets equally among your children.

You will also need to specify who you want as your executor. This is the person or people that you want to carry out your wishes.

How To

Next, you then need to identity your assets. This needs to include everything that you wish to pass on. Whether it’s your property, car, savings, investments or jewelry collection, make sure that you specify it within your will.

At the final stage of the application, you need to review the information thoroughly, before paying the fee.

Once everything is complete, you will then be able to download your will for safekeeping.

How Much Does Beyond Wills Cost? Is it Worth it?

One of the main selling points to the Beyond Wills platform is that it is significantly cheaper than using a traditional solicitor. A legal representative will typically charge anywhere between £200 and £1,000 to create a will on your behalf.

On the contrary, Beyond Wills charge just £90 for a single will. For this, you get a legally binding will, live support, and a qualified legal expert to check the will to make sure it is legally sound. There are no hidden costs to consider, nor will you need to pay anything further once the will has been written,

However, Beyond Wills does offer an additional, optional service at a cost of £10 per year. If you do pay the annual fee, you will be able to make an unlimited number of changes to the will via your online account.


This is actually good value, as there might come a time that you need to make certain amendments. Whether it’s changing the beneficiary of your will, or adding and/or removing assets, you can do this at any time with the subscription service.

On top of this, the £10 annual fee also provides updates to the law, should it concern you and your will.

Finally, if you pay the annual subscription, the team at Beyond Wills will keep your will in safe storage, subsequently protecting you from the risk of losing or damaging it.

Whichever option you decide to go for, the fees are considerably lower than what you would pay with a conventional solicitor. This is especially the case if you need to make amendments to the will, as solicitors will likely bill you for this on each update you instruct them to implement.

What if I Want to do a Couple’s Will?

If you and your partner both need to make a will, this is fully supported by the Beyond Wills platform. However, the company executes this as two separate, individual wills. This allows you and your partner to make personalised wishes, should you want to.

If you do purchase a couple’s will through Beyond Wills, this costs £135 in total, meaning that you will save £45, had you purchased two wills separately.

Is Beyond Wills Safe?

There are a lot of horror stories in the media about DIY will services, with much of this centering on concerns about the legality of the will itself. Moreover, DIY will services can also result in you making an error, such as forgetting to include an asset, or leaving a will to the wrong person. As a result, it’s crucial that you do your homework before utilising a DIY will service.

In the case of Beyond Wills, the platform has a number of safeguards in place to ensure that your will is legally binding. First and foremost, the platform creates a will on your behalf that uses legal language approved by STEP-qualified solicitors. In other words, the platform feeds the information you provide during the initial questionnaire, and transitions it into a legally approved document.

Not only this, but your will is individually checked by the Beyond Will’s team of in-house experts. Should they find anything within the will that doesn’t look right, they’ll contact you directly within a week.

The platform also registers your will with the National Will Register. This ensures that the will is officially recorded, and that your loved ones can easily find it once you pass away.

Is Beyond Wills Suitable for my Individual Needs?

It is important to note that Beyond Wills might not be suitable if your individual circumstances are deemed complex. By this, we mean that the assets that you hold go beyond what the platform covers.

According to Beyond Wills, you can leave money, property or land, specific belongings, and stocks and shares. However, if, for example, you hold assets outside of the UK, then you might need to use the services of a traditional solicitor.

You will also need to make considerations regarding taxes. Inheritance tax is a highly complex area of law in the UK, so it might be worth seeking some guidance before you get started.

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Customer Service and Public Reviews

Beyond Wills provide one-on-one support throughout the will making process. The customer support team works seven days per week, between the hours of 9am and 7pm. You can contact customer support by calling them on 0800 044 9569, or through the platform’s live chat facility.

In terms of reviews available in the public domain, Beyond Wills have a TrustPilot score of 5/5, which is most definitely a good sign. Upon browsing through some of the reviews, customers noted that the process was extremely straightforward, and that Beyond Wills provided the necessary support when needed.

Beyond Wills Review: The Verdict?

In summary, Beyond Wills is an excellent alternative to going through the conventional avenue of using a solicitor or lawyer. Not only is the traditional route expensive, but the process can be somewhat daunting and overly-complex.

On the contrary, the Beyond Wills platform makes it really straightforward to make your will, all of which you can do by answering questions about your personal circumstances and wishes.

On top of offering a frictionless way to make your will, the Beyond Wills platform is also very cost-effective. For just £90, you get to make a legally binding will that is checked and validated by the company’s in-house legal experts. The price also includes the registration of your will with the National Will Register, which would ordinarily cost £30.

Finally, we also like the annual subscription plan that Beyond Wills offers as an optional upgrade. For just £10 per year, you get to make unlimited amendments to your previously created will, and Beyond Wills will also store the will on your behalf.

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Beyond Wills


Ease of Use






Customer Support



  • Cheaper Than a Solicitor
  • Couples Wills Available
  • Checked by STEP-Qualified solicitors
  • Registers with National Will Register


  • Not Suitable for More Complex Wills

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