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The Best Travel Sites: Save Money on Vacations, Flights & Package Deals

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Are you thinking about taking a vacation? After a long year at the office or running a business, it’s essential to get some downtime. Relaxation revitalizes the mind and rejuvenates the body. What better way to do this, than spending a few days on the beach, or trekking through the mountains?

Whatever your idea is for the perfect vacation, it’s available to you. We live in a world where any destination you can imagine is only a plane trip away. Maybe you don’t feel like leaving the U.S? There are so many fantastic destinations to visit at home as well.

However, when it comes time to start planning the itinerary for your trip, you’re going to need some professional help. There are so many factors in planning a trip other than choosing your destination. Booking flights, accommodation, and car rental services are a hassle at first, but once done, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Taking a vacation these days can be somewhat stressful when you’re planning it out, and when you start to see the costs mount up, it can be a bit disheartening. Traveling isn’t cheap, and if you have a family to take along with you, then those costs can start to skyrocket.

Cheap Vacation Ideas
Cheap Vacation Ideas: Budget-Friendly Trips Guide

Fortunately, there are a few websites that can help you manage the costs of your vacation. Online vendors can help you make fantastic savings on all of the factors involved with your trip. We put together this article to give you a few tips about how to save money when planning your vacation.

Travel Tips to Know Before You Start

Before we jump into the specifics of saving you money on your vacation with our top choices for travel websites, let’s review a few tips that can get your planning started on the right foot.

The Time of Year Matters

You can make huge savings on your travels, depending on what time of the year you decide to take your vacation. While everybody wants to join the herd and flock to the beaches during spring break, it costs them a fortune.

Travel service providers make their money by riding the wave of demand from the public. If you’re thinking about traveling within the United States during the summertime, then you can expect to pay a premium for your travel plans. With everyone wanting to go on vacation, the travel market experiences a boost in demand and service providers up their rates.

If you’re thinking about traveling, then try to avoid the peak season if you can. While no one wants to go on vacation in the dead of winter when rates are at their lowest (after Thanksgiving till the end of February), it’s an excellent way to get out and enjoy winter sports at this time of year.

How to Travel on a Budget
How to Travel on a Budget: Complete Guide to Cheap Traveling

Traveling internationally during the winter is also an excellent way to escape the cold, and a trip to the Southern hemisphere may be on the cards. If you ever wanted to visit Australia, South Africa, or Brazil, then the wintertime lets you escape the cold for a few weeks. It’s the height of summer in these destinations, and you can find some affordable deals from travel agents if you’re willing to search online.

The equator is always warm and sunny, so if you feel like a trip to the Maldives, Hawaii, or Tahiti, then the winter season is the ideal time to take a trip to these destinations.

Travel Insurance

Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance before you leave, for a small sum, these companies could save you a fortune if something unexpected happens on your travels.

Our recommended companies are :

Other guides:

The Best Travel Sites to Save Money on Vacations

Using the internet is a great idea to help you save money on your next vacation. There are plenty of service providers online that you can use to help you save a bundle on your trip. We put together this list to narrow your search.

When compiling this list, we took into account the best sites to help you save money on your plane tickets, accommodation, and car rental. These three factors are the most significant costs involved with any vacation, and these service providers allow you to make massive savings.

The Best Websites to Book Package Deals

Package deals are a fantastic way to save yourself a ton of money when booking your vacation. Service providers that offer customers package deals benefit from an industry discount that they pass onto the customer. In many cases, they can save you between 30 to 50-percent of the costs of booking your trip yourself. Here are our top choices.


Visit Kayak for the best deals on package vacations. Kayak is a search engine that helps link you to the best deals on offer with travel agents. Enter your trip details on the site, and it presents you with plenty of package deal options for your vacation. Search for vacation packages locally or internationally, as well as excellent deals on cruises.


This website is another excellent option for finding the best deals on airplane tickets, accommodation, and car hire, all in one user-friendly platform. Priceline also offers you flexibility deals, and if you don’t have a specific travel date in mind, then you can take advantage of the exclusive travel offers as well.


Similar to Kayak, Orbitz is one of the most established online vacation websites. The platform allows you to mix and match your car hire, plane tickets, and accommodation from multiple vendors to create a personalized vacation package.


This website specializes in low-cost vacation packages. If you have a flexible travel date, the check out the list of top deals on offer, and you could score a significant discount on your vacation.

Apple Vacations

No, we aren’t talking about the smartphone manufacturer. Apple Vacations is a bespoke travel agency dedicated to providing customers with outstanding deals on all of your vacation costs. Apple Vacations help you with arranging airfare, car hire, and they even offer shuttles from the airport to your hotel or self-catering accommodation. Apple has a representative on call to you at any stage of your vacation, should you need assistance with rearranging any details.


This website is one of the best providers of discounted airfares. The site also provides you with the facility to plan your car rental and accommodation needs as well.


Booking a package deal with Travelocity allows you to book airfare, accommodation, and car hire, as well as find the best deals on experiences for your trip as well.

The Best Websites to Book Flights

If you’re traveling to a destination and staying with friends or family, then the chances are that you don’t need a package deal. In this case, your flights are the most expensive part of your vacation, and finding deals on cheap airfare is your top priority. Check out these websites for the best deals on airfare.


Skyscanner has the best deals on airfare both locally and internationally. They scan the current pricing of all of the top airlines, presenting you with the best options for your travel date. Sign up for the newsletter and receive instant access to exclusive deals.


If you’re thinking about traveling locally, they give SeatGuru a try when booking your flights. Get details about seats available, learn about the aircraft, and source the best deals on airfare from local airlines flying throughout the continental United States.


This website is always offering discount codes and coupons for flights. Sign up for the newsletter and get deals sent to your inbox as they launch. The site also makes suggestions on alternate travel dates that could save you money.


Type into the search bar of your Chrome browser and let Google do the hard work of finding you the best flights. Filter your results by typing in the destination airport, and the search engine presents you with a list of the best deals available.

The Best Websites for Accommodation

After flights, accommodation is going to be the most significant expense for your vacation. Fortunately, there are sites you can use to reduce hotel and self-catering costs. Here are our top choices.


Get rock-bottom deals on accommodation through this sharing site. You get to book your stay in someone else’s home that they aren’t using. Most Airbnb accommodation is similar to what you would expect from a self-catered vacation home, with options available all around the globe. Rent rooms, houses, or apartments.


This site offers you a convenient way to locate the best self-catering options at your destination. The deals on offer are affordable, and they focus on condos and homes that are available, with a similar model to Airbnb.


If you’re young and intent of traveling the world, then this website is your best option. The site lists various accommodation all over the globe, and in some cases, you can even book for free! However, the catch is that you may have to share the accommodation with others and take part in social activities during your stay.

If you prefer staying in hotels on your vacation, then give this website a try. has the most extensive selection of hotel deals around the globe, with the best pricing. The site also allows you to book conference rooms and venues, making it the ideal choice for traveling business people.


If you’re traveling on a budget, then check this website for the best deals on hostel accommodation around the globe. Hostels offer travelers and digital nomads the most affordable housing available in over 170-countries.


If you’re willing to put in some work while on vacation, then this website puts you in touch with families that could use some extra help around the house or garden in exchange for incredibly affordable accommodation rates. It’s the ideal site for young travelers that are working on a shoestring budget, and in some cases, you can even stay for free.

The Best Websites for Car Hire

If you decide to travel locally within the United States, then you’re going to need a car when you get to your destination. Hiring a taxi service or using Uber to get around will end up bleeding your bank account dry. Renting a car is a much more affordable option, and there are plenty of car hire companies to choose from for your rental. Here are our top choices for car hire.


Book your car rental from a local, rather than at the airport, and save yourself a bundle. Rates are far lower than most car hire companies, and you have access to a massive selection of vehicles.


Slash the costs of your car hire by using this website. AutoSlash has a vast database of car hire options around the globe. Enter your trip details and let the search engine go to work with finding you’re the cheapest options available.


This website has the best deals available from all of the major car rental services like Avis and Hertz.

The Best Websites for Vacation Experiences

You’ll only be able to spend so much time sun tanning on the beach. If you have kids or you enjoy getting out and experiencing the local scene and culture of the places you visit, then you’ll need some things to keep you all preoccupied during the days and nights. We recommend these websites for booking your experiences to keep you and your family entertained and busy while on vacation.


This website is the global leader in vacation experiences. Enter your destination and get advice on the best tourist destination, tour guide packages, and sightseeing. Book tickets for shows, arrange to meet with other groups and get the most out of your vacation experience.

Get Your Guide

Use this website to find unique local experiences on offer from tour guides and sightseeing companies. Book your activities with the site, and you get to skip the waiting line at most shows and sightseeing tours.


Get the VIP treatment with CityPass when you book your shows and activities.

Wrapping Up – Travel Easy

Going on vacation is about having fun and relaxing. Whether your traveling by yourself or with those people in your life that you care about most, you’ll need help. Avoid the stress involved with planning your trip, and make use of the resources in this guide.

Every one of the websites mentioned in this article provides you with excellent solutions to reduce your travel expenses, allowing you to get more value out of your vacation dollars.


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