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Metorik Review: Advanced Reporting & Automation for eCommerce Stores

Metorik offers Real-time reports, segmentation, insights, customer tools, email automation, abandoned carts & more. Here's our full review with Pros & Cons.
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Running an eCommerce store requires you to manage both the front and back ends of your site with little room for error. You need to be constantly on top of the customer’s expectations to know what they are looking for and offer the right product at the right time.

While WooCommerce shines in many ways, the reporting and analytical features are not exactly its best features. If you are a WooCommerce user, it is likely that you are looking for a plugin that can bridge this gap for you.

Metorik was designed with the same intent in mind. The plugin is a productive management interface that compliments your WooCommerce store. The tool will report relevant data to you in an efficient way that makes it most suitable for you to infer and analyse key points.

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Metorik for Your eCommerce

When launched in late 2016, Metorik was a simple tool designed to offer eCommerce stores all of the support it needed to grow. The humble journey of Metorik from an eCommerce support plugin has evolved into developing a highly coveted web application for both WooCommerce and Shopify users.

Metorik Homepage
Metorik Homepage

At a single glance, you might consider Metorik as an updated dashboard of WooCommerce. The cloud-interface is smoother, designed to give you easy access to everything you are looking for, and more. On the whole, this is what you can do with Metorik:

  • Get detailed reports on customer profiles, orders, and subscriptions
  • Use one of the many pre-built dashboards based on your preferences
  • Receive data and reports on the performance of your store
  • Categorize customers into segments
  • Generate insights and analytics on products and customers
  • Improve your customers’ user experience, powerful email marketing, and customer service tools
  • Prepare future strategies based on the reports.

Now, you might be wondering why you need Metorik when WooCommerce already has the reports functionality. For one, Metorik certainly is an upgrade over the WooCommerce interface. However, besides the smoother navigation, Metorik reports are relatively more detailed and make it easier for you to find Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve your store.

Unlike WooCommerce – and regardless of your store’s scale, this stand-alone app will work efficiently and at rapid speed. Searches and filtered segmentations of your customers can be done instantly, making Metorik a preferable alternative to WooCommerce reports.

Metorik Features

Here’s a breakdown of the core features offered by Metorik.

Metorik Dashboard

As we mentioned earlier, the Metorik dashboard has managed to gain quite the following from WooCommerce users. The default dashboard space can be divided into two:

  • Recent Events, where you can filter and see recent activities such as new customers, new subscriptions, or expiring subscriptions as they come into your store.
  • Pre-built Dashboard Layouts, where you can choose to view data on customers, products, carts, and subscriptions.

You can also completely customize your dashboard based on your store’s needs. The default dashboard comes with KPIs and updates you with real-time activities happening in your store. Metorik features the multistore dashboard that brings both your WooCommerce and Shopify store reports in one place.

Metorik Reports
Metorik Reports


Through a variety of reports, Metorik lets you see all your store’s data intimately. There are a number of in-built report models available for you to keep close tabs on your customers:

  • Revenue report that shows your historical and current cash flow
  • Order report to see the net and gross figures for new and returning customers. You can also find data on order statuses, payment methods, and shipping details.
  • Customer reports will help you keep track of customers over time. You can find out how many new customers you acquired in a specific period, how many orders they made, and how much they spent on your site.
  • Customer retention report will tell you how well you have been retaining your customers and metrics such as retention rate, lifetime, and repeat orders.
  • Product reports can give details on which products are selling the best based on variations and categories. You can use this to identify top-selling SKUs as well as those products that need more marketing push from your behalf. Product reports will also show your inventory details, net sales, and revenue.
  • Coupon report shows you top-performing coupons and other promotions. You can filter this by usage, the amount discounted, and the sales generated.
  • Device reports can help you understand whether your customers are shopping through their mobile devices or desktops. You can even narrow it down to iOS or Android, Mac or PC, or browsers such as Chrome and Safari.
  • Sources report reveals how visitors are being driven to your site using UTM parameters. You can also identify them based on organic, paid, social media, and traffic from email campaigns.

Note: If you opt to display the cost of integration in WooCommerce, you can also see the cost of goods sold, the net profit, and margins you make for each product variation in different categories.

Metorik offers much more than mere insights into your customer and product reports. The plugin delivers some of the most extensive segmentation and filtering you will see in a WooCommerce tool.


The ability to segment your customer data is undeniably the most powerful feature of Metorik. For any eCommerce store, segmenting is crucial as it gives you insights to target customers and meets their expectations.

Using Metorik, you can instantly segment your orders, customers, products, and coupons to answer any question about your store. If you are unsure where to start, the plugin will give you a collection of suggested segments exclusive for your site. There is a dedicated page that will provide you with details on all stats as well.

Segment your data
Segment your data

Moreover, this filtering system allows you to save time by creating custom meta fields through bespoke codes or plugins.

Another useful feature is that you need to create and save these segments for future references. The Saved Segments option can also be shared through a URL, so you can let your team members follow the same segments for specific purposes.

These segments can be used in other functionalities of Metorik as well. As you might have guessed, you can use them in reports, but also in email marketing, too.

Automated Emails

When you have Metorik, there is no need to install another plugin to engage with your customers through emails. On the contrary, you can send targeted and automated emails based on several specific parameters.

For instance, you can set the condition that if a customer has spent over $300, an email with a coupon code will automatically be sent to them. You can also welcome new WooCommerce subscribers and remind them of an upcoming renewal. It is up to you to decide who will receive these emails and compose personalized emails with variables.

Send automated emails and coupon codes
Send automated emails and
coupon codes

Metorik also allows you to monitor these automated emails to analyze their performance and do conversion tracking. Furthermore, the plugin has features that you can use to:

  • Create coupon codes and automate them in emails
  • Multiple templates for different email types
  • Get emails translated automatically to your chosen language
  • Internal email option to engage with your team

You can configure your automated emails based on customer history, order dates, coupons used, UTM parameters, and any other custom meta fields.

Subscriptions and Carts

Metorik allows you to access real-time data on your WooCommerce subscriptions. The platform gives you reports such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Churn, Cohorts, Retention, and more to help you understand how your subscription programs are performing.

Metorik will also provide real-time data on each and every cart so you can take immediate action to recover any abandoned orders.

You can filter reports based on segmentation and use the automated email option to engage with your customers.

Digests and Exports

Metorik Digests are custom sales reports that you can download and share. This comes with a comprehensive system that lets you export all of the data fields we have discussed above. You can download and export data on orders, customers, and more.

The advantage here is that you can completely customise them, with clickable links that will lead you to your dashboard. You can automate this process daily, weekly, or monthly with further filtering options, so you export only the ones you need. There is also a choice between downloading or automatically receiving these digests through emails or Slack.

Analyse your abandoned carts and recover them with emails
Analyse your abandoned carts
and recover them with emails


Metorik improves upon its interface by offering integrations with other third-party platforms. These help you to benefit from Metorik the most for extended functionality.

  • Receive reports with Google Analytics
  • Share reports with your team through Slack
  • Offer better customer service solutions with Zendesk, Help Scout, Groove, Intercom, or Freshdesk
  • WooCommerce integration with Subscriptions, Shipment Tracking, Cost of Goods, and Brands
  • Shopify integration with Vendors and Gift Cards

Metorik is also planning to offer advertisement tracking with Google and Facebook ads.

Some of the integrations available
Some of the integrations available

Metorik Pricing

Metorik has come up with a very reasonable pricing plan based on the number of monthly orders. This means that you will get a plan that works best for your business needs without having to overpay.

Its plans could be categorized as a core plan and an Add-on. While the main plan gives you access to almost all features, you will have to pay for the add-on for the ‘Metorik Engage’ functionality. This will enable you to deliver automated emails and abandoned cart emails through Metorik.

Metorik Pricing
Metorik Pricing

Here is an overview of the pricing plans.

Monthly Order: 100

  • Price: $20 / month
  • Add-on: $10 / month

Monthly Order: 500

  • Price: $50 / month
  • Add-on: $25 / month

Monthly Order: 2,500

  • Price: $100 / month
  • Add-on: $60 / month

Monthly Order: 10,000

  • Price: $250 / month
  • Add-on: $150 / month

Monthly Order: 25,000

  • Price: $500 / month
  • Add-on: $300 / month

Users with monthly orders above 25,000 can get customized plans from the Metorik team.

There are also discounts offered if you choose an annual payment plan. For some users, the jump between plans might be relatively high. In case your monthly orders are only slightly above a plan, you can reach out to the team to find ways to adjust it.

Nevertheless, if your monthly orders for three consecutive months drop below the current plan’s requirement, you will be automatically downgraded.

The best part is you can examine all features on Metorik for 30 days for free. Unlike a lot of plugins out there, it is not a money-back guarantee. The trial plan can be accessed without adding your credit card information.

Why Choose Metorik?

To date, we only have good things to say about Metorik. The plugin has managed to keep up with all of its promises by delivering a full-fledged set of tools to improve upon your WooCommerce experience.

What we like the most about Metorik is that it hits the right note between simplicity and functionality. If you make a quick comparison between its WooCommerce counterpart, you will realize the potential of this plugin.

The interface is very organized, easy to navigate, and switches between dozens of options. Segmentation indeed is Metorik’s most useful feature, which offers you a plethora of data points to understand your store’s performance.

Metorik customer support also seems to be highly reliable. You can either reach out to the team through email or refer to their extensive help doc8 to find instructions.

Metorik: The Verdict?

If you are a WooCommerce user, Metorik should be your port of call. It is undeniably an essential feature that will help you upgrade your store. In fact, you might not even realize the potential of your store until you take advantage of the data Metorik can provide.

Its fast-loading interface is attractive and sleek. The plugin can also be integrated with Slack and offers features such as shareable reports. Whether you are an established shop owner or a beginner, Metorik has a plan that can be adapted to your business model.

If you are still not impressed with Metorik’s potential, the 30-day trial period is the best way for you to see whether the plugin actually keeps up with its reputation. However, from our experience, it is highly likely that you will soon be an fully-fledged Metorik user.

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Ease of Use





  • Clean User Interface
  • Good 3rd Party Integrations
  • Free Trial
  • Excellent Reporting & Analytics
  • Advanced Segmenting


  • Only Works with WooCommerce & Shopify
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