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AzonPress Review: An Excellent Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

AzonPress is an Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress designed to help you make the most from the Associates Program - Here's our full review with Pros & Cons
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As an Amazon affiliate marketer, you are likely spending most of your time managing your links alongside growing your business. The chances are, without an effective strategy, you are likely to waste your precious time on ensuring that your links work, rather than reaping the benefits.

As such, what might help streamline your processes is a tool specifically designed for Amazon affiliates to help achieve your full business potential.

AzonPress is a WordPress plugin that seems to fit the bill precisely. The product is one of the most efficient Amazon tools in the market you can get your hands on.

But is it right for your online business?

In this AzonPress review, that’s exactly what we intend on finding out.

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What can AzonPress do?

AzonPress aims to help its users create a WordPress interface with a compelling display of Amazon affiliate links. Focusing on performance, AzonPress can play an effective role in ensuring that your links and website run smoothly while taking care of the link-maintenance aspect.

By integrating your Amazon Associate account to AzonPress, your affiliate links are automatically linked to the products. It also has well-designed templates that you can use for numerous patterns of product display.

In essence, AzonPress can offer you all the functionalities you hope for in one place. The result will be easily connectable and highly convertible affiliate links.

Azonpress Review

Features of AzonPress

Below we list some of the most notable features offered by AzonPress.

Better Product Presentation

The most exciting aspect of AzonPress is how it allows you to get creative with your product presentations. If you have been following the same mundane style of product display on your page, AzonPress can help you revamp it with a few different approaches to showcase your affiliates.

Product Tables

With product tables, you can search and find products right from the AzonPress dashboard.

All you need to do is to enter a specific keyword or the product ASIN number to find the products. AzonPress will instantly show you the detailed information of the products. You can add one or more products to create a Product Table.

You can also customize columns and rows, along with adding any new columns with additional content.

For instance, if you want to show a side view of the product, you can create a column and upload pictures manually from your system. The plugin also comes with a number of predefined design features that you can choose, along with a responsive design option.

Build your product tables for review posts
Build your product tables for review posts

Comparison Tables

Comparing multiple Amazon products side by side is a great way to help potential customers make informed decisions and choose their product faster. A comparison table works similar to a product table. You can search for products you want to compare, and AzonPress will present you with a comparison of the product features.

The customization options work for comparison tables as well. In addition, you can also include custom reviews or ratings. If needed, you can include a ‘Best Pick’ tag to drive customers to a specific product.

Comparison tables convert well for affiliate sites
Comparison tables convert well for affiliate sites

Bestseller Lists

With the automated bestseller list, AzonPress provides you with the top-selling products of any given category. However, instead of using the AzonPress dashboard, you will be choosing to create a post via WordPress.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Add a Post from WordPress dashboard
  • Press the AzonPress button above the editor
  • Click on Bestseller lists
  • Choose the product category
  • Select the number of products you want on the list and the layout

This will generate a shortcode that you can include in your post as a BestSeller list.

Best Seller lists
Best Seller lists

Product Elements

Showcasing the products with a variety of elements can aid your consumers in understanding and identifying products quickly. AzonPress provides three different product elements, which essentially serves as an affiliate link by itself.

These are:

  • Text links
  • Image links
  • Call-to-action links

You can combine them with your product tables or use them separately as widgets to create a persuasive array of products to entice your readers.

Customizable Layouts

As we have already mentioned, AzonPress offers tons of customizable options for all its product displays. Apart from editing the tables, you can also choose how you want to arrange your products. AzonPress gives you access to the following formats:

  • Grid template
  • Box template
  • List template
  • Table template
  • Widget template

Each layout adds a unique element to your page, without compromising on any product information or disrupting your post layout.

The shortcode-enabled customization helps you stay one step ahead in personalizing your AzonPress features. Instead of having to create or code your product tables repeatedly, you can copy and paste the respective shortcodes anywhere to attain the same result.

Appearance Settings

Apart from layouts and templates, AzonPress comes with an extra set of editable designs.

Here you will find two main categories:

  • Link Defaults – This allows you to set up links either as a no-follow or a new window. By default, AzonPress has set the no-follow attribute, in order to avoid any spam. You can deactivate this option if needed.
  • Button Appearance – This feature will let you customize the appearance of different buttons used to display product elements in your content. For instance, you can edit buttons to encourage users to buy, add items to their cart, or any other CTA.

Custom CSS

AzonPress has made sure that you need no coding knowledge to use the tool. However, the platform doesn’t stop you from tweaking the CSS if you prefer.

Editing your displays in Custom CSS allows you to control the appearance using HTML elements on your webpage. It gives you the creative freedom to align the design with what you have in mind.


For Amazon affiliate marketers, one of the worst scenarios is to lose commission because the customer was redirected to the wrong Amazon store. While you can avoid this by manually entering and verifying every link, why do that when you can automatically geo-target?

With AzonPress, it is now possible to configure geo-targeting on your affiliate links. You can choose no geo-targeting, one country, or country-wise targeting.

Geo Targetting for Amazon Locales
Geo Targetting for Amazon Locales

You can even redirect one country’s traffic to another country’s Amazon. But if you want to benefit from geo-targeting, make sure that you have tracking codes set up for different Amazon marketplaces.

AzonPress works with MaxMind to offer you this facility. The downside is that you will need to create a MaxMind account and generate a license key. However, the process is straightforward, and once done, you can be assured that you will not lose out on any commission, or customers.

AzonPress Resources and Customer Support

AzonPress seems to have got its support offering right. Developed by Wp Manage Ninja, the team has managed to provide reliable resources on setting up the plugin. The website provides elaborate documentation on all of its features.

There are also step-by-step instructions on how to install and configure the plugin. If you need more, there is a full-fledged demo of all the features available on their official website.

The customer support team is equally dependable. However, you will need to obtain a support ticket to get in touch with an agent. This might be an issue for those of you that seek one-on-one support at the click of a button.

AzonPress Pricing

AzonPress has one of the most affordable pricing plans in the market with respect to Amazon affiliate plugins. At the moment, they offer licenses valid for one year or a lifetime. The annual license can be renewed every year.

AzonPress Pricing
AzonPress Pricing

Annual Plans

  • Single Site License at $39 for 1 domain
  • Agency License at $70 for 20 domains
  • Unlimited License for $159 for unlimited domains

Lifetime Plans

  • Single Site License at $149 for 1 domain
  • Agency License at $249 for 20 domains
  • Unlimited License for $349 for unlimited domains

The plans are inclusive of priority support, as well as all features. As long as the license is valid, you will have access to all updates.

AzonPress does not offer any free trial. Nevertheless, in case that the plugin does not meet your expectations, the platform offers a 100% refund for up to 14 days after your purchase.

In effect, you can take advantage of this money-back guarantee to familiarize yourself with the plugin and see if it works for you.

AzonPress – The Fundamentals?

AzonPress has managed to create a well-rounded plugin that can make your affiliate journey a lot easier. There are plenty of reasons to choose this plugin, which makes it an appealing tool to give your content a unique edge.

AzonPress Advantages

  • Easy installation and integration
  • Plenty of Customization choices
  • Shortcode-enabled
  • Affordable pricing

AzonPress truly shines with its reasonable pricing and impressive features. It is well suited for beginners who have no knowledge of coding,  allowing you to edit product displays without much effort.

However, the plugin has tremendous growth potential to include new features. As a continually evolving product, AzonPress might soon come out with new features that will further establish the product as a leading product.

AzonPress Review – The Verdict?

In a nutshell, AzonPress comes out as an exceptionally versatile plugin for Amazon affiliate marketers. It is incredibly user-friendly, requiring no coding knowledge to get the best from its features.

The plugin helps you create unique and convincing product displays with all relevant sales-oriented features to accelerate your content’s performance.

Best of all, the plugin offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to try the product out before making a long-term commitment.

While we do recommend this plugin we feel it’s not quite as good as it’s competitor AAWP ( Reviewed Here ) as the best seller lists are not as good and the overall polish is better with AAWP. AzonPress is cheaper though and offers the 14 day money-back trial.

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Ease of Use





  • Easy to Use
  • Lots of Options for Displaying Products
  • Should increase your earnings
  • Customizable with Shortcodes


  • Not as Good as AAWP
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