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Helium 10 Review: The All-in-One Essential Tool for Amazon Sellers

Helium 10 is a powerful tool for Amazon Sellers which will help you conduct research & make more money - Here's our full review with all the Pros & Cons.
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The selling arena at Amazon is now a fiercely competitive battleground. To be successful, one needs to stay on top of inventory levels and the entire distribution journey. And this is before you even get to marketing and sales efforts.

Today, we are well past the point of using spreadsheets to manage OUR data. To thrive in eCommerce, you need a sharp set of tools specifically designed to aid you in handling its intricacies.

Helium 10 was initially designed as a set of 10 tools essential for Amazon sellers to up their game. In four years, the platform has grown into a powerful all-in-one tool to manage all areas of eCommerce effectively. From doing product research to email analytics, Helium 10 now provides 20 integrated tools that seamlessly blend in with Amazon’s workflow.

In this review, we explore why Helium 10 is deemed a popular tool among Amazon sellers.

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Helium 10: What Does it Offer?

In the gist, Helium 10 is a one-stop-shop for all your seller needs on Amazon. The product comprises 20 different tools that can be broadly split into the following categories.

  • Product Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Optimization
  • Operations
  • Analytics
  • Marketing

As you can see from the above, Helium 10 covers most areas of concern.

A seller can avail of all of these services either directly through the host website or integrate a Chrome extension that will fit in perfectly with the interface of the Amazon marketplace. As such, the vast bulk of features a seller might need to be successful on Amazon is available via the Helium 10 package.

In other words, Helium 10 can execute a large chunk of the required fieldwork for you. It also gives you the right recipes you will need to grow your business.

Helium 10 Homepage
Helium 10 Homepage

In the section below, we explore each Helium 10 tool in more detail.

Finding Lucrative Opportunities with Product Research

Black Box

One could say that one of the biggest assets available to sellers is honing in on the right product idea. They should offer what customers are looking for, and when they are looking for it. Black Box is one of Helium 10’s most recommended tools that give you access to their database of 450 million products.

Using Black Box, sellers can discover products based on their preferred niches and needs. The dynamic research options will deliver all the variants of your search term and any product related to the product.

Where Black Box truly shines is its powerful filters to pin down specific products with profitable opportunities. This allows you to make an informed decision on which product to choose, based on categories, descriptions, estimated revenues, ratings, and competition.

Instead of spending hours doing manual research, Helium 10’s algorithms will work hard to find you the most profitable products.

Blackbox Search Tool
Blackbox Search Tool


When it comes to eCommerce, it is not only sufficient to get your products right, but you also need to make them available at the right time.

Figuring out what products will sell at a particular time is crucial, as this decision can impact the success of your business greatly. One needs to be creative in identifying which product will work for which season of the year.

As you may have guessed, Trendster is Helium 10’s solution to finding relevant trends that apply to your products. The tool will predict how a product is likely to perform throughout the year. Trendster allows sellers to take into consideration any demand fluctuations or seasonal trends that could affect your business.

Once you choose the products you need from Black Box, you can check its status in Trendster by entering the ASIN. You will immediately receive information on any variations in price or sales for a chosen period.

This data on market trends is highly valuable to determine which products you have to push for. In essence, this one unique feature sets Helium 10 apart from its competitors.

XRay and Profitability Calculator

For a professional Amazon seller, product research extends much beyond mere trends and inventory. Doing product research is, in fact, recommended for every seller to understand what they are taking on.

Helium 10 will do an in-depth analysis to provide all relevant details related to your potential products. You can factor in data such as product dimensions, shipping costs, and any other fees involved to evaluate whether or not the product is profitable.

With ASIN Grabber, you can develop targeted ads for potentially fast-selling products based on current trends. Helium 10 also provides you with the data collected from previous shoppers and their reviews. Here, you can identify any product issues and make wise choices on which products to promote.

Note: At this point, it is essential to note that, though these features are listed as separate tools, they function in the Helium 10 Chrome Extension. This will give you access to all these features right from your Amazon window, instead of having to switch to the Helium 10 dashboard. Furthermore, here you can also find estimates of revenues, PPC analytics, Amazon trends, and plenty more.

Increase the Visibility of Products With Keyword Research


Anyone who is accomplished as an Amazon seller will stress the importance of placing keywords in order to attain your listings’ maximum potential. Much like in search engines, Amazon also delivers search results based on how you optimize them specifically for the eCommerce site.

In this regard, Cerebro has become one of the most reliable tools used by Amazon sellers. It has become a necessary element to use while creating listings, launching products, and in the upkeep of your product listings. Moreover, if you are running a promotion of your products through pay-per-click campaigns, then Cerebro is one tool that you do not want to ignore.

Cerebro employs reverse ASIN searching to retrieve data on keyword searches. The service will tell you how your competitors’ keywords rank so you can apply the same tactics to optimize your listing. Rather than ‘guessing’ which keywords will merit your products the most, you will gain access to a strategy that is already benefiting your competitors.

Cerebro Reverse ASIN Lookup
Cerebro Reverse ASIN Lookup

How to use Cerebro for Keyword Research

If you are used to tools such as Afrefs for keyword research, then the Cerebro interface will be a familiar sight. However, you will also notice a few columns that require additional exploration.

In order to perform research on a competitor’s keywords, you will first need to find the respective ASIN. Then, initiate a reverse search to find exact keywords that are yielding them sales. You can then click on the “Get Keywords” button.

Below are the columns you will come across in Cerebro’s results.

  • Cerebro IQ score is based on the ratio of competition to the search volume. Generally, the higher the IQ score, the better the prospect of the product is, with low competition.
  • Search Volume tells you the number of times a keyword has been searched for in a month.
  • Sponsored ASINs shows which ASINs have invested in sponsored ads with the specific keyword in it.
  • Competing Products is the number of products that feature the same keyword.
  • Position Rank suggests the position based on Amazon’s recommendations, as well as the organic rank.

The Cerebro Product Rank (CPR) formula has proven somewhat popular among Amazon sellers. The method calculates how many units of products you need to sell within a set number of days to rank at number one on the respective product page. Helium 10 has introduced CPR formulas for 8 days, and a guide on CPR is available on their website for free.

If you want to refine your search further, you can also set filters for the desired values you seek. On the whole, Cerebro is a handy tool that can get you reliable product and keyword ideas based on their real-time performance.


Magnet is a Helium 10 keyword research tool that you can combine with Cerebro. It currently hosts the largest database of Amazon keywords available in the public domain. It also gives you an additional set of relevant keywords that are in high volume.

Magnet recommendations generally come in larger quantities in comparison to Cerebro. In fact, you are likely to find keywords that failed to appear in Cerebro searches.

Using Magnet is highly recommended if you are looking for keywords for your PPC, as it will present you with a broader range of results based on just one seed word. Similar to the Cerebro IQ score, Magnet also features an IQ score that can recommend products for you.

Alongside this, you will also find data on related keywords, actionable keywords, top products, and word frequency. It is recommended to use Magnet hand-in-hand with Cerebro to create an extensive keyword list for products.

Unlike the majority of keyword research tools, Helium 10 offers you keyword data exclusively from Amazon. This means your research is not cluttered by irrelevant search traffic that might make your keyword less effective on Amazon.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which keywords you want to choose for your paid campaigns as well as for organic searches. But, by combining Cerebro with Magnet, you potentially have a winning combination to boost organic traffic and sales.

MAGNET2 Keyword Research
MAGNET2 Keyword Research


We all misspell our search terms from time to time when using Google. And somehow magically, we still get the exact results we are looking for. With Misspellinator, Helium 10 gives its users the opportunity to take advantage of such misspellings.

These misspelt phrases also have relatively less competition, and can highly influence your rankings as well.  Instead of combining this feature with the other keyword research tools, Helium 10 has kept it separate – emphasizing its simplicity as a single-purpose tool.

Misspellinator, in essence, gives you a list of common variations of your keyword with the highest search volume. If you have been trying to figure out such misspellings manually, or haven’t considered including these are keywords, then, undoubtedly, Misspellinator could open new doors for you.

Misspellinator – Misspellings Checker

The interface is pretty straightforward. All you need is to enter the original keyword, and the tool will instantly show you relevant misspellings, the popularity of the search, and whether or not Amazon will autocorrect it.

Now, even if a keyword is home to high volume searches, if Amazon autocorrects it, it is practically useless as a misspelt keyword variant. Instead, you want to look for words that Amazon does not autocorrect. If there are any words that are still left, Misspellinator will certainly find them.

As Helium 10 is designed to blend in seamlessly with all of its features, you can export the keyword list into other tools – such as keyword processors, to continue your workflow.

Upgrade your Product Pages with Listing Optimization


Optimizing your listing typically follows the same constant steps. First, you have to identify the relevant keywords, which Helium 10 covers with Cerebro and Magnet.

The next step is to create a listing that blends all these keywords for your potential customers to find. Frankenstein essentially helps you convert your curated keyword lists into eye-catching traffic generators.

Wisely named, the tool simply combines the different keywords to create a masterpiece of a listing. Frankenstein fine-tunes them with a set of dedicated filters to produce your desired outcome.

In effect, what you end up with is a powerful listing that caters specifically to Amazon optimization. The service features a wide array of output settings, such as the option to:

  • Add or remove special characters
  • Set the number of words per line
  • Avoid duplication
  • Sort the keywords based on their popularity.

The output will incorporate all the keywords you seek in an efficient manner that is completely SEO optimized.

Frankenstein Keyword Processor
Frankenstein Keyword Processor


Now that you have crafted the perfect listing and description, you need to ensure that you have got all the elements right. That is where Scribbles come in. The tool will double-check your listing to optimize it to its full potential.

Scribbles will execute the required inspection on whether or not you have missed any important keywords on your listing. The interface is well-structured and user-friendly, with colour-codes denoting keywords. Those with the highest search volume are shown in red, with the colours changing to yellow and green as volumes gets lower.

Scribbles will import keywords directly from Frankenstein, and once you enter details of the listing, it will suggest which keyword has already been used and which ones you should include.

It is up to the user to craft a listing that is cohesive and comprehensible. However, Scribbles will ensure that you don’t leave out any important keywords.

Index Checker

After you have put in all the effort to create a profitable listing, it wouldn’t hurt to go the extra mile to check how your products are performing in terms of optimization. With Helium 10’s dedicated Index Checker, you no longer need to check for your product on Amazon manually.

Users can use Index Checker to cross-check your listing – and even that of your competitors. In case there are any keywords that are negatively affecting your listing, this tool will also point it out. By checking competitor’s ASINs, you might land on profitable keywords that you failed to incorporate in your SEO efforts.

If you find that a crucial keyword is not indexed, you can go back and update the listing to include them.

Analyze your Sales Activities with Helium 10


This Is where Helium 10 truly exhibits its potential as a complete end-to-end platform for Amazon sellers. Profit combines your product listings along with Amazon account analytics to provide you with all the relevant key metrics of your sales.

Here you will find multiple data points, such as:

  • Gross Revenue and Net profit for the past seven days or any custom range you set.
  • Sales Trends to know which products are gaining popularity.
  • Performance Matrix that reveals gross reviews and net profile, along with analytics for the past 30 days. You’ll also get the respective ROI, profit margins, and several other metrics.

Helium 10 is also set to launch a new inventory management solution with dynamic forecasts to prepare your inventory accordingly.

Market Tracker

If you thought that Helium 10 has you covered in the competitor analysis department, they have since taken things to the next level. In what is calls ‘Competitor Intelligence’, this particular tool gives you a wider view of how the market is performing, and how your competitors are fairing in it. As a result, you can now create targeted markets and stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Market Tracker will tell you about what your competitors are up to, with all insights and analytics of reviews, pricing, and new entries from one centralized dashboard. You will, therefore, be prepared to face new challenges at Amazon FBA – fully equipped with all the data you need.

Keyword Tracker

The Helium 10 software suite recently added an additional instrument to its toolbox – Keyword Tracker. This enables you to monitor how the keywords are ranked so you can continue upgrading your optimization processes.

The tool has a similar interface to that of keyword researchers, except that now you have an additional column to find how the word is performing in trends.

After all, ensuring that your keywords have maintained their ranking is crucial if you want to appear on page 1. Instead of simply researching, this tool lets you know where your keywords stand since the day you posted the listing.

Profits dashboard
Profits dashboard

Marketing with Helium 10


Within the past few months, Helium has since launched a new set of features alongside its core product range. One such example of this is its Portal feature, which offers you an easier alternative to market your products right from the Helium 10 dashboard.

It is a multifaceted tool that can help you:

  • Build sales funnels
  • Acquire customer information, and
  • Retarget customers.

With a simple drag-and-drop action, you can create multiple landing pages for sales, email opt-ins, and thank-you pages. The best part is, you do not have to send them to the main Amazon website.

Instead, you can create a unique URL with the respective product listing. Portals can drive traffic from multiple marketing channels and options to integrate with other analytics such as Facebook, Google, and more.

As such, the firm argues that Portal is the only marketing tool you need to run your Amazon FBA business.


If there was one feature missing in Helium 10, this would be the option to manage paid campaigns. The good news is that with ADS, you now have the required features to help you build a profitable product advertisement.

The tool will help you optimize your ads with advanced keyword searches along with metrics such as CTR, CPC, and ACoS. To make the steps easier, you can also automate the settings you have already configured, and ADS will regularly update your bid.

It will also help you visualize how the campaign is working with preliminary analytics and campaign metrics. If you need more, you can also manage your PPC campaigns easily by adding new keywords, adjusting your bids, and more, right from ADS itself.

Maximize returns by auto-optimizing your Amazon PPC
Maximize returns by auto-optimizing your Amazon PPC

Operate Amazon Efficiently with Helium 10

Refund Genie

As a seasoned seller, you will know first-hand that processing refunds is not an easy ride on Amazon. No seller wants to do it, and when they have to, it is a task that can be cumbersome. Perhaps because Helium 10 was created by Amazon FBAs themselves, they have included tools that could make your business slightly easier.

Now, in scenarios where a product was damaged in one of Amazon’s warehouses, they are not going to update you if there is a refund. It is rather up to the seller to make the request, and the Refund Genie will do the legwork for you.

This plugin works directly with your Amazon account, enabling you to identify any damaged products and request reimbursement. The automated software will look for five different reasons for FBA reimbursements. The tool will then generate a detailed report that could be sent to Amazon to aid the process.

At the other end of the spectrum, if processing refunds manually, the process can be tiringly time-consuming. Most importantly, the tool does not take any commissions on refunds.

Alerts- Hijacker & Product Monitoring

As controlled and secured as Amazon is, it is still not entirely free from any potential cyber-attacks. Now, even if there is only a slight chance of a breach, this is not something that you want to risk.

Unfortunately, hijackers often target Amazon with the view of usurping your brand identity or to sell duplicates of your products. Such listings could undervalue your brand as well as impact your profits.

The good news is that Helium 10 offers ‘Alerts’ – which are in place to monitor all of your products and notify you of any attempts to sell counterfeits. As such, the feature is particularly beneficial if you have an extensive list of products, as it is impossible to manually keep track of them regularly.

Helium 10 monitors your product listings 24/7 in real-time. You can either link your ASINs through APIs or manually enter the ASINs you want to check. When the setup is complete, the tool will automatically track your products for the appearance of fraudulent imitations.

You can individually change the type of alerts you want to receive. You can even opt to receive screenshots on a daily basis to ensure that the listing is not being compromised.

Inventory Protector

Promotional Campaigns have been tried and tested as an effective way to boost sales – as well as rankings on Amazon. However, you need to be extra careful in controlling how many units you sell with discounts.

As you are likely aware, there are people waiting in line to take advantage of such offers and buyout large volumes of your inventory during promotions. As such, Inventory Protector can be a useful tool to help you protect your products.

Helium 10 aims to solve this by keeping track of your product inventory by via an Amazon API. Furthermore, it will allow you to set limits on how much you can sell, preventing a buyer from purchasing large quantities.

Crucially, competitors might try to add your products in exponential numbers to their shopping cart to see whether you can meet such huge demands. By employing Inventory Checker with Helium 10, you are essentially setting limits to a maximum order quantity – subsequently making it difficult for others to exploit your promotions as well as spy on your stock levels.


Being an Amazon seller also comes with the responsibility of offering stellar customer experience. After all, that is what translates to positive reviews and future sales. Several eCommerce platforms already offer automated emails to check-in with customers.

Helium 10’s fully automated email tool will do the same for you, only with better customizable options. This helps you to stay connected to the customer after they make a purchase to obtain valuable feedback. You can also send automated responses to any concerns or queries regarding your products.

The dashboard combines features where you can view your orders and schedule emails, as well as manage your products. The software also offers a set of free email templates at your disposal.

All the tools at your disposal
All the tools at your disposal

Seller Assistant

Customer reviews are the deciding factor for the popularity and sales of your products. There is no way around it, but not every customer is eager to write a review on their own. Seller Assistant is a new feature of Helium 10, that lets you send requests to customers to leave a review on your products.

Instead of doing this manually, you can now send these invites with a single click right from your dashboard. The Seller Assistant feature can ask for a review for one or all orders that have been placed in the previous 30 days.

It is interesting to beware that Helium 10 sends the same pre-generated templates available through Amazon. The only difference is that now the process is easier and more efficient. This will also guarantee that all your review requests are TOS compliant with Amazon.

Learning by Helium 10

Although Helium 10 might make selling on Amazon a more efficient and streamlined process, for a newbie, the features and its applications might be a bit overwhelming. To no surprise, Helium 10 has also developed an exclusive platform that offers specialized training to ensure you get the most out of its products.

You can enrol onto the program for free, where you will receive in-depth guidance on how to access the full potential of the product. If needed, you can also take an exam at the end to test your proficiency.

On top of this, Helium 10’s learning community is quite active with regular updates on Amazon sales and other marketing strategies. Recently, they have also teamed up with Freedom Ticket to provide exclusive Amazon FBA training. Additionally, there are plenty of guidebooks that can guide you through most processes required on Helium 10.

Helium 10 Mobile App

With all these extensive resources, it would have been a shame if you were unable to use it on the go. Fortunately, Helium 10 recently launched its own mobile app. This offers all the same features provided by the software interface, in a well-designed and super user-friendly mobile format.

The user interface is neat and crisp, letting you manage your Amazon sales in a much easier and accessible manner.

Helium 10 Pricing

As great as Helium 10 might be for your long-term Amazon sales, for many, the decision comes down to whether its performance is worth the price.

Helium 10 Pricing
Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 has four different plans to choose from, which are listed below.

  • FREE plan at $0 per month
  • PLATINUM at $97 a month
  • DIAMOND at $197 a month
  • ELITE at $397 a month

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As you might have guessed, each plan varies in what it offers – especially on key features like Index Checker, Keyword Tracker, and Alerts.

While the FREE plan gives you access to all of its main features, this does come with limited access. For example,  tools such as Frankenstein, Scribbles and Profits can only be accessed up to 30 days.

If you want to continue using Helium 10 after, then you will have to switch to the PLATINUM plan.  This permits the use of all features, however, only for a limited number of times. Each limitation will vary depending on the specific tool.

The DIAMOND plan offers more value for money, as it gives you unlimited access to most of Helium 10’s features. As such, if you are a serious Amazon FBA seller, you will likely find that this plan facilitates most of your business needs.

The ELITE plan is formulated for the advanced seller running a large-scale Amazon business. On top of having access to all features without limitation, ELITE accounts offer exclusive training workshops and individual training for all users in your plan.

Helium 10 Free Tools

While most of its tools come at a price, Helium 10 also has three resources that are free for users.

  • Amazon PPC Audit Generates a full report on any PPC ad by entering the target ACoS.
  • URL Builder that can help you create unique links based on the set of parameters you specify.
  • Chrome Extension that gives you access to most of the Helium 10 tools right from your browser.

Helium 10 Review: The Verdict?

Helium 10 certainly has a broad range of functionality, especially considering that the product was launched just a few years back. As such, it has quickly risen to become one of the leading players in this particular niche of online selling.

However, there’s still room for optimization within its features. After all, some of its tools could be rolled into one, making it more efficient to use by simplifying the required steps.

But, looking at the bigger picture, Helium 10 does have the potential to completely revolutionize and streamline your end-to-end Amazon sales processes. With excellent customer service, careful designs, and impressive educational resources – Helium 10 ticks most boxes.

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( Tip: Use Coupon Code “CIRCLO50” for 50% off the FIRST month of Helium 10!)

Helium 10








Ease of Use





  • Huge Range of Features
  • Great Value for Money
  • Powerful Analytics Tools
  • Very Well Designed Interface


  • Some Tools Could be Merged
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