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Jungle Scout Review: Amazon Product Finder & Research Tool for Sellers

Jungle Scout software is packed full of features to help you sell on Amazon & FBA - Is it worth it? Here's our full review of the platform with Pros & Cons.
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Are you a beginner looking to venture into the Amazon selling space? Or, do you already have a successful storefront on Amazon and thinking about expanding? Either way, you need compelling tools that can help you bring in sales, and revenue while helping you handle the back-end work.

With that said, what if there was a product that can combine all these features, and then some? If this is something that sounds appealing to you and your online business, then Jungle Scout might just be of interest.

Whether you are an individual or a full-fledged agency, Jungle Scout can give you tailored solutions to grow a successful and powerful Amazon store.  At least that’s what Jungle Scout claims to do. According to the provider itself, Jungle Scout can cover you from the ‘A to Z’ of an Amazon business.

From finding products to sell, sourcing suppliers, managing your inventory, optimizing your listing, and marketing your products – Jungle Scout claims to have a solution for everything.

But, before taking the plunge, we would recommend reading our in-depth Jungle Scout review. We cover everything you need to do know to ascertain whether or not the platform can take your Amazon business to the very next level!

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What Makes Jungle Scout So Popular?

Amazon is one of the toughest marketplaces to break into. Even after establishing yourself, you need to be constantly on your guard – trying to improve your product and outshine the competition. To win on Amazon, you need a unique recipe of the right products with little competition.

This sounds like too many things to handle, right?

Enter Jungle Scout – the all-in-one tool that can guide you through the jungle that is Amazon.

The tool can help you jumpstart your Amazon business, right from leading you to the best product opportunities to maintaining a steady flow of income and reputation. Depending on your Amazon expertise, Jungle Scout will suggest the steps you need to follow to create a winning strategy on the platform.

Jungle Scout Homepage
Jungle Scout Homepage

If you are a beginner, Jungle Scout will help you:

  • find high-demand products to sell
  • build a profitable business.

If you need to boost your existing business, Jungle Scout can:

  • get you more reviews
  • help you manage your inventory
  • offer insight into your finances
  • create targeted campaigns.

Jungle Scout does all these with the help of a series of well-designed products, each with a unique purpose.

Let us explore each feature in more detail.

Product Database

Every Amazon journey begins with a search for products. In a time not so long ago, this step was done manually, by relentlessly searching multiple websites to find profitable products. But now, product databases offer a much faster and easier solution.

Jungle Scout gives you access to a database of over 70 million Amazon products. The platform gives you enough features to sort and organize these products based on a set of parameters.

In the Product Database, you can choose products based on

  • Marketplaces
  • Amazon Categories
  • Filters such as price, rank, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, competition, etc
  • Keywords
  • Product tier and
  • Seller type

As you can see, Jungle Scout gives you a comprehensive set of tools to identify new niches and general product ideas. You cannot ask for a better way to discover products with high potential.

The Product Database
The Product Database

At a glance, it might be overwhelming at the sheer number of options. However, the filters give you an extraordinarily easy way to narrow down your results based on products that best fit your strategy.

Now, instead of having to set the filters every time, you can also save them to load later for another product research.

Product Tracker

When you have discovered a product idea, the Product Tracker will help you track sales over time. This will help you be confident that the product has sufficient demand before you invest in it.

Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker utilizes real sales data to give you accurate numbers on all your products.

The Product Tracker
The Product Tracker

How to use Product Tracker

In order to track your products, you first need to import the listings. Now, there are different ways to do this in Jungle Scout.

In fact, you can create a group of product listings in four different ways:

  • Choose products from Jungle Scout recommendations that match your group name
  • Add products by adding the ASINs
  • Import from Product Database
  • Import from Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

If the product hasn’t been tracked before, it will take the software 48 hours to get you enough data. Users can choose the date range of monitoring between the past 60 days to just 7 days.

Jungle Scout typically shows the averages of the products recognized under the group name. You can find details such as:

  • Daily units sold
  • Daily revenue
  • Bestseller rate
  • Listing quality score
  • Price
  • FBA fees
  • The net amount of profit

Apart from the averages, you can also track each individual listing based on any of the aforementioned parameters. You can also choose to filter the metrics to see only relevant information on the page. You will also see a graph of the data so you can visually analyze how the product performs over a specific period.

This way, you can add multiple groups and track multiple categories at the same time. Even better, Product Tracker also has a Recommended Products tab, which will offer you more product ideas based on your groups.

Opportunity Finder

In the Amazon FBA business, finding lucrative product niches is more important than ever. The Opportunity Finder offers extensive resources so that you can develop your own differentiating system and find unique product opportunities.

Opportunity Finder
Opportunity Finder

Earlier, this feature used to be called “Niche Hunter”. Similar to other features, here Jungle Scout has a large range of filters to pin down the right niches for you.

  • Marketplace
  • Product categories
  • Average monthly units sold
  • Average monthly price
  • Monthly search volume
  • Keywords
  • Competition
  • Niche score

One thing you will notice here is the ‘Niche Score’. This is based on Jungle Scout’s algorithm to measure product demand, competition, and listing quality that evaluates how likely the product is likely to succeed on Amazon.

Overall, Jungle Scout lays out pretty decent criteria to find your products. However, it is up to you what parameters you set and how you arrive at your product decisions.

Supplier Database

Even when you find the right product, sourcing them is another big challenge. Jungle Scout has managed to create a working solution to find and verify suppliers. The platform does this by collecting free information on shipments that are imported to the US.

This lets you see exactly how many shipments the supplier has sent into the US, giving you an overall idea of their business scale and authenticity. You can search for suppliers by product, company, or supplier.

Supplier Database
Supplier Database

It is impressive how much data you can find about each supplier here. You can compare the different suppliers based on their:

  • Total shipments
  • Total customers
  • Top customers,
  • Categories of manufactured products

The drop-down menu will reveal more detailed information on shipment history of the past two years, the dates, and other details of each shipment. It doesn’t get easier than this to evaluate your suppliers.

Now, you can also use this to know where your competition is procuring the products from. You simply have to enter their company name in the search bar, and you can get a list of all the top suppliers of the company.

Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is Jungle Scout’s dedicated keyword research tool. The research functionality was recently updated to include some new features. You can enter a keyword, and Jungle Scout will instantly show you results.

The software shows you what Amazon users are searching for when they are purchasing a product with the keyword you entered. This is incredibly useful as you get an idea of how to optimize for user searches.

Keyword Scout
Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout has since added a few other data sets for each keyword. Now, the details you can find include:

  • Search volume
  • Trend
  • Category
  • Exact and broad PPC bids
  • Organic and sponsored product count
  • Ease to rank
  • Relevancy score
  • Recommended promotions

Once you start searching for individual ASINs, you also know where you and your competitors stand.

Keyword Scout for Competitor Analysis

Another powerful feature here is that you can search for multiple products using ASINs or URLs. Then, JungleScout will tell you all keywords related to the products. You will thus get relevant keywords for your competitor’s products as well. This reverse search is great to find out keywords that your competitors are ranking for, making it easier for you to create an optimized listing.

As you can enter separate filters for your products and competing products at the same time, Jungle Scout allows you to compare keyword data for you and your competitors. These advanced data points can help you find the top-ranking keywords from a list of competing listings.

Users can access more information on how keywords have trended over time by clicking on the keyword.

You can also pin down the keywords that are the most influential on your PPC advertising, too. As you can see the CPC for keywords in exact and broad ways which will help you efficiently allocate funds for your campaigns and benefit the most from the right set of keywords.

Sales Analytics

Jungle Scout’s Sales Analytics product has enough features to be your personal accountant on Amazon. It can tell you where you are making money and where you are taking losses – while helping you organize and track all your sales data and expenses. Moreover, all this happens in real-time so that you can make informed decisions right away.

Note: To benefit from the Sales Analytics feature, you will first have to connect your Jungle Scout account with your Amazon Seller Central account. You can do this by going to the settings tab and syncing your Amazon seller accounts. Jungle Scout can then download all of your product information, which you can see under the “My Product” tab.

Sales Analytics
Sales Analytics

Profits Overview

At first glance, Jungle Scout will summarize your revenue, cost of goods, and net profit after eliminating the additional costs and expenses. The software will further offer you a breakdown of the additional costs that occurred from your revenue.

Here you can see how much you lost in refunds, reimbursements, and such. You can also view the profit overview per product in a detailed view.

PPC Advertising

Users can measure their PPC-related sales and expenses to understand how their campaigns are performing. It will tell you how much you have spent on PPC campaigns, the total amount of sales acquired, as well as your revenue from organic sales for comparison.

PPC campaigns
PPC campaigns

Profit and Loss

This feature will break down your total revenue into different costs and profits to arrive at your final net margin. This offers super in-depth data –  such as your prices per unit, and costs such as shipping, transportation, PPC fees, operating expenses, taxes, and any other additional expenses.

You might have to manually enter some of the operating expenses, as Amazon or Jungle Scout might not be able to collect the data automatically.  Users can also export or download the sales reports for tax purposes or store it in a different system.

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager is yet another feature that works with your Seller Central account. Once the product information has been loaded, the Inventory Manager will give you all of the relevant information at a glance.

You can find out:

  • The inventory status, whether the item is in stock or whether you need to reorder
  • Date to reorder
  • Reorder quantity
  • Reorder cost
  • Inventory level
  • Day remaining
  • Average daily sales and more

There is also additional data points you can select.

Like other features, you can expand on each product and watch the inventory data for a date range you set. This will give you a snapshot of how your inventory levels have been performing for the period. Here you also see the number of sales per item, per day.

Inventory Manager
Inventory Manager

Based on the data, Jungle Scout will tell you how much it will cost you to reorder the inventory, and how much return you will get on the investment.

Since the sales trend of products changes over time, you can set how much data and what data Jungle Scout will take into account while predicting the inventory levels.

For instance, some products might be seasonal or have been selling more due to a PPC campaign. For sellers, this virtually eliminates most of the guesswork and unpreparedness regarding stocking up the inventory.

How to Change How Jungle Scout Manages the Inventory Levels

To do this, you have to go to My Products > Product Costs.

When you click on a product, you can see a dialogue box opening-up, with information on Cost Details and Product Logistics.

Here you can set the:

  • Product Lead Time
  • Reorder days of supply

Though you have to set this for each product, it is much easier while looking at the bigger picture of how efficient inventory management is with Jungle Scout.

Listing Builder

Creating an Amazon product listing is not easy. You need to stay accurate, while organically including all relevant keywords and optimizing it for search engines. The old way to do this was to create a listing in a ‘doc’ file and copy it into your Amazon product description.

With the latest release of the Listing Builder, you can import your listings directly from Seller Central, perform your optimizations. In doing so, Jungle Scout can export them to Seller Central, simplifying the process for you.

Listing Builder
Listing Builder

You can either create a new listing with this tool or update an existing one. Once you have done the keyword search through Keyword Scout, you can import the relevant keyword listings to your Listing builder. There are extra filters that you can apply – such as to avoid duplicates, protect numbers, capitalizations, and special characters.

While you are updating the keywords into the listing, Jungle Scout will tell you which keywords are left. It will also update the Listing Optimization Score based on your listing. It will also tell you whether you need to improve the title or certain features of the description.

Overall, Jungle Scout seems to have covered most metrics when it comes to listing optimization. It gives you the freedom to create unique listings while recommending ways to improve it.

Rank Tracker

Tracking the ranking of your products gives you insight into whether your optimization efforts are actually bringing you results. While doing analytics gives you results in terms of revenue, Rank Tracker helps you understand products in terms of your optimization processes.

Here, you can also track your competitors and see their rank trends.

You can enter product ASINs, and Jungle Scout will tell you the top-ranking keywords and their respective search volumes.

Rank Tracker
Rank Tracker

What is unique here is that you can access individual products to get a colourful graph of how each keyword has been performing for a data range. It will also tell you how many units they have sold.

You can pick up trends for one or more ASIN, and understand how your competitors have been ranking based on the keywords. Sellers will find this feature powerful to guide their keyword research strategies and streamline the optimization process with real data.

Promotions and Email Campaigns

Up until now, we have looked at the different aspects of Jungle Scout that make the FBA process easier. Now we enter the domain of customer service and marketing, which is a crucial part of the Amazon seller experience.

Initially released as Launch, Jungle Scout has since updated the product to a much more inclusive version that covers promotions. This tool ensures that Jungle Scout is much more than just a research tool.

Jungle Scout’s ‘Jump Send’ is now exclusively for Amazon shoppers to find deals.  The goal of this feature is to increase exposure for your products, as well as get more sales and reviews.

It begins with promotions to attract new customers and ends with sending emails to your clients to improve customer experience. As it is challenging to get customers to leave a review voluntarily, its best to give them a nudge by doing a follow-up email asking for it!

Promotions & Email Campaigns
Promotions & Email Campaigns


Jungle Scout lets you create promotional sales for your products right from your dashboard. You can include product descriptions, set promotional dates, discount rates, and coupon codes.

You can also set inventory protection to limit the number of purchases shoppers can buy through promotions. If you prefer, you can manually approve shoppers, or automate them for a set number per day.

When done, the promotion will go up live at the time you set on Jump Send. It is one of the easiest ways to get promotions going for your products in a matter of seconds.

Email Campaigns

Every user gets access to Jungle Scout’s follow-up email template, which you can fully customize. You can set alerts and automate the process by specifying when these emails go out, and whether you want to ask them for review or feedback.


There are three main aspects that every Amazon seller has to be alerted about:

  • To track listing changes
  • To monitor competitions
  • To be notified of any hijacks

Jungle Scout’s Alert functionality addresses all three of these issues and gets you instant notifications when any of these situations arise. It will keep you informed of everything relevant that is happening in the wider Amazon marketplace.

You can customize product alerts when there is a new seller to the listing or any changes to their own listing. You can also track reviews, and be notified if your ratings drop.

After all, these are things that can heavily impact your listing and sales, and Alert saves you tons of time. It will also warn you if there are any attempted hijacks. You can also adjust what alert settings you receive and set bars on when to initiate an action.

Jungle Scout will also send you daily emails with snapshots of your financial overview, product sales, and more. This way, you can stay connected without having to check on the site regularly, and be instantly alerted of any suspicious activities.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

No review of Jungle Scout is complete without mentioning its most powerful functionality – its Chrome Extension. It is, perhaps, the most useful tool offered by the platform and thus – it’s an absolute game-changer.

Put simply, the extension is designed to make product research easy. You can use it on the search results page as well as the product listing.

Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension

Opportunity Score

As soon as you run the extension, you will get a snapshot of the most important metrics. If run from the search listing page, you will get the average data of all listings, or more precisely, the niche.

It will also give you the Opportunity Score that summarizes the demand and competition.

You can also receive the same data on individual listings, such as monthly and daily sales, monthly revenue, FBA fees, reviews, and more. All information in orange is clickable, meaning you can explore the data point to receive more information.

You can also customize the view to help decide which data points you want to see. If needed, you can also download this data in a CSV file.

Keyword Cloud

The Chrome extension can also give you a list of all prominent keywords on the selected page. This list can be helpful to get keyword ideas, which is also downloadable.

Google Trends

You can also see search trends for products in order to understand how demand varies over time. Remember that this is a Google trend and not the Amazon data itself.

Bulk Reviews

From the ‘Manage Order’ page of your Seller Central account, the extension can also send bulk review requests to your customers. You can choose individual orders or select all. This will result in individual requests bring sent directly through your Seller Central account.

The best part is that users can also import the product listings from a page to the product trackers directly from the extension. As such, Jungle Scout has picked up the most relevant metrics that a seller might need.

Jungle Scout Free Tools

Jungle Scout has done a fantastic job in curating products that cater to the pain points of Amazon sellers. But, they have gone one step further by including some free tools that you never knew you needed before!

FBA Profit Calculator

Amazon FBA beginners often miscalculate the profit they can generate through sales. This is due to a lack of awareness regarding additional fees that were initially overlooked.

You need to get this right at the product research stage so you can factor in the additional costs while doing business on Amazon.

FBA Profit Calculator can give you a breakdown of fees relevant to order handling, storage, and outbound/inbound shipping.

You can enter the item price, shipping cost to Amazon, and the cost of the product to figure out how much of a  margin you will likely be making on a particular item.

This functionality is available only in the Chrome extension.

Amazon Sales Estimator

This bonus tool can help you check the average monthly sales numbers of different product categories. You only need to enter the bestsellers rank number, market place, and product category to calculate this.

The Listing Grader

Check out how your listing is holding up against your competitors. Enter the product ASIN or URL and find out the grade of any particular Amazon listing.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout has monthly and yearly variations of its three subscription packages.

Extension – $39 billed monthly, $228 billed annually

This is a basic package that gives you access only to the Chrome Extension and the opportunity score, which is a part of the extension itself.

If you only want a glimpse of the features offered by Jungle Scout, then this might work for you. However, you will only be benefiting from a fraction of its full-functionality.

Jungle Scout – $49 billed monthly, $468 billed annually

This plan gives you access to all functionalities of Jungle Scout, except for the Chrome extension.

Jungle Scout & Extension – $69 billed monthly, $588 billed annually

If you are a full-time Amazon trader, then undoubtedly, this is the better package for you. Taking the yearly plan, you are only paying $120 extra for the extension, which might be a valuable tool when you integrate with Jungle Scout’s other features.

All three plans come with a 14-day trial period, which gives sufficient time to decide whether or not the platform works for you.

Jungle Scout Pricing
Jungle Scout Pricing

Customer Resources and Support

Jungle Scout’s resources for users are, in fact, commendable. They have extensive guides, tutorials, podcasts, webinars, and more to guide you through each and every feature. The platform also releases annual reports that offer valuable insights into the Amazon market and how sellers can take advantage of its trends.

Moreover, Jungle Scout recently launched an Academy that offers exclusive Amazon FBA training. They also sell a variety of products that can help you improve your business. Its customer support is equally reliable and responsive.

Why Should you use Jungle Scout?

As you can conclude from this review, Jungle Scout has set the benchmark high for Amazon seller tools. Its products can make your life as a seller a lot easier. To clarify our findings, here is a glimpse of the pros and cons of Jungle Scout.

Where Jungle Scout Shines

  • Intuitive and efficient interface
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Accurate estimations and projections
  • An extensive set of products and resources
  • Reliable customer support

Where Jungle Scout Could Improve

The one place where Jungle Scout could potentially improve is in its Chrome Extension. The software could better integrate some of the features which would make the extension more powerful and work independently. Without access to the full functionality, paying over $200 for the extension alone might not offer enough value for the package.

Jungle Scout Review: The Verdict?

Jungle Scout strives to accommodate new and exciting features for sellers. You never know when the platform will switch things up, with new features, products, and resources being added frequently.

We have laid out the structure of the platform to give a general idea of the currently available resources.

Jungle Scout has led the way for many successful Amazon sellers. It has become almost an essential tool to succeed on the platform.

From finding the right product niche, sourcing the product, creating product listings, tracking, and finally ensuring that you get reviews – Jungle Scout has attended to every need of an Amazon seller.

In simple words, it is a product definitely worth considering.

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Jungle Scout








Ease of Use





  • Intuitive and efficient interface
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Accurate estimations and projections
  • An extensive set of products and resources
  • Reliable customer support


  • Chrome Extension could be improved
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