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WP Simple Pay Review: The Easy Stripe Payments Plugin for WordPress

WP Simple Pay is a WordPress plugin which makes it simple to start accepting Stripe payments on your website, Here's our full review with Pros & Cons.
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Choosing a payment gateway to use on your WordPress site might seem like a simple task. But, it is one that requires a lot of consideration. You need your customers to easily access their payment options while ensuring that all transactions are secure.

Stripe undoubtedly falls into the category of a top payment service provider available in the market today. With a Stripe payment option, your users can directly make payments on your site by entering their credit card information. There is no need for them to have a Stripe account to facilitate the transaction, either.

WP Simple Pay has managed to combine the benefits of Stripe, with the simplicity of a payment form.  The plugin allows you to integrate Stripe with your WordPress to access all of its functionality.

WP Simple Pay focuses on making the payment process as easy as it can be for both you and your customers, by eliminating the need for shopping carts, or unnecessary checkout processes.

In this detailed WP Simple Pay review, we will cover the main features of the plugin and how you can benefit from it.

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What Does WP Simple Pay Offer?

In a nutshell, WP Simple Pay is a standalone Stripe payment plugin for WordPress.

It is not an add-on and works effectively without any additional plugins. WP Simple Pay enables you to set up a payment form to accept both one-time and recurring credit card payments on your WordPress site.

At first glance, the plugin comes with a user-friendly interface and plenty of features that allow you to configure the system to your liking.

WP Simple Pay Homepage
WP Simple Pay Homepage

Here is an overview of what you can do with WP Simple Pay.

  • Create payment forms with Stripe integration
  • Create custom payment success and failure pages
  • Brand the checkout pages with your logo or product images
  • Verify the client’s postal code without an address
  • Create custom forms for Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Support coupon codes

Apart from Stripe, the plugin also offers support for iDeal and ACH Debit payment methods. You can use them together with the credit card option in your payment form.

The plugin is ideal for WordPress beginners, as it comes with easy setup and minimal need for coding.

WP Simple Pay Features

WP Simple Pay boasts several powerful features that let you configure and customize your payment page. The tool allows you to create payment forms in different modes, as well as combine payment solutions with other integrations.

Some of the features on offer
Some of the features on offer

Let us take a peek at the different functionalities on offer.

Create Unlimited Number of Payment Forms

Regardless of your plan, the plugin lets you create unlimited payment forms. You can use multiple forms in different layouts, and have them placed at various checkout points on your WordPress site. Currently, WP Simple Pay offers support for:

  • Stripe Checkout
  • Donation form
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Subscriptions, and more.

You can also add custom fields to create a payment form specific to your purposes.

Payment Form Builder

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, WP Simple Pay allows you to build your own custom payment forms. These additional fields could help you offer a quality checkout experience to your customers.

There are three types of payment form displays that come with the plugin:

  • Embedded Form Display will display the payment form fields on the page
  • Overlay Display will have an overlay of buttons over the payment form fields
  • Stripe Checkout is the official payment form created by the Stripe server and presented in the Embedded Form display.

While the embedded and overlay displays can be fully customized, Stripe checkout comes only with minimal customizations.

When you click on the Stripe checkout button, you will be redirected to the company’s official server to process the payment.

Drag & Drop Builder
Drag & Drop Builder

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay Integration

WP Simple Pay makes it possible for you to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay buttons on your checkout page. By default, Apple and Google Pay would be enabled if you choose the Stripe Checkout form display.

You can opt-out from this feature by changing the Stripe Checkout Settings.

Add Custom Subscription Options

If you have subscription models associated with your payment plans, WP Simple Pay has a way to include that as well. Subscription options include custom fields for the plan label, amount, any additional fee, and a charge limit.

The charge limit indicates the number of times the subscription fee will be charged according to the plan.

Subscriptions can also be set up as recurring payments. For instance, you can allow your customers to select a plan from a predefined set of pricing models for a particular product. Your customers can choose the predefined plan, and proceed to pay it in recurring amounts.

These recurring intervals can be set on a weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Subscription Options
Subscription Options

Subscription Fees and Free Trials

In addition to recurring or subscription fees, you can also charge your customers a one-time setup fee and a time-limited free trial period. You can add labels to note the initial and recurring payments, which will be updated if the customer changes their plan.

One-Time and Recurring Custom Payments

WP Simple Pay offers a “pay what you want” option, which enables your viewers to make a single or a recurring payment for a custom amount. This payment mode is particularly useful in case of donations, along with custom subscription models.

Offer Discounts With Coupon Codes

You can also allow your customers to enter coupon codes during the checkout to redeem their discounts. This option is available for both single payments as well as subscription forms.

Tax Rate Percentage

In some payment forms, you might also need to mention a tax rate to be included in the final amount. Using the plugin, you can now display this tax rate on your payment forms.

This feature can be integrated into all payment types, regardless of whether it is one-time, recurring, or subscriptions with trials.

Support for Multiple Languages and Currencies

WP Simple Pay allows you to set the local language and the preferred currency option for your payment forms. Stripe currently offers support for 27 languages and over 135 currencies across 39 countries.

Additionally, you can also change the date formats to match the practice of your site’s region.

Code Snippet Library for Custom Functions

If you want to add more functionalities to the plugin, WP Simple Pay also facilitates this via coding. The platform has put together a Code Snippet Library that holds sample codes making use of the action hooks and WordPress filters available in the plugin.

This is a particularly useful tool for users with knowledge of coding to make custom changes

Creating a Payment Form with WP Simple Pay

Now that we have discussed the potential of WP Simple Pay, let us see how you can put these features to good use.

So, once you download and install WP Simple Pay, the first step is to connect it to your Stripe account.

The plugin offers both Test Mode and Live Mode, so you can test your payments and ensure that everything is working before you make the services available to your customers.

To create your first form, go to ‘Simple Pay Pro’ on your WordPress dashboard and ‘Add New’.

In the form builder, you will be able to see the following tabs.

Payment Options

The payment options give you two payment types to choose from: the  one-time set amount, and the one-time custom amount.

If you choose the set amount, you need to enter the required amount. If it’s the custom option, you leave it to the customer to select the amount.

You can also decide which page your customer will be redirected to after the payment confirmation.

Connect your Stripe account
Connect your Stripe account

By default, WP Simple Pay will go to the preloaded confirmation page listed in Settings > General.

If you want to specify another page for a particular payment form, you can enter the URL there.

Note: To set up recurring payments, go directly to the ‘Subscription’ tab of the payment form.

Form Display Options

The next step is to decide which type of form display you want. As we discussed earlier, you can choose between an Embedded Form display, an Overlay, or a Stripe Checkout.

Form Display Options
Form Display Options

Proceed to fill in the heading and subheading that are to appear on the payment form.

Custom Form Fields

This is where you can add new custom fields, buttons, and labels to your payment forms. You can try out different settings, fields, and preview the form to view how the display options interact with your site visitors.

The plugin offers you a variety of custom field options to choose from.

Customer fields include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address

Payment fields include:

  • Credit Card
  • Coupon
  • Custom Amount
  • Subscription Plan Selector
  • Recurring Amount Toggle
  • Total Amount Label
  • Payment Button
  • Apple/Google/Microsoft Pay
  • Checkout Button

 Note: Some of these custom fields are available only for Embedded and Overlay form displays.

Apart from the custom fields, you can also specify how you want the fields to appear and function. For instance, you can configure labels to appear above the fields, assign any required fields, set default value, and such. These options bring in a lot more flexibility to your payment forms.

Subscription Forms

The subscription capabilities allow you to set up recurring payment options for your customers. This option is disabled by default, and if enabled, it will override the one-time payment option you have chosen before.

You will be adding the subscription products and pricing plans via your Stripe account instead of the WP Simple Pay Plugin. You can create a Single Plan with one option or a User Select Plan with multiple pricing options.

Proceed to choose one of the existing plans from your Stripe account, and add any setup fee or trial period option if you need it.

Adding the Payment Form to Your Webpage

Once you have configured your settings, publish the form so you can add it to your WordPress page.

You can add this payment form to an existing WordPress page or create a new one. All you need to do is click the “Insert Payment Form” button above the text editor.

From there, select the respective WP Simple Pay payment form to receive the shortcode.

You can place the code wherever you want the form to be displayed on the page. You can see what the form looks like in the preview of the page. When you are satisfied with how it looks, publish the page.


WP Simple Pay works well for business across all domains. With that said, the plugin offers three integrations that will help you add more features to facilitate your business needs.

Easy Pricing Tables

If you offer multiple pricing plans, then the easiest way to display them is through Easy Pricing Tables. Now, with this integration, you can connect the pricing tables on your WordPress site directly to the plugin’s payment forms.

To set this up, start by creating the payment forms for each pricing plan. While creating tables with Easy Pricing Tables, you will see the Stripe button, and you can proceed to select the required checkout form from the drop-down menu.

Easy Pricing Tables will fill in the fields such as the plan name, pricing, and the URL. Furthermore, you can also add more features, such as a monthly/yearly field.


AffiliateWP is one of the most popular plugins used to develop an affiliate program for your WordPress site. You can find WP Simple Pay in your AffiliateWP integrations.

Once the Stripe option is enabled, all the payment forms that you create through WP Simple Pay can be used to generate referral codes for your affiliates. You can review these purchases directly from your Stripe account.


The Zapier integration opens doors to several other plugins that you can use to extend the functionality of WP Simple Pay.

For instance, if you want to create a mailing list, or create a list of your payments, Zapier can connect you to other apps that can work with your Stripe account.

You can receive Stripe notifications in apps such as Trello, Slack, and even add your customer data into a CRM.

WP Simple Pay Pricing

WP Simple Pay comes in two different versions. The Lite version is completely free and comes with basic features.

The paid version, WP Simple Pay Pro, offers four pricing models that you can choose from based on the requirements of your business.

WP Simple Pay Pricing
WP Simple Pay Pricing

WP Simple Pay Lite – Free

  • Unlimited payment forms
  • Stripe checkout
  • Test and Live modes
  • Payment confirmation and failure pages

WP Simple Pay Pro Personal – $99 per year

  • One site
  • Drag and Drop form builder
  • Form display options
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Email Support
  • Plugin Updates
  • And all Lite features noted above

WP Simple Pay Pro Plus – $149 per year

  • Three sites
  • Stripe subscription
  • Instalment plans
  • Setup fees and trial periods
  • And all Personal features noted above

WP Simple Pay Pro Professional – $249 per year

  • Unlimited sites
  • And all Plus features noted above

WP Simple Pay Pro Ultimate – $449 One-Time payment

  • Unlimited sites
  • Lifetime support
  • All features

As you can see, the Lite version lacks some of the most desirable features such as the subscription tools and, more importantly, the updates and email support.

However, signing up for the Lite version will give you an idea of how the interface works before you invest in a paid plan.

The WP Simple Pay Pro version does not come with a free trial. However, if you are not happy with the product, you can avail of the 30-day money-back guarantee to get a full refund.

WP Simple Pay Support

We were impressed with the extensive resources offered by the plugin. You can find documentation covering every aspect of the plugin and a demo version, so you get glimpses of the final outputs.

If you seek further support, you can also reach out to the team through contact forms available on the website.

WP Simple Pay Review: The Verdict?

WP Simple Pay comes across as a reliable solution for those who desire to match functionality with simplicity. The plugin is perfect for quick and easy transactions that do not need complex solutions. It helps you keep your payment methods clean with Stripe while enabling your customers to make a purchase without having to go from page to page.

WP Simple Pay gives you several options along with customizable fields that will address your demands varying from a one-time payment to recurring subscriptions.

As for costs, unlike other prominent plugins, you can try out a free version to know how it stacks up against your expectations. From a usability point of view, WP Simple Pay ticks all the boxes one might look for in a simple, yet effective Stripe payments WordPress plugin.

It has the potential to be a great tool, to help you streamline your payment processing needs via your website.

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WP Simple Pay








Ease of Use





  • Easy to Setup
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Great Developer Support
  • Lightweight Plugin
  • Clean Design


  • More payment processors would be nice
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