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Easyship Review: All-in-One Shipping Platform for eCommerce Sellers

Easyship was created for eCommerce sellers & offers online merchants loads of options and great discounted prices. Here's our Full Review with Pros & Cons
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A vital part of any eCommerce operation is the shipping. As eCommerce stores have to deliver their physical goods with a shipper, creating great shipping options is very important. Easyship was created specifically for eCommerce and offers online merchants loads of options.

Cloud-based shipping services have been around for many years and Easyship is one of the world’s leading platforms that connects global sellers and their markets through smart shipping solutions. By operating in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about your computer system or anything else that might go wrong on the hardware side of things.

Focusing on eCommerce, Easyship makes it easy to do business online. It works with some of the largest selling platforms, like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Magento, and Bigcommerce. Your online shop can take advantage of some of the best platforms in the industry, and also use top-tier shipping services.

Easyship Homepage
Easyship Homepage

Apart from that, the company is also building great partnerships with several agencies, courier services, warehousing operations, crowdfunding campaigns and more.

With an extensive group of features, Easyship users will find it easier to approach the operation of an online shop, and also customize the shipping process. Making delivery easy means that sellers then easily handle their shipping, no matter if it’s domestic or international shipping.

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Easyship Features

Easyship is all about options. When it comes to delivering eCommerce items, Easyship is difficult to beat. While it does have loads of shipping options, it is important to understand everything that it offers, so you get the most out of the platform.

Here are some of the features that Easyship offers:

Shipping Management

Shipping management is at the core of Easyship’s features.

Shipping services include:

  • Shipment creation with three easy steps: Creating shipments is very easy with this platform. For each shipment, users can put shipping details in the system, attach an Excel file with your orders, or connect with your Easyship shop and import your orders.
  • Domestic and international shipping: While domestic shipments aren’t a big deal, shipping internationally can cause difficulties for eCommerce merchants since they have to handle different tax rates from various countries. Easyship helps lessen these burdens by integrating multinational shipping tax values from various countries and synchronizing their details into one central hub.
  • Shipping rate check out: For each shipping carrier, Easyship will show all users accurate details on shipping fees, delivery time, tracking duration and the number of delivery offers.
  • Document generation: For any issues related to shipping documents, Easyship will provide arranged shipping documents for overseas shipment issues. The platform instantly produces and saves shipment labels, commercial invoices, and statements for any form of merchandise. These features help to avoid disruptions or unintended expenses and deliver a smooth interface for consumers.
Courier Comparison
Courier Comparison

Platform Integration

As mentioned at the beginning, Easyship works with eCommerce partners to deliver reliable shipping solutions across the globe. Unlike some shipping platforms that only work with a select number of online selling venues or shipping companies, Easyship works with all the big names.

You can connect Easyship with your shop no matter where your eCommerce store is (almost). For most selling venues the process is automated, which means you can automatically synchronize your requests so you don’t have to deal with a boring (and time consuming) manual process.

Easyship integrates with lots of eCommerce platforms
Easyship integrates with lots of eCommerce platforms

Order and shipping information is always updated, so you can simply track each stage of the process on the dashboard and make sure everything runs smoothly, Your customers will also stay informed via instant monitoring emails.

The intuitive dashboard will provide full details to customers regarding shipping fees, taxes and the order’s arrival time. It’s also simple to customize shipping options based on a user’s preference or business shipping policies.

Taxes and Duties

If you’re used to dealing with worldwide shipments, you understand how much work taxes and duties are. This aspect of global shipping is one of the most complicated, particularly for eCommerce merchants who deal with an international client base.

The reason for this is that policies change from country to country and change based on the type of goods and the actual size of the shipment. Easyship takes the pain out of global shipping by automatically setting the taxes and duty on each of your overseas deliveries.

Easyship will work out all duties and taxes for your international shipments
Easyship will work out all duties and taxes for your international shipments

Another significant point to remember is that you’re completely in control of choosing whether you will pay custom fees, taxes and duties or if your customer will do that.

Taxes and duties are not only complex for eCommerce stores but can be a major deterrent for customers. With a few clicks on Easyship, sellers are guaranteed that consumers likely feel more comfortable in their transactions, as all the important stuff is sorted.

Easyship enables users and customers to know the exact rate of customs duty, VAT, GST, and other costs, making this part highly transparent. Customers will appreciate all the information and knowing exactly how much they will need to pay.

Other Features

Apart from the standout features outlined above, it’s good to note that Easyship is equipped with other great features. Depending on the plan you choose, you will get access to multiple courier accounts and also be able to optimize the number of members on your team.

Easyship Pricing Plans

Easyship is free and easy to use. All you’re expected to pay is the shipping fee and custom charges based on your shipping requirements.

Plans can be flexible, and allow you to choose whether your business will be billed monthly, or annually. If you feel these billing systems may not work for your company, you can cancel your account anytime with no fee.

Here are the four pricing plans that Easyship offers:

  • Free plan: This plan charges you no fee with up to 100 shipments each month and also offers access to unlimited shipping platforms. You’re able to use basic shipping tools like rates at checkout, notifications and email support. Overall, the free plan is suitable for new sellers with small businesses.
  • Plus plan: For this plan, the number of shipments each month goes up to 500 and you’re allowed to manage 2 accounts with a maximum of 3 team members. Similar tools are available, plus, you have the opportunity to track brand and connect to chat support.
  • Premier plan: 2500 shipments each month, along with 3 courier accounts and a maximum of 5 teammates will bring excellent shipping experience for your business. Tool access is the same as Plus plan but this time phone support is a big plus.
  • Enterprise plan: This plan will be customized to meet any requirements of your business. You get unlimited access to a courier account, your team member number as well as other ultimate shipping features.
Easyship Pricing Plans
Easyship Pricing Plans

Some Reasons to Consider Using Easyship

Easyship addresses some of the biggest challenges that eCommerce merchants face. Because it is a shipping-only platform, it doesn’t have some of the constraints that other eCommerce shipping platforms have.

Here are a few ways that Easyship makes eCommerce much simpler:

No More International Shipping Headaches

Sending goods domestically isn’t difficult, but if your eCommerce store sells products to an international client base, you know how hard it can be to deal with all the regulations. Easyship offers its clients a simple way to deal with international shipments and cuts all the hassles out of dealing with foreign nations.

Easily Compare couriers for each country
Easily Compare couriers for each country

If your business has been refusing to do international shipments because of all the extra work that they require, Easyship’s international delivery tools could help your eCommerce business to earn more money. You won’t have do deal with all the regulations directly, as the platform does all the heavy lifting for you.

The Limited Options and Fees!

People who buy things online are always worried that the seller is using a shipping service that isn’t going to be the best option. There have been a lot of shipping scams over the years as well, and anyone who buys things and has them shipped should be aware that sometimes it pays to be a little bit choosy about how they send their purchases.

Easyship overcomes these concerns by offering up to three different shipping methods for shoppers to choose from. When people get to select the shipping service for their purchase, they will feel empowered and are far more likely to trust the seller.

Great Tracking Tools

We live in a world that creates a lot of information. Easyship leverages information gathering systems to give shoppers loads of info about where their package is, and when it will arrive. Instead of having to use online tracking systems, Easyship shoppers will get regular emails about where their products are, and when they are scheduled to arrive. Not only is this great for the customers, but eCommerce sellers who use Easyship will be helping to build up customer loyalty!

Easyship Dashboard with Analytics
Easyship Dashboard with Analytics

Is a Standalone Shipping Platform the Right Move?

Easyship can be integrated with numerous selling platform, and it also offers a wide range of carriers to choose from. On the other hand, all the features it offers may not be necessary for every eCommerce seller, as all the options may not be much help to an online store that typically deals with a domestic client base.

Many eCommerce platforms have dedicated shipping features, which make integrating shipping into an online store much easier. If your online sales strategy involves a lot of international shipments or many different kinds of products, Easyship really does offer a lot of functionality.

Create shipping rules
Create shipping rules

eCommerce merchants who deal in very specific goods, like custom printed products, may find it easier to use the shipment services that the Print-on-Demand platform offers. In the same way, many dropshipping platforms will have good shipping options. Make sure you need to step up to a standalone shipping service before you do so and get the most out of your time.

Easyship: The Rundown

When it comes to Easyship, there’s a lot of good things to say.

  • Initially, Easyship costs you nothing to get started. Subscriptions, setup or cancellation fees aren’t required and payments are only made for the shipping costs and other relevant tools. With over 100 shipping providers, users can save up to 70% on shipping in some cases.
  • Not only does Easyship offer shipping advantages it’s also an economic shipping solution for merchants. If your eCommerce business deals with a lot of different sizes and types of items, Eashship could make a lot of sense.
  • International orders also make more sense with Easyship. Users will have a great handle on tax rates as well as duty charges, which saves time on managing shipments. It is worth considering all the extra sales your eCommerce operation could make if it shipped goods internationally, which is super easy with Easyship.

Easyship Has Great Custom Options

At Easyship, you can customize your shipping printings, labels, check out rates in real time and decide who will pay the customs charge (your shop, or the customer). Businesses of any size can enroll in the platform and enjoy a great shipping experience. Unless your online sales platform has amazing shipping options, Easyship is likely going to offer you more options, and ultimately, a better price for your clients.

One of the only drawbacks of the platform lies with the Shopify plan. A few Easyship users reported that an annual Shopify plan or a Shopify Advanced or Plus Plan is required if your business wants to take full advantage of the real-time prices at the Shopify checkout option for your clients.

No shipping platform will be perfect for every eCommerce store, and Easyship may not be worth the candle for shops that don’t deal with an international client base or only ship items of a uniform type to a single nation.

Easyship does offer an amazing array of shipping tools, and it is hard to find another platform that will ensure that clients get a wide range of shipping options, and shipment updates automatically.

If you are just getting into eCommerce, Easyship might be a good choice, but there are also other platforms (many of them included in eCommerce platforms) that are almost totally automated, and deliver good service as well. For bigger eCommerce operations that have a global reach, Easyship is hard to beat.

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Ease of Use





  • Cost Effective Shipping Solution
  • Great platform integrations
  • Very easy to use & Good interface
  • Easy to compare couriers
  • Good dashboard & analytics


  • Setting up automation can be a little tricky at first
  • Doesn't integrate easily with scales and label printers

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