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Meet Cleo App Review: Your Own Chat Bot AI-Powered Financial Assistant

Meet Cleo is an AI Powered Financial Assistant App - Read our Full Review to find out all you need to know with Pros & Cons.
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Everything is moving over to the digital world. Now, you can use Cleo as your own AI-powered financial assistant. If you are wondering why you need a financial assistant, you might be surprised at how much a responsible algo can do to help you learn more about how and where you spend.

We all need to spend reasonably. If you look at where a billionaire like Warren Buffett eats, you might be shocked to see that his favorite restaurant is a local steakhouse.

It is nice to think that ‘flexing’ expensive gear on Instagram is a viable way to plan for your future, but the kind of sane spending advice that an app like Cleo delivers to you is a much better way to get ahead.

We need to control how we spend, otherwise, we may end up paying more on something we could’ve got a better deal on, or even spend on things we don’t need. Eventually, we don’t have enough to finance more essential things and see why Buffett isn’t rocking an iced out Rolex or riding around town in a McLaren.

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What is Meet Cleo?

With Cleo, your financial management worries will be put to rest. Cleo is an intelligent virtual assistant. It can be accessed on a laptop via their website ( or through their app on your smartphone. You might be interested in Cleo, given its ease of use.

Cleo can help you keep track of spending. It will push you to be more conscious when you are about to exceed your projected spending limit. It also gives you advice on how to get specific goods and services at lower prices if it detects that the amount you spend on a particular item is more than the average being paid by other members of Cleo.


The website gives the impression of being professional, and easy to understand. It welcomes you with an explanation about the features of Cleo and how it makes it easy for you to manage your finances. It goes further and gives you information about the safety of the account details you put on the app.

According to the company, it uses bank-level system security, and its systems operate a read-only service, which means it doesn’t have access to make any sort of changes to your account. The transaction information is encrypted and not stored in its server. Without a doubt, Cleo seems to have thought its business through.

How to: Sign Up

The signup process with Cleo is easy and swift, coupled with the text messages you get while going through the process. The text messages include information about Cleo and re-assurance about the safety of your account details, which you will have to link with the app for them to have direct access to the transactions on your account.

As long as you have your bank account info handy, you should be up and running within five minutes. If there is a delay or challenge with the synchronization process, you will also receive a message explaining the cause of the delay.

You should be done with the process quickly. If you log in through your laptop, you will see a graphical illustration of your balance, latest transactions, direct debits, categorized spending for the last 60 days.


The feeling many people get after completing the sign-up process is positive.

Cleo gives you instant responses and advice when you make inquiries about my spending attitude and account balance. This is possible because Cleo uses an AI service through text message, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, and Amazon Alexa.

The platform uses a humorous and friendly emoji/gif to communicate along with a warm and friendly tone that is very welcoming, which is a lot of fun.

Why is Cleo Being so Nice to Me?

Cleo makes money by helping you to reduce the amount you spend on certain things.

For example, you might receive a notification from Cleo that the amount you spend on your gas bill is more than the average amount other persons are spending. You would be offered an alternative gas supplier. The acceptance of that offer is money for Cleo and cost reduction for you. It is a win-win situation.

Meet Cleo also has a referral scheme that pays you to help the company expand. After signing up, you will get a personal link that you can share with your contacts.

Once they sign up with your link, you will receive £2.50, which you can withdraw to your account or save in your Cleo Wallet. Though the referral bonus seems small, it can make you some extra cash, and also help your friends to be more financially responsible.

How Referrals Work:

The process of getting referrals is easy, and you can also leverage on your Facebook or any other social media account you operate. As long as you operate within the regulations that Cleo sets out (listed below) it should be a good way to make some cash, and help your peers!

  • The money from the referral will be put in your Cleo Wallet, which you can also transfer to your bank account from the Wallet.
  • Persons that register through your link cannot delete their account until a seven-day window has elapsed.
  • You will not get a referral bonus from People that sign up through you but refuse to link their account to their Cleo account.
  • You are not allowed to use the same online banking details in different Cleo accounts
  • Cleo’s fraud team will diligently scrutinize an account with a high number of referrals.
  • Seven days after someone signs up entirely through your link, you will be requested to provide your account details, so a bank transfer of your bonus can be sent to you.

AI Rocks!

The fact that Cleo uses an AI-powered chatbot through a popular app like facebook messenger is great. Chatbots are the future of most online interactions, and if they are done well, a chatbot can be better than a person.

With Cleo, you can begin to save money, track and reduce the amount you spend. This will help you to save cash, which you can efficiently channel into other areas of your life, like a retirement account.

The simple fact is that we are inundated with adverts, and there aren’t many responsible voices out there who are telling you how to save.


There is money to be made in marketing, as well as selling consumers on debts. Neither of those two industries will help anyone on the buying end from a financial point of view, which is why AI is such a great new technology.

Cleo has developed a platform that can actually help you to get ahead, and also learn more about why you are spending.

Clearly, this entire platform relies on AI to work, which is a big plus for anyone who needs a little help when it comes to managing their spending. Without AI, there would be no way for a platform like Cleo to do its job, and get your bank balances in better shape!

Save Your Way to Financial Freedom

If you are still in your 20s or even 30s, you have the opportunity to start saving for your future at a young age. The money that you put into a tax-efficient savings vehicle (like an IRA in the USA) will grow over the next few decades, and you will be glad that you started saving at a younger age.

Meet Cleo is a good platform for anyone who is looking to maximize every dollar they spend by getting the best deals possible. Once you are saving more of your monthly income, it will be easy to fund a retirement account every month.

There are loads of new robo advisors on the market, and you can set up a new account with most of them for less than $100 USD. Some even let you open an IRA (or the equivalent) with just $1 USD. Once you see your nest egg grow, all the money-saving tips you have heard in your life will begin to make a lot more sense.

Cleo: The Rundown

Cleo is an AI-powered chatbot that is laser-focused on saving you money. It will help you set budgets, find spending patterns, and save money on regular purchases.

Like any publicly available AI, Cleo is limited in its scope. Once it is configured for your life, it will help to make sure you are on-budget, and also spending at the most efficient level possible. It can’t do much more, and you will probably want to look into other platforms that fit different parts of your financial life.

The only real drawback to the platform is that you have to share your banking data with the company, although it does use industry-standard security measures to make sure your data is as safe as possible.

If you are looking for a great free tool that can help you save money today, and build a healthier financial life in the future, Meet Cleo is worth a look. There is no commitment to buy anything, or any fees, so if it sounds like a neat tool, give Meet Cleo a try!

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Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • Easy to Use
  • Great Design
  • Novel Approach
  • Makes it easy to save
  • Intelligent Insights into spending habits


  • Chat based approach not for everyone
  • Have to Share Banking Details

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