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60+ Free T-Shirt Mockup PSD Templates to Download

A Collection of over 60 FREE T-Shirt Mockup Templates to Download to use in your stores - Free PSDs for T Shirt Design Mockups
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If you are a designer and would like to sell your designs as T-Shirts it has never been easier with all the eCommerce options now available.

Of course you will need to present your designs so they look their very best which is where this collection of T-Shirt mockup templates comes in.

All the mockups on this list are completely free to download and use, they are in PSD format so you will need Photoshop to use them. They include lots of different styles and colors so you can find the correct one to suit your designs.

Some will allow you to change the background color or textures and designs are usually added by double clicking a layer in the PSD and pasting your design in. The file will then update with your design and the template will add the correct lighting and folds / creases in the design so it matches the mockup perfectly.

To get started, select your favorite designs below and download your free mockups for your own T Shirt designs.

T-shirt Mockup PSD

T-shirt Mockups PSD is very realistic and lets you showcase your designs with ease and style. You just drag and drop your designs using the smart layer, select the color you want and adjust the contrast to your needs. It is a layered PSD, and the back mock-up is also included in the file for you to showcase any designs on the back as well.
t-shirt-mockup-psdMore Info & Demo

4 Free T-shirt Mockup Templates with model

These colorful T-shirt mockup templates are available in 4 colors and a different background, ideal for showcasing your designs. These are free to use and easily customizable with Adobe Photoshop, and you can use it for personal as well as professional purposes.

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Realistic T-shirt PSD Mockup with model

This T-shirt mockup PSD is quite realistic. It has a smart object feature that allows you to place your design on the T-shirt with ease and then adjust the background from the window to any city/landscape of your choice.

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Photorealistic T-shirt Mockup PSD

The Photorealistic T-shirt mockup template in Adobe Photoshop is perfect to showcase your designs, it is easily customizable and can be used for personal as well as commercial purposes.

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Round Neck T-Shirt Mockup

Free Round Neck T-shirt Mockup PSD that will help you to showcase your t-shirt, catalog, print or other fashion design projects beautifully. Completely layered mockup showing a shirt on a hanger.

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Longline T-Shirt Mockup

Free Longline T-shirt Mockup the file you will notice everything is easy to edit; Smart objects, displacement maps, and editable tags.

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Flat T-shirt Mockup

This flat T-shirt mockup PSD template comes with smart layers that allow you to place your designs quickly, and you can showcase your designs on the front and back side.

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Photo-realistic T-shirt Mockups

This Photo-realistic T-shirt PSD offers two mockup templates that are beautiful and perfect to showcase your designs. The PSD is layered and can be edited easily to insert your designs. You can also change the background and give any texture you want.

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Free PSD T-shirt Mockup

This PSD T-shirt mockup is free to use and specially created for designers; it can be edited easily to showcase your designs.

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V-neck T-shirt template

This V-neck T-shirt template is free, easily customizable, and ideal for showcasing your designs for a V-neck T-shirt.

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Classic PSD T-shirt Mockup

This classic T-shirt mockup PSD comes with a wooden hanger to showcase your designs in a distinctive way. The PSD comes with a smart layer that helps you apply your designs with ease. You can also change the color of the T-shirt as well as the background to suit your needs.

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PSD V-neck T-shirt Mockup

This stylish PSD, V-neck T-shirt mockup, showcases your designs in a unique, stylish way. The PSD comes with a smart layer that lets you easily apply your designs on the T-shirt, change the color of the T-shirt, it also comes with a hanger.

More Info & Demo

T-shirt Mockup PSD Files

This PSD file allows you to showcase your designs with a high-resolution image. You can insert your designs quickly with smart layers. You can also adjust the color of the T-shirt with the help of a color fill layer.

More Info & Demo

Men’s T-shirt Mockup

This PSD T-shirt magento theme by ZedProMedia, the template with a model is ideal to present your designs in a stylish manner. The mockup comes with smart objects, realistic textures, filter actions and folds displacement mapping.

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T-shirt Template (Front, Back & Folded)

This T-shirt mockup template is free and comes with a front, back and folded mockups included.The template is easily editable, and you can insert your designs and customize it to suit your needs.

More Info & Demo

T-shirt Mockup Template PSD

This high-quality T-shirt mockup PSD template is ideal to showcase your designs with the color of your choice; the mockup comes with a model wearing the T-shirt.

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Summer PSD T-shirt Template

This high-resolution PSD T-shirt mockup template is perfect to present your designs in style, and it comes with smart layers to apply your designs. You can edit the color easily and customize it to suit your needs.

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Girl Tank Top Mockup PSD

Freebie is related to fashion that is Beautiful Girl in Tank Top Mockup. Give your brand a flawless and awesome look with the help of this wonderful mockup.

More Info & Demo

Hanging T-Shirt Mockup

Free Hanging T-Shirt Mockup PSD, A high-res shot of a t-shirt with changeable color and design that can change the color of t-shirt and put your own logo or typography on the t-shirt.

More Info & Demo

Mens T-Shirt Mockup PSD

This T-shirt Mockup that you can download for free. Create a casual and realistic presentation for your men’s apparel design with this high-quality t-shirt mockup. Change shirt color and artwork using the smart layer.

More Info & Demo

T-Shirt Mockup American Apparel

Freebie is a The American Apparel Poly/Cotton tee. feel free to use this in your next personal or commercial graphic design project.

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Women’s Tank Top Mockup PSD

Free Women Tank Top Mockup PSD that to make your apparel branding designs look and feel ultra realistic.

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Women T-Shirt Mockup PSD

Free Women T-Shirt Mockup, You can change t-shirt place your design by the help of smart-object layer. Change the color and design of this ladies shirt mockup.

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Men’s Fabulous Free Hoodie Mockup

Free Men Hoodie Mockup PSD that can help you foresee how your apparel designs will look like on a printed hoodie.

More Info & Demo


Easy color change option, comes with instructions, 100% free,use for whatever, very easy to insert designs, and example included.

More Info & Demo

Long Sleeve T-Shirt MockUp PSD

Our original apparel collection is growing and today we’re introducing the long sleeve t-shirt mock-up! This new PSD mock-up will help you showcase your designs in a professional manner. For a flawless, photorealistic result just place your artwork in the smart layers and change the background to fit your needs.

More Info & Demo

Hoodie MockUp PSD

The freebie of the day is a photo-realistic mock-up that will help you preview how your apparel design will look like printed on a hoodie. The PSD file allows you to change the color of the garment and place your design via smart objects so that it will blend with the folds and creases of the hoodie.

More Info & Demo

Tank Mockup

Free Tank Mock-up PSD, everything is easy to edit, Smart objects, displacement maps, and editable piping.

More Info & Demo

Designer T-Shirt Mockup

Free Designer T-Shirt Mockup, You can paste your design easily and also change the color of t-shirt. At 3000×2000 px, you get to edit everything easily with the help of smart objects.

More Info & Demo

Aqua Tshirt Mockup PSD

You can use this PSD freely for any type of personal or commercial design. Download the new aqua t-shirt mockup file absolutely free and please don’t forget to read the license included in the .zip archive, so there is no doubt about the rights of usage. Enjoy these Photoshop resources and if you like to, share them with the world!

More Info & Demo

3D Tshirt Mockup PSD

A beautifully crafted 3D T-Shirt Mockup with a very realistic feel to it. Use this .psd in any kind of graphic design project, to display your portfolio or to show off apps and software in presentations for both personal or commercial use.

More Info & Demo

T-Shirt Design PSD Mockup

Dress Shirt Design for your men’s apparel design with this high quality t-shirt mock-up.

More Info & Demo

Tee Shirt Design PSD

Cool & Free T-shirt Design Template in PSD Format for Superman fans.

More Info & Demo

Man Tshirt Mockup PSD

Free Man T-shirt Mockup PSD, Perfect for your new t-shirt presentation. PSD with smart object.

More Info & Demo

Polo Tshirt Mockup PSD

Do you want to present your logo on a polo T-shirt right? Do you keep searching for a free polo t-shirt mock up the template on the web, don’t you? You always see that your competitors or Co-designers are using the logo on various t-shirts and winning a logo design contest. You somehow manage to create one t-shirt mock up, but that is not making that much impression and you have already wasted a lot of time designing the mock up too. I have provided you an easy color changeable polo t-shirt mock up template completely free to download. If you are familiar with the Photoshop smart object feature, then you need just 30 seconds to present your logo in a professional way.

More Info & Demo

Men V-Neck Mockup PSD

Here is our other premium quality t-shirt mock up free PSD files for the logo and graphic designers to showcase their high-quality graphics or logos. Designers will need only 30 seconds to replace their awesome design on the t-shirt with the Photoshop smart object feature. This premium quality t-shirt mock ups free files has the color changeable feature which will help designers to adjust their t-shirt color in combination with their own designs.

More Info & Demo

Men T-Shirt Mock-Up PSD

Free T shirt Mockup PSD Template, I have created for you after a huge response from you on our polo t shirt mock up template.

More Info & Demo

White T-Shirt Mockup PSD

Free White T-shirt Mock-up, Easy to place your designs using smart objects, double-click the Smart Layer.

More Info & Demo

Mockup T-Shirt PSD

Mockup your t-shirt designs in style with this free unisex, color tee mockup. Simply place your artwork into the included Smart Object and save to update the template, you can also change the color of the clothing via a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.

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