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AmaLinks Pro Review: Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin to Boost Your Income

AmaLinks Pro is a WordPress designed to simplify Amazon affiliate links in WordPress and earn you more money, Here's our full review with Pros & Cons.
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There are over one million websites that use Amazon affiliate links. If you want customers to pick your website over the other countless options in the market – then you need to add more glitter and glamour to your site. In effect, propping up your site can lead to better engagement and interaction and ultimately – higher click-through rates.

As you might already be aware, there are dozens of WordPress plugins dedicated to helping you deliver a better all-round design for your affiliate links. These enable you to present the products in a pretty package, convincing your customers to check them out right away.

WordPress developers now offer a wide array of supportive plugins for this cause. In this review, we take a look at what AmaLinks Pro has to offer and how it can help Amazon affiliate marketers level up their game.

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What is AmaLinks Pro?

AmaLinks Pro is a WordPress plugin that connects you to Amazon and allows you to insert various links with ease. With this tool, you can integrate advanced Amazon link types to get more clicks and commissions.

The objective of this plugin is simple; it lets you get creative with your links. Be it a text link, image link or an elaborate product showcase with a Call to Action – AmaLinks Pro has got your back.

The plugin is continually evolving to accommodate the needs of Amazon affiliate marketers. Currently, AmaLinks Pro is running on its version 2.0, which has introduced some new and exciting changes from its initial offering.

Amalinks Pro
Amalinks Pro

Amazon Product Display Options

Finding your desired products on AmaLinks Pro is straightforward. You can pull products from Amazon by searching through the plugin. You only need to enter the ASIN or related keywords. Once you have the required product(s), you can portray them in one of these following ways.

Text links

Text links are the most direct ways to present a link on your site. The plugin will give you a preview of how your link will appear on the respective page. You can choose to set it as a nofollow link or allow it to open in a new tab.

Image Links

Image links will directly include your product pictures from Amazon onto your site. AmaLinks Pro complies with Amazon’s terms and includes photos through your Amazon API. Once you have chosen the images you like, you can position them as you wish and proceed set up the link.

Call-to-Action Links

As you know, CTAs are more powerful in encouraging users to click on a link. AmaLinks Pro makes it possible to set up your CTAs as buttons. The plugin also gives you tons of options to customise the button to match the general feel of your content, your branding style, or your website.

More importantly, you can embed these buttons through a simple shortcode. You merely have to enter the respective ASINs of the required products. It is much easier this way to replicate button styles in your content without much effort.

Amazon product display options
Amazon product display options

Showcase Boxes

Now, this is where AmaLinks Pro gets really interesting. Product ‘showcases’ essentially look like a widget on your website, which will include your product name, image, descriptions as well as a CTA.

There are varieties of product showcase styles available. You can focus on the descriptions or the images. There is even a large showcase mode that allows you to display multiple product images, and descriptive points to fill an entire page section.

These are great to instantly catch your visitor’s attention, and most suited for products with numerous images and bullet points.

As you might have guessed, you can edit almost every element of the showcase boxes, too. Sometimes, as you know, hiding the price is also a way to encourage them to click the link.

Example of a product display box
Example of a product display box

AmaLinks Pro allows you to choose if you want to hide an element or not, and how they open when they are clicked. When you are satisfied with how the product box looks, you will get a shortcode which you can paste into your content.

AmaLinks Pro’s latest update also comes with the feature to edit this shortcode. When you edit the ASIN, it will update the product descriptions as well. This means that much like the CTA shortcode, if you want the same style but different products – you only have to refresh the ASIN.

Note: When setting up how the link opens, you can also choose the option for your visitors to add products to their Amazon shopping carts directly.

This comes with a 90-day cookie, enabling you to make a commission from the visitor – provided a purchase is completed within the aforementioned timeframe.

This increases your chances of earning through your affiliate links, as the majority of visitors tend to take their time to check out on Amazon.

Comparison Tables

If you have ever researched products online, you will know the significance of comparison tables in helping you make a crucial decision. In fact, a considerable percentage of your users might be searching for comparison tables instead of the product names itself.

Having such a table on your site can drive engagement and improve your conversion rates.  AmaLinks Pro comes with an easy-to-use table builder that lets you set up an interactive and engaging comparison table.

Your visitors can take a quick look, process important specifications, compare data and arrive at their decisions faster. The table can feature the product image, descriptions and a CTA to go with it.

Drag-n-Drop Table Builder
Drag-n-Drop Table Builder

These comparison tables are fully responsive, where columns will be automatically converted to a dropdown menu to adapt to the screen size. These tables can be created right from your WordPress editor, and you can search for products through the plugin itself.

There is a fully comprehensive settings page that follows, where you can set up the table titles, customise the way it looks, and more. AmaLinks Pro offers over 70 custom table styles for you to pick from.

The product boxes also allow your visitors to filter or sort the items. Additionally, you can also tag or recommend a product as your top pick to drive more traffic that way.

Most importantly, you do not have to use complicated strings of shortcode to achieve any of the table’s functionality. The plugin also offers a live preview of the table so you can finalise its look before taking the plunge.

Example of a comparison table
Example of a comparison table

Work With AmaLinks Pro With or Without API

While there are a number of other plugins for Amazon affiliates, AmaLinks Pro sets itself aside with this one significant factor – you can use it with no Amazon API.

As Amazon is continuously revising its policies, it is becoming increasingly difficult for new associates to get their APIs approved. The program requires having a minimum of 3 sales in 180 days, and you might need a little help to achieve that.

AmaLinks Pro stresses that it complies with all Amazon terms and conditions across all of its features.

So how does it achieve the same functionality without the API?

This is done through an Amazon’s SiteStrip feature that lets you create Amazon links directly. You can get text, image, text + image, as well as custom links.

Here is how you can access AmaLinks Pro features without an API.

  • Sign in to your Amazon Associate account
  • From your Associate Account dashboard, search for the products.
  • You should be able to see the SiteStrip link option from text, image or custom directly on the Amazon tab.
  • Click on your link choice, and you can copy the shortcode
  • Paste the SiteStripe embed code to AmaLinks Pro, align it as you wish and it’s all done.

No-API Compliant AmaLinks Pro Features

If you are thinking that without the API you might have to compromise on some of the plugin’s best features – think again. On the contrary, you get access to all features and display modes that you can access using an Amazon API.

  • Pictures: You can insert your Amazon images using the SiteStripe Image embed code. This means that images are not stored on your server, while still giving you the flexibility to add any picture from the sizes available through SiteStrip.
  • Titles: At times, the Amazon product titles tend to be long and full of keywords that don’t add value to your product feature. AmaLinks Pro also allows you to edit titles to match your content style.
  • Editable Showcase: Your product showcases are also customisable. You can edit them and decide what needs to be shown.
  • Call-to-Action: The same applies to CTA buttons as well. Whether you have an API or not doesn’t affect the functionality of a CTA button in your posts.
  • Comparison Tables: We suspect you were probably wondering about this one. And the answer is yes; you can also feature comparison tables with fully customisable titles, descriptions and images through SiteStrip.

If you are just starting out as an Amazon affiliate marketer, then AmaLinks Pro might be the fastest way for you to reach your sales target.  The plugin can help you make more referrals, and obtain API approval in the fastest time possible.

When you have received it, you only have to uncheck the “No API” box, include your API credentials, and add products directly through your WordPress editor.

Note: AmaLinks Pro also works seamlessly with all page builders including Elementor or Thrive. The plugin develops links that can be inserted into any space, where you can insert a shortcode into the WordPress interface.

Why Choose AmaLinks Pro?

The process of signing up as an Amazon Associate is easy. What’s challenging is everything that follows. Amazon often updates its terms and policies to ensure that the affiliate sites that represent them deliver only top-notch content that stays within its codes of conduct.

As an affiliate, it might be nearly impossible to keep up with these ever-changing rules. As such, you need a plugin that does the legwork for you, and guarantees that every affiliate link on your page complies with Amazon.

At the forefront of AmaLinks Pro is how it goes all out to make your site error-free.

On top of the product showcase features, the plugin also takes care of the following aspects:

  • Amazon Complaint Pictures: Whether you are using API or SiteStrip, images are pulled directly from Amazon, ensuring that you are in full compliance.
  • Amazon Product Titles: Similar to images, product titles are also directly pulled from Amazon. However, you can still edit it as you like to remove any unnecessary words.
  • Amazon Product Features: Any description you display in the product showcases are also extracted and listed in the API. These are presented in bullet lists and gives you the ability to hide and customise them as you wish.
  • Prime Eligible Badge: If the product you feature is eligible for Amazon Prime, you can indicate this by including the “Prime Eligible” tag. This is, however, text-based as featuring the actual prime logo violates the Amazon Associates agreement you have signed as an affiliate.
  • Affiliate API Disclaimer: This part includes the date and time that the API call was completed. This is essential when you are displaying the information pulled using your Amazon API.
  • Up-to-date Prices: AmaLinks Pro also constantly updates the pricing to make sure that it is accurate. These prices are not editable, though you can choose whether to show or hide them in showcase boxes.
  • Link Localisation: If you have a large international audience base, then it is crucial that you redirect them to their respective local Amazon marketplace. Link localisation allows you to offer geotargeting, hence ensuring that you will not lose any commissions. AmaLinks Pro does this by integrating with Amazon OneLink and Genius Link.

Google Analytics Event Tracking

Google Analytics is built right into the plugin to enable Amazon affiliate event tracking on your site.  This functionality enables the monitoring of all your AmaLinks Pro interactions, including that of links, showcases and comparison tables.

The plugin sends over your page ID and title to track which pages are viewed by visitors. This will help you identify which links were clicked on different pages.  You can also figure out which links or display modes offer the most engagement.

Google Analytics Event Tracking
Google Analytics Event Tracking

In doing so, you can adjust your content accordingly. AmaLinks Pro will also provide information that reveals which labels were clicked through the link type. You will be able to find out whether it was the ASIN, image alt tag, or the link text itself.

Google Analytics integration extends the possibilities of AmaLinks Pro to a much higher level. These valuable insights can help you decide what kind of links to include, and where to place them on your site to increase their visibility, and ultimately – profit from them.

AmaLinks Pro Pricing

There are four different pricing packages available with AmaLinks Pro.

AmaLinks Pro Pricing
AmaLinks Pro Pricing

Blogger Plan at $67 per Year

This one is ideal for those of you that use just a single site for the affiliate marketplace. Or in other words, those who use affiliate marketing as one source of their income. This plan includes all core features and standard support.

Basic Plan at $127 per Year

This plan allows for three WordPress installs, along with all other benefits of the blogger plan.

Premium Plan at $197 per Year

If you are a full-time or experienced affiliate marketer, then the premium plan might be what you need. AmaLinks Pro can be installed on 25 WordPress sites with this license.

In addition, you also get access to priority support, meaning your requests will be moved to the front of the line. There is also a bonus included, which, at the moment, is access to their list of 2,796 niche ideas.

Platinum Plan at $797 One-time Payment

Yes, at this cost, you can install the plugin on unlimited WordPress sites. You also get the aforementioned bonus as well as priority support.

Although you cannot test out the plugin via a trial, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can benefit from. This illustrates that the developers are confident in what they offer.


AmaLinks Pro should meet all of your expectations as a top-notch affiliate plugin. It gives you great flexibility and dozens of choices to feature products in ways that best resonate with your brand.

As per its latest upgrade, the plugin allows you to display affiliate links in a highly professional and sleek manner to suit any WordPress theme. Even if you do not have many sales under your belt, the No-API feature is an exceptionally useful tool.

As such, you can take advantage of all functionalities that will help you drive your sales with or without an API.  AmaLinksPro also comes with detailed documentation to support you while using the product.

In case you need additional support, you can reach out to the team as well. In terms of pricing, even its Premium plan works out at less than $20 per month.

At this level, it is only fair to say that AmaLinks Pro offers great value when you consider what you get for your money. Its features are impressive, easy-to-use and can help make your affiliate journey a lot more manageable.

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AmaLinks Pro








Ease of Use





  • No need for Amazon API Access
  • Google Analytics Event Tracking
  • Drag & Drop Comparison Tables
  • Well Designed Product Display Boxes
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Have to Pay Extra to use on more sites
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